Best Nissan 350z Exhaust System

If you’re looking to replace the exhaust on your Nissan 350z, there are a few things you should consider. First, what is your budget? Second, are you aiming for power gains to your engine, or enhanced sound from the exhaust?

We’ll help you decide what exhaust to replace your stock OEM with, regardless of your budget.

One of the first Nissan 350z mods that owners will do, upgrading your exhaust system will give you a better flow and efficiency of gas and exhaust, and some of them will increase your horsepower and torque.

Aftermarket exhausts are also lighter than the ridiculously heavy stock 350z exhaust system.

This guide will help break down the options into three sections based on your requirements: budget, sound, and performance.

Types of Nissan 350z Exhausts

There are a few types of exhausts to consider. Almost all of the systems mentioned in this guide are cat-back systems, typically dual type, and typically constructed from stainless steel.

There are some single-exit exhaust systems available for your Nissan 350z. These are typically ‘straight through’ systems that involve a muffler delete and are designed for maximum performance with no regard for the general public (they’re loud)!

Many of these 350z exhausts can be installed at home, with the help of a lift or some jack stands. Keep in mind that it will cost you a bit extra if you have a shop install them for you.

Note that we will only cover “full” or cat-back exhaust systems in this guide. There’s just too much detail to go into 350z headers, Y pipes, test pipes and hi-flow cats in a single guide.

These aftermarket exhausts vary in diameter, tip size, and what materials the tip is built from. Some of them come with warranties as well.

Best 350z Exhausts on a Budget

We’ve gathered all the best, cheap 350z exhausts you could want in this section.

Even though they might not be expensive, these exhausts will still help your 350z by increasing horsepower and performance, and by giving you a good sound.

These are generally the best value systems you can find for your Z.

Auto Dynasty Dual Muffler Cat-Back

Auto Dynasty 350z cat-back exhaust

Manufacturer: Auto Dynasty
Construction Type: SUS304 stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.25
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Dual muffler hi-power burnt tip
System Sound: Moderate-low rumble
Check Prices: Amazon

The Auto Dynasty Cat-Back exhaust is louder than your stock unit, but not so much it will make your car undriveable.

It’s about 30% louder than the OEM exhausts, giving the car a nice low rumble. If you’re looking for a deeper tone, this might not be the exhaust for you.

This exhaust system is a little tricky to install. It’s best to install in sections—take all the bushings off and place them on the new exhaust first. Then put it on piece by piece. After spending years on your car, the bolts can be hard to take off, so expect to spend 3-hours installing this system.

Overall, you might not see any major increase in power with this exhaust but you will get a nice sound and your 350z will definitely breathe better thanks to the dual muffler.

If you want the “screaming” F1 sound, look elsewhere, but if you’re happy with a lower tone, this is one of the best exhausts for the 350z you’ll find.

Spec-D Tuning Dual Exhaust System

Manufacturer: Spec-D Tuning
Construction Type: T-304 stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.25
Tip Size (Inches): 4.0
Tip Description: Single rolled angle-cut phantom
System Sound: Deep low rumble

The Spec-D Tuning exhaust system is one that you’ll love if you’re looking for a deep, low rumble at low RPM for your 350z. At high RPM though, it really howls. This system is definitely one to check out if you’re looking to improve your car’s throttle response.

There are two separate pipes here for each exhaust and they’re less restrictive and lighter than the OEM stock exhausts.

Installation of this cat-back system is easy, and the fitment if fine for all 350z models but could be better. Many coupe owners will add two short extension pipes. For a roadster, you might need to trim down the center pipe for it to fit perfectly.

The packaging is a bit shoddy, so expect to receive a ridiculous looking box. But if you want a deep low sound at a fraction of the price of other exhausts, Spec-D Tuning’s Dual system is hard to beat!

AJP Distributors Bolt-On System

AJP Nissan 350z Catback Exhaust

Manufacturer: AJP
Construction Type: Polished stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.0
Tip Size (Inches): 4.0
Tip Description: Dual twin bolt-on muffler tip
System Sound: Deep low rumble

The cat-back exhaust system from AJP Distributors does not replace your cats, but the long pipe connects to your Y-pipe and muffler. The sound this system gives is a mid to low rumble, and it has a nice tone.

