Scion FR-S Body Kits: From Subtle to Wide Body

Aero parts hardly ever look out of place on the Scion FRS. Whether it’s a wide body kit, a spoiler, or a discrete lip-diffuser combo, you know it’s going to look great.

You can either assemble your own kit by purchasing individual panels or you can buy a complete set. Some of these have aerodynamic benefits while others just look great but do nothing to help performance.

In this article, we’ve briefly discussed the different types of body kits, and we’ve reviewed some of the best ones that you can buy.

Types of Body Kits

This economic Japanese sports coupe has proven itself to be an amazing platform for all kinds of mods. So, why not build it exactly the way you want to?

In order to decide which body kit to get for your Scion, we first need to take a look at different types of body kits and what they are intended for.

Some body kits are more functional, while others are purely for aesthetics. You can also buy individual aero parts if you don’t want to commit to a full kit or if you want a unique build.

Aerodynamic Kits

Red Scion FR-S with aero kit and a big wing

You’ll come across body kits that focus on improving the aerodynamic profile of the Scion FRS. These types of kits reduce air resistance and improve agility as a result.

Most FRS aero kits and parts increase downforce, which helps with cornering but at the expense of top speed.

This makes sense for a sports coupe like the FRS since it’s not really known for straight-line acceleration as much as it is for its sharp handling.

Consider purchasing a set of FRS coilovers to help lower the suspension roll center and make it handle even better.

Aesthetic Body Kits

Wide body FR-S
There’s nothing quite like a nicely done widebody FRS

These are the kind of body kits that mostly emphasize form over function; they’re extremely popular with the stance community.

Though they usually cost less than full aero kits and do not enhance performance, they are still great for those of us looking to style the car a certain way.

Individual Body Parts

Silver Scion FR-S with body-mounted spoiler

The aftermarket diversity surrounding the Scion FRS provides owners with the option to purchase individual exterior parts such as wings, side skirts, bumpers, lips, diffusers, and hoods.

If you feel like you can get better results if you install individual parts, even from different manufacturers, then go for it!

The Best Scion FRS Wide Body Kits

Now that we’ve talked about different kinds of body kits, let’s dive into some of the best options to look out for.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite body kits and aero parts for the Scion FRS. Note that these are also compatible with the Gen-1 Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 .

Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 1

Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 1

Manufacturer: Greddy
Part number: 17010223
Type: Aerodynamic
Buy on: Enjuku Racing

It’s hard to talk about FRS wide body kits without bringing up Rocket Bunny. Their collaboration with Greddy resulted in this kit which includes:

  • Front lip spoiler
  • Side skirts
  • Front over-fender set
  • Rear over-fender set
  • Rear under diffuser

There’s also an optional rear GT wing which is a major part of the kit. But keep in mind that the package will cost you nearly twice if you opt in for it. 

Still, the rear wing is a huge aerodynamic upgrade that’ll make it worth it. The complete Greddy x Rocket Bunny kit is one of the best options on the market since it makes your Scion look beefy and improves its aerodynamic performance.

Extreme Dimensions DuraFlex GT500

Extreme Dimensions DuraFlex GT500 body kit

Manufacturer: Extreme Dimensions
Part number: ‎109621
Type: Aesthetic
Buy on: Amazon

If you’re looking for a good-looking body kit with affordable pricing, this is it! This 13-piece wide body kit made by Extreme Dimensions is one of the meanest-looking kits you can buy.

Keep in mind, however, that while it might slightly improve aerodynamics, it’s geared more towards aesthetics.

The GT500 Duraflex kit for the Scion FRS consists of a front lip under spoiler air dam, front fenders, rear fenders, a rear diffuser, side splitters, and a GT500 wing trunk lid spoiler.

It is made of high-quality 6 oz. DuraFlex fiberglass that allows for flexibility which will significantly reduce the risk of damage to the body.

APR Performance Aero Kit

APR Performance Aero Kit for Scion FR-S

Manufacturer: APR Performance
Part number: aprAB-826000
Type: Aerodynamic
Buy on: Enjuku Racing

One of the most aerodynamic body kits for the FRS is the one made by APR Performance. Unlike some of the other options on this list, this one is not a wide body kit and it does not require you to widen your wheel track.

Instead, it’s purely functional as it allows for better downforce and lower drag. The APR Performance Aero Kit includes 3 parts: rear bumper skirts, side rocker extensions, and a front air dam.

While it might seem like it is a bit expensive for what it is, the body kit is designed with racing in mind.

Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 2

Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 2

Manufacturer: Greddy
Part number: gre17010225
Type: Aerodynamic
Buy on: Enjuku Racing

This is yet another beautifully-designed Greddy x Rocket Bunny wide body kit that’ll definitely make your FRS stand out.

It is simply called “Version 2” but the kit has an absolutely unique body design that adds a lot of flare to the Scion coupe; a design distinct from other Greddy x Rocket Bunny body kits.

The wide body version 2 package contains:

  • Front bumper
  • Side skirts
  • Rear and front over-fender sets
  • Rear diffuser
  • Duck-tail rear wing

Nine Lives Racing The 69″ Big Wang Kit

Nine Lives Racing Big Wang spoiler

Manufacturer: Nine Lives Racing
Part number: 69.27.BRZ
Type: Aerodynamic (Individual part)
Buy on: Enjuku Racing

You’ll have a hard time finding a Scion FRS wing better than “The 69” Bing Wang”. It is designed to squeeze out every bit of functional downforce.

It is constructed entirely from lightweight 6061 aluminum, although a carbon fiber option would’ve been a welcome addition.

It’s engineered to allow for a 15.2:1 lift-to-drag ratio which translates into agility without sacrificing top speed.

This isn’t a complete body kit obviously, but it makes for an excellent add-on no matter which kit you buy.

Our Top Picks and Honorable Mentions

Black FR-S with aero kit

A big part of your purchase decision is understanding what the body kit is intended for and what you expect out of your Scion FRS. Here are our top recommendations:

Most affordable: Extreme Dimensions GT500

If you don’t want to break the bank and aren’t the kind of driver that cares about that extra second or two on the lap time, go with the Extreme Dimensions GT500.

Most aero: APR Performance Aero Kit + The 69” Big Wang

On the other hand, if all you seek is quickness and don’t care much about looks, go for a combination of the APR Performance Aero Kit and the Nine Lives Racing The 69” Big Wang.

Best of both worlds: Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 2

But certainly don’t forget to consider the Greddy x Rocket Bunny Version 2 if you want something in the middle and don’t want to miss out on the ultimate extreme look for your FRS.

Having trouble zeroing in on a body kit? Check out some of our honorable mentions:

  • Varis Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit D
  • Five Axis 5-Piece Unpainted Kit
  • Vertex Full Lip Kit
  • VIS Racing Lexus LFA-style Body Kit
  • Stillen 7-Piece
  • HKS Type-S

Of course, a kit is only part of the job to making your car’s exterior look great. Check out our guide to the best FRS wheels and combine them with some FRS coilovers as well.

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