Best Exhaust for G35 Sedan

You might be asking yourself, “Why should I replace my G35’s exhaust system?”

Well, quality exhausts for Infiniti G35 coupes and sedans will increase horsepower, torque, and overall performance from your car. They also make your car sound better.

Sometimes because of better flow of exhaust gases, an aftermarket exhaust can even increase MPG. Of course, this assumes you don’t spend more time with your foot on the gas pedal after you get addicted to hearing your better sounding exhaust.

Exhaust system modifications are one of the most popular G35 mods. This is no surprise as the Infiniti G35 (also sold under the Nissan brand in some countries) is such a popular car with enthusiasts like yourself.

This easy-to-read guide will walk through the best exhausts for your G35, with a break down of exhausts into 3 different price categories.

Construction of Replacement Exhaust Systems

All of the exhaust systems below are constructed with stainless steel. They are dual type, typically cat-back systems.

Most of the G35 systems in this article come with a warranty, and most can be installed at home with some patience and the willingness to learn.

Exhaust diameters range widely, from 2-inch to 3-inch pipes, and the tips range from 4 inches to 4.5 inches in size.

Types of Infiniti G35 Exhausts

Getting the best exhaust for your Infiniti G35 coupe or sedan will depend on your unique needs, since there are many different types of exhausts.

All of the exhaust systems below are dual-exit exhausts, but they vary in pipe diameter, tip size, and what materials the tip is built from. Some of them have better warranties than others, too.

Finally, there are many different costs associated with aftermarket exhaust systems. Some are inexpensive and built for everyday use, while the high-performance units will run you a bit more out of pocket.

Cheap G35 Exhaust Systems for Coupe or Sedan Owners

All of the companies in this category make exhaust kits that are reasonably priced.

The word “cheap” is often seen to be negative, but these exhausts still meet the minimum requirements. Maybe they could have a nicer finish or a slightly nicer sound, but they aren’t bad exhausts by any means.

They’re ordered from least expensive to most expensive, based on the price at the time of publication.

Auto Dynasty Hi-Power Cat-Back

Auto Dynasty G35 cat-back exhaust

Manufacturer: Auto Dynasty
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: SUS-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.25
Tip Size (in.): 4.5
Tip Description: Dual Muffler Hi-Power Burnt Tip
Warranty: None
Check Prices: Amazon

Auto Dynasty offers an inexpensive cat-back exhaust system for your Infiniti coupe. Its muffler tip type is a dual path, rounded tip, with a 4.5-inch diameter and a 2.25-inch inlet/outlet size.

This is not the best exhaust for the Infiniti G35 sedan because it’s not a direct bolt on. This is a coupe-only exhaust system.

The materials used with the TIG-welded CNC machine flanges help resist pressure and corrosion. The system offers an aggressive, deep and smooth tone while ensuring smooth exhaust gas flow.

The system has been proven to offer a slight performance increase while improving fuel efficiency.

DNA Motoring G35 Cat-Back

Manufacturer: DNA Motoring
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: T-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.25
Tip Size (in.): 4.5
Tip Description: Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Phantom
Warranty: 1 Year
Check Prices: Amazon

DNA Motoring Exhaust systems are some of the cheapest if not the best exhaust for Nissan V35 coupe owners on a budget. They’re built from T-304 stainless steel and feature smooth mandrel bends for great exhaust flow and performance.

Each exhaust is designed to be low restriction, low backpressure, with as few bends as possible.

They include all the necessary gaskets and hardware for installation which can save you in the long fun. Their flanges are TIG welded for strength and CNC machined to resist corrosion and exhaust heat. Their systems have a deep, aggressive sound.

The only complaint we have about these systems is that their fitment can sometimes be off, so you may need to man handle the system to get it to fit your factory exhaust mounts.