The supplied bolts on this system have been known to strip easily, so make sure you tighten the bolts securely, starting with the Y-pipe.

With its charcoal-black coloring, this exhaust is perfect for the performance-over-bling look.

For the 350z, you don’t need any extensions, unlike if you were installing this exhaust on a G35. It’s much louder than the stock exhaust, but its deep low tone isn’t overbearing or raspy.

The pipe is designed by Godsnow. It fits the factory Y-pipe fine, but has been known to cause problems with other brands of Y-pipes. If you’re planning on replacing your Y-pipe in the future, you might want to avoid this cat-back system.

Other than that, if you want a loud sound similar to the Nismo S tune exhaust, for a fraction of the price, this could be the best 350z exhaust for you.

AutoGrimmig Dual Full System

Manufacturer: AutoGrimmig
Construction Type: Polished stainless steel
System Type: Full exhaust
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.5
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Dual muffler hi-power burnt tip
System Sound: High and loud

The AutoGrimmig exhaust system is a full system, including the cat-back, the Y-pipe and downpipe. You can expect to gain between 15 and 35 horsepower after installing the entire system. It will fit pretty much every 350z model over the years.

This system’s sound is similar to the OEM exhaust, but higher and louder. That means the deep, low rumble is not really present. Some owners have actually added extra muffling units because they were afraid of racking up noise tickets, but that is probably more effort than it’s worth.

It also is easy to install, so that’s a definite plus. Perhaps best of all, it’s inexpensive, though it doesn’t look that way.

Best 350z Exhausts for Sound

The exhausts we have here are not on the cheap side, but they are the best-sounding and most complete exhausts available on the market.

Some of them will enhance your performance, but this category is more for the sound and cosmetic appearance than it is for overall horsepower gain.

Agency Power Single System

Manufacturer: Agency Power
Construction Type: T-304 stainless steel
System Type: Single Pipe, Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 3.0
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Single titanium muffler tip
System Sound: Very, very loud

Agency Power’s Cat-Back exhaust system is clearly one of the loudest, best-sounding exhausts on the market for the Nissan 350z. If you’re lucky enough to have a car lift in your home garage it’s an easy installation, and the resulting sound you get from this thing is amazing. Do know though, when driven past 2,000 RPM, it will drone pretty loudly.

It has a deep, throaty growl that is very loud and not silenced whatsoever. If you like to make an impression, this could be the system for you.

The power gains aren’t that noticeable, but the exhaust itself weighs much less than the stock exhaust, so that’s a plus. One problem is it only comes supplied with one gasket and one pair of nuts and bolts, so you’ll either have to reuse your stock gasket and bolts, or go out and buy some new ones.

Fitment is direct and easy. You’ll spend more time taking off the old exhaust than installing this new one.

Again, it does drone, but you should expect that from an obnoxious exhaust like this one. Your neighbours will hate this exhaust, your friends will love it.

Borla True Dual Cat-Back System

Borla True-Dual 350z Exhaust System

Manufacturer: Borla
Construction Type: T-304 stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.25
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Single round rolled angle-cut phantom
System Sound: Controlled deep roar
Check Prices: Amazon

Compared to the OEM exhaust, Borla’s True Dual Cat-Back system is very nice. It’s loud, but not unreasonably so, and there’s a rumble that nearby drivers will be able to feel.

This exhaust will fit all 350z models. Unlike some of the other systems which were designed for the Infiniti G35, then made to fit the Z, Borla’s system here is made specifically for the 350z. This system is also legal in all 50 states and will pass smog.

Even when your car is at standstill, you will put out a deep sound that will seek attention from those around you.

Fitment is perfect for every model year. It will add a bit more power, but the sound is where this thing excels—even though it’s just a little louder than the stock exhaust, it’s a much livelier, throatier tone.

Between idle and 3,000 RPM, the sound is a deep purr, but it will roar when you get to higher speeds. There’s no “rice” sound with this—it’s more of a bass note.

Installation is a breeze, though it might take some time. You won’t need to run to the store for gaskets, parts, or clamps though. Everything’s included.

Megan Racing MR Drift Spec Cat-Back

Megan Racing MR Drift Spec Cat-Back installed on a Nissan 350z

Manufacturer: Megan Racing
Construction Type: SUS304 stainless steel
System Type: Single Exit, Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 3.0
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Dual burnt roll tips
System Sound: Very, very loud
Check Prices: Amazon

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced exhaust for your 350z that really screams, this is the ticket. This exhaust certainly doesn’t come with a silencer.

It’s loud throughout the entire powerband, and the sound is beautiful. It’s difficult to drive subtly though, so if you’re scared of the police or want to keep your neighbours happy when coming home at night, you might be better off with a different exhaust system.

It sits pretty close to the ground and doesn’t fit snug under body like other exhausts, so lowered 350z‘s on coilovers may scrape from time to time. It fits directly after the Y-pipe.

The tone is not very deep. It’s more throaty, and crazy loud.

This has been compared to the Agency Power exhaust, but it’s loved for how much cheaper it is, and you’ll basically get the same result. It has a slight rasp between 3,000 and 3,500 RPM, but in a good way.

If you want a true head turner, this is the exhaust system for you. The quality is amazing, which is great considering it’s a rather cheap 350z exhaust.

Tanabe Medalion Concept G

Manufacturer: Tanabe
Construction Type: SUS304 stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.75
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Angle-cut tip
System Sound: Deep tone at low RPM, aggressive at high RPM
Check Prices: Amazon

The Medalion Concept G is a great sounding exhaust system for your 350z. It’s not much louder than the stock, but it takes what makes the stock sound great and turns it up a few notches. It makes almost no drone.

It’s also significantly lighter than the stock exhaust.

You get a deep, low tone when you’re at cruising speeds, but it gets aggressive at higher RPM. Fitment will be perfect for every 350z model year.

If you want a more refined sound and a more specialized exhaust, this is the one for you. It’s not overly loud—you won’t get tickets with it installed—but it will certainly make your car sound much nicer.

It will give your 350z extremely high levels of exhaust flow efficiency, and the sound is both clean while remaining legal, under 93db.

It’s a sporty looking exhaust, thanks to its angle-cut tip.

If your girlfriend or wife hates loud cars and you want to keep her on-side, this could be the right exhaust for your Z car.

Best 350z Exhaust for Performance

These are the exhaust systems you want if you’re looking for power gains in horsepower and torque.

Their sounds and prices vary, but the one thing they have in common is they will increase the overall engine performance of your vehicle.

Tomei Expreme Titanium Single-Exit Exhaust

Tomei Expreme Titanium 350z Single Exit Exhaust

Manufacturer: Tomei
Construction Type: Titanium
System Type: Single, Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 3.15
Tip Size (Inches): 4.52
Tip Description: Sound reduced/silenced titanium
System Sound: Deep and loud, sporty
Check Prices: Enjuku Racing

This exhaust system from Tomei doesn’t focus only on maximizing peak power, but on overall engine responsiveness. Each tube is configured to suit the engine’s characteristics to maximize torque, response, and exhaust flow efficiency.

The use of titanium, combined with the single piping layout makes this thing incredibly lightweight: just 10 pounds instead of the approximate 45 pounds of the OEM system.

This is the perfect exhaust kit for handling your engine’s upgraded output.

It also comes with a sound reducer, silencer, and silencer band. You will get a true sporty sound from this kit. Between 3,000 and 4,500 RPM is the sweet spot for the deep and loud exhaust note. The quality of this kit is also top notch, and fitment on all 350z models is excellent.