Megan Racing DS

Manufacturer: Megan Racing
Product Type: Cat-Back + Y-Pipe
G35 Type: Sedan
Construction Type: SUS-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.25
Tip Size (in.): 4.5
Tip Description: Unresonated
Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Check Prices: Enjuku Racing

The Megan Racing cat-back is one of our favorite exhausts for 4 door G35 sedans, with the brand claiming it’s one of their strongest products. It’s made from SUS-304 stainless steel and comes with a fully polished surface, CNC machined flanges, and mandrel bends.

MR’s DS system has been claimed to improve horsepower, torque, and overall performance due to its straight-through design. Do know though, that it is a loud unit. We love this, but your neighbors might not.

As an added bonus, this system includes an upgraded Y-pipe for the front section of your exhaust. It’s also worth mentioning that Megan Racing’s DS exhaust is identical to the one made by Manzo.

Spec-D Tuning Exhaust

Spec-D Tuning cheap G35 coupe exhaust system

Manufacturer: Spec-D Tuning
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: T-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.25
Tip Size (in.): 4.0
Tip Description: Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Phantom
Warranty: 90 Days
Check Prices: Amazon

Spec-D Tuning exhaust systems are direct bolt-on aftermarket replacements for your Infiniti G35 coupe.

That said, while it has been designed to fit your OEM parts and mounts, like most of the cheap G35 exhausts, fitment can be an issue. It doesn’t mean it will never fit, you might just need to spend some time making it work.

Like others, they’re made from stainless steel, with CNC machined flanges for a long life. Mandrel-bent piping gives your car smooth exhaust flow and the least amount of restriction possible.

This system comes with 4-inch tips rather than the 4.5-inch tips. They are single rounded, rolled angle-cut phantom tips. This doesn’t seem to affect performance though.

The exhaust system comes with a “Manufacturer’s Warranty” of 90 days, which is the same warranty offered on all Spec-D Tuning products.

AJP Distributors Cat-Back

AJP Distributors Infiniti G35 Sedan Exhaust System

Manufacturer: AJP Distributors
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Sedan
Construction Type: Polished Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.0
Tip Size (in.): 4.0
Tip Description: Dual Twin Muffler Tip
Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

AJP offers this smaller cat-back exhaust system for your Infiniti G35, fitting the 2007-08 model best.

The piping diameter on this exhaust system is only 2 inches, and the muffler tip size is only 4 inches. AJP can get away with this smaller diameter system as the system splits very close to the catalytic converter.

It’s built from polished stainless steel and has a sleek, clean look.

AJP’s offering isn’t anywhere near as loud as the others mentioned here, but for some owners that’s what they are looking for. This just helps your car to growl a bit more than the OEM system.

Consider this unit to be like a OEM that makes some noise up only when you put your foot down.

Best Mid-Range Exhausts for Your G35 Coupe or Sedan

The products listed below are a bit pricier than the ones above, but they typically have better warranties.

The most notable difference in these units is the fitment. Where most of the cheap exhausts need a lot of manipulation to get them fitted, in this price bracket you can expect them to fit your car with a lot less effort.

They’re in increasing order by cost.

Megan Racing OE-RS

Megan Racing Infiniti G35 Exhaust

Manufacturer: Megan Racing
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: T-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 3.0
Tip Size (in.): 4.0
Tip Description: Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Phantom
Warranty: 1 Year

The Megan Racing OE-RS cat-back exhaust systems are based on factory styling, but with bigger piping and OEM style polished mufflers. They offer a quiet sound and are still quite affordable given their quality.

Do note that you will need to buy your G35’s Y-pipe separately from this system. The exhaust system is a direct bolt-on application and, unlike some of the cheaper systems, fitment is usually like a glove (perfect).

All Megan Racing piping is mandrel bent with a high polished finish. This system will help improve horsepower with a minimal noise increase. Like the AJP Distributors cat-back, these are similar to an OEM+ unit.

Tanabe Medalion Touring Performance

Manufacturer: Tanabe
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (In.): 2.75
Tip Size (In.): 4.5
Tip Description: Single Canister, Dual Tip w/Heat Shield
Warranty: 1 Year
Check Prices: Amazon

Despite being listed in this section, Tanabe are still cheap G35 exhausts, at around half the price of a Borla system.