Stillen Cat-Back Exhaust

Stillen Nissan 350z Exhaust System

Manufacturer: Stillen
Construction Type: Stainless steel
System Type: Cat-Back
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.5
Tip Size (Inches): 4.0
Tip Description: Polished stainless steel
System Sound: Mellow tone
Check Prices: Enjuku Racing

Stillen is one of the industry-leading manufacturers of exhaust systems, and if you’re looking for performance gains on your 350z, this is a great option. It features dual pipes and mufflers, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Out of any exhaust system on the market, Stillen claims theirs will give you the most power gains. It was tested in 2003 and added 16 horsepower at 5,600 RPM and 14 ft-lb at 4,600 RPM.

It has a mellow tone, not too loud or aggressive because all of the system’s energy is aimed at making your engine work better.

Power gains from this cat-back system have been known to increase upward of 21 to 23 horsepower, and 21 to 23 lb-ft of torque. That makes it one of the best exhaust systems for increasing a 350z’s performance.

Motordyne ShockWave TDX2

Motordyne Shockwave TDX2 exhaust installed on Nissan 350z

Manufacturer: Motordyne
Construction Type: 304L stainless steel
System Type: Full exhaust
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.5 primary, 3.0 exhaust tubing
Tip Size (Inches): 4.5
Tip Description: Stainless steel or titanium / blue rolled or slash cut
System Sound: Modest at low RPM, loud at high RPM

This is a true, dual X-pipe exhaust system that is optimized to offer the highest torque and horsepower gains possible, using its 2.5-inch primary tubes and dual 3.0-inch exhaust tubing. Together, this will give you an excellent overall power curve.

This is a very high-quality exhaust system, and the price reflects that.

There’s an optional set of 600-hp-plus downpipes in full dual 3-inch tubing if you’re putting these on a turbocharged car.

The progressively expanding dual primary and exhaust tubes will have you feeling the power gains in no time at all.

The sound from the ShockWave is modest at low RPM and normal cruising speed, but it gets plenty loud during high RPM driving.

Invidia N1

Manufacturer: Invidia
Construction Type: SUS304 stainless steel
System Type: Full exhaust
Pipe Diameter (Inches): 2.36
Tip Size (Inches): 4.33
Tip Description: Rolled titanium tip
System Sound: Deep at low RPM, controlled and loud at high RPM
Check Prices: Amazon

The Invidia N1 exhaust system does a great job of balancing price, performance, and sound, all into one sweet package. Its stainless steel piping helps reduce back pressure and maximizes exhaust flow.

These exhausts produce strong mid to top-end power gains, as well as increased horsepower and torque.

It also comes with a removable silencer, should you need it.

If you want something that sounds just right, this is the best 350z exhaust for you. It has a deep but quiet rumble at cruising speeds and a high, loud sound at high RPM. It’s not obnoxiously loud, though, since it’s controlled by the silencer.

Expect to hear a bit of a drone inside the car when cruising on the highway.

Though many sellers claim this is a cat-back system, the piping is actually from the Y-pipe. Installation is easy, everything fits properly, and fitment is perfect for every 350z model. Installation usually takes about two hours.

If you want your 350z to sound like an exotic race car, the Invidia N1 exhaust system should be a serious consideration.

Round-up of the Best 350z Exhausts

  • Best Value, “Cheap” 350z Exhaust: Auto Dynasty Dual Muffler Cat-Back
    If you’re basing your decision on budget alone, go for Auto Dynasty’s Cat-Back system. It’s a bit of a hassle to install yourself, but the sound is great and you should see some performance gains. Best of all, this exhaust system looks great. It’s certainly one of the best exhausts for your Z if you’re on a budget.
  • Best Sounding 350z Exhaust: Megan Racing MR Drift Spec Cat-Back
    This is a tough one, but Megan Racing gets our vote because it not only sounds really, really loud and beautiful, but it’s also great value. It’s easy to install, it looks rad, and it will give your car the all-out sound you’re looking for.
  • Best 350z Exhaust for Performance: Tomei Expreme Ti Single-Exit Cat-Back
    Tomei’s claim is to “produce a great product for ultimate driving pleasure,” and they’ve done that with their Expreme cat-back system. It’s loud, but more importantly, it’s responsive to your engine, maximizing exhaust efficiency and increasing torque and horsepower at the same time.

Did we miss an exhaust system? Let us know! Leave a comment below.


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