Their exhausts use new “continuous strand” ADVANTEX packing material technology. This helps them achieve very high levels of exhaust efficiency. Despite this, it’s still really street-driveable, with an extremely low frequency and deep tone that stays well under 93db.

If all out noise isn’t for you, definitely check out these systems from Tanabe, they’re mandrel bent, improve exhaust flow, and have minimal bends.

Tanabe exhaust systems help reduce two key elements: weight and backpressure. Their thin wall piping, hollow hangers and pressed flanges help reduce weight.

Each system comes with a 1-year warranty.

Magnaflow Cat-Back

Manufacturer: Magnaflow
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe & Sedan
Construction Type: 409 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.5
Tip Size (In.): 4.0
Tip Description: Round, Double Wall
Warranty: Million-Mile Warranty
Check Prices: Amazon

Magnaflow exhaust systems unleash horsepower and torque gains. Each system is custom-engineered for your specific year G35.

You can choose between single and dual-exit systems, though we’ll focus on dual here.

The Magnaflow system uses dense acoustical-absorbing material inside the muffler to filter out vibration and harsh noise, which leaves behind a smooth, throaty growl.

Their systems incorporate mandrel bent tubing for restriction-free transitions, unlike those in stock exhausts. Their exhausts help with sound, performance, and power—everything you want your exhaust to fix with aftermarket parts. Unlike many of the other systems mentioned in this article, Magnaflow exhausts are street legal in all 50 states.

A Magnaflow exhaust will help increase horsepower, increase pulling torque, and even improve MPGs. While they aren’t a cheap G35 exhaust, they do offer a lot for the money spent.

High-Performance Infiniti G35 Exhausts

Finally, we have the upper-tier, high-performance exhausts for your Nissan V35 coupe or sedan.

These exhaust systems are made from the highest quality materials and have the best finishes. Time has been taken to make sure they not only sound good, but they look great too.

They’re ordered from least to most expensive.

Invidia Gemini

Manufacturer: Invidia
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Sedan
Construction Type: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (In.): 2.36
Tip Size (In.): 4.33
Tip Description: Rolled Titanium Tip
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Check Prices: Enjuku Racing

Invidia’s titanium rolled cat-back exhaust system is considered one of the best exhausts for G35 sedans. Their flat bottom-shaped muffler design helps improve high-speed aerodynamic performance.

The muffler contains continuous piping and ADVANTEX material to give excellent free-flow and optimized backpressure.

The Invidia exhaust will free up horsepower, and give torque gains. The exhaust is mandrel bent to shape, with CNC machined flanges.

It gives off a rich, deep, sporty sound. Do know that this system does not have a resonated X-pipe, so it will be a bit louder and raspier than other exhaust systems. Most owners find that the rasp goes away over time, though.

Borla G35 S-Type Exhaust

Borla G35 S-Type Exhaust System

Manufacturer: Borla
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: T-304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (in.): 2.25
Tip Size (in.): 4.5
Tip Description: Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut Phantom
Warranty: Million-Mile Warranty
Check Prices: Amazon

Borla has four signature exhausts, including the Touring Series, S-Type Series, ATAK Series, and Multicore Series. Here we focus on their S-Type.

Their exhausts are crafted entirely from aerospace-grade T-304 stainless steel, for corrosion-resistance. Their mandrel bent tubing helps eliminate kinks, blockages, and excessive backpressure, to keep the pipes free flowing.

What helps make them one of our favorite exhausts for Infiniti G35 coupes is their Million-Mile Warranty. They aren’t cheap G35 exhausts by any means, but they’ll bolster horsepower and torque and improve fuel economy.

Like Magnaflow exhausts, Borla’s aftermarket exhaust kits are street legal in all 50 states.

Each kit incorporates Borla’s patented multi-core and straight-through muffler designs. The systems come with all the required clamps, connectors, and hardware needed for installation. These are by far our favorite when it comes to making a G35 sound great.

Stillen 504360D Cat-Back

Manufacturer: Stillen
Product Type: Cat-Back
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (In.): 2.5
Tip Size (In.): 4.0
Tip Description: Polished 304 Stainless Steel
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

On specs alone, Stillen brings one of the strongest exhaust units to this shootout. This cat-back system brings an increase of 15hp to the wheels, and increases 18 ft/lbs torque on the dyno.

The tips are made from Polished 304 Stainless Steel, and are dual wall. The sound is mild while idling, but aggressive when you’re on the throttle.

A visually aggressive unit, the look matches the roaring exhaust note.

Stillen guarantees easy installation, and their system comes with all the hardware necessary. This is an easy unit to fit.

Their cat-back exhaust system fits RWD and AWD models, and is 13lbs less than your stock exhaust.

HKS Hi-Power

Manufacturer: HKS
Product Type: Full Exhaust
G35 Type: Coupe
Construction Type: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Pipe Diameter (In.): 2.36
Tip Size (In.): 4.68
Tip Description: Hi-Power Titanium Tip
Warranty: 1 Year

HKS is iconic, having participated in racing tournaments all around the world. This has helped them to accumulate wide knowledge on crafting the best auto parts.

This knowledge comes at a price though; they are very expensive exhausts.

The Hi-Power exhaust system is a serious unit made from SUS304 stainless steel with high-powered titanium tips, a combination that improves durability and appearance. It’s also “JASMA” approved, meaning the absolute loudest it’ll ever get is 98db.

If you want a cheap G35 exhaust, look elsewhere. With HKS you’re getting one of the best exhaust systems available, but this comes at a price.

Their dual muffler system is a full independent layout of both right and left banks of V type engines. The full dual layout, without a 2-1 junction portion, prevents performance drop due to exhaust interference. At high RPM, this makes a real difference.

The HKS Hi-Power exhaust system has one of the best sounds, with a loud growl. Again though, this comes at a price that not all G35 owners are willing to pay.

The Best Exhausts for G35 Coupes and Sedans

There’s a huge range of exhaust systems for your G35 coupe or sedan. They vary in price and effectiveness.

Given the choice, our picks are:

Best Exhaust for Infiniti G35 Coupes: Stillen Cat-Back Exhaust System
Though it’s the second-most expensive on the list, it’s widely regarded as one of the best aftermarket exhausts out there. Definitely our pick for all-out performance.

Best Exhaust for Infiniti G35 Sedans: Invidia Gemini
Not only one of the nicest looking exhaust systems for 4 door owners, Invidia’s Gemini cat-back is a great trade-off between street-driven comfort and all out noise and performance.

Best value G35 exhaust: Tanabe Performance Exhaust System
A high-performance exhaust system for a fraction of the cost, this mid-ranged exhaust is a good overall choice if you’re trying to upgrade to the best exhaust for you G35 coupe or sedan without breaking the bank.

Affordable G35 exhaust: Manzo M2 Cat-Back Exhaust System
It’s right in the middle of the inexpensive list and will get the job done. It’s not the best on the market, but Manzo is a respected company and their product ticks all of the boxes for most Infiniti G35 drivers.

Taking your car’s exhaust system seriously? Don’t forget to check out our guides to Infiniti G35 Headers, Y-Pipes and Test Pipes.

Feature image: Modified G35 Sedan by Low Offset, original by Carlos S.Rivera, CC BY-SA


  1. I recently purchased a 2004 Infiniti G35X . It has dual pipes going into one (1) muffler. It is real loud. How can I get it quieter without re-doing the entire system. Sounds like a rally car and real fast.

    1. Hi Gordon,

      If you want the simplest solution you could look at having a shop install another muffler after your existing muffler. Or failing that, 2 smaller mufflers up above your dual pipes. They’ll be able to give you a better idea of what is best as it really depends on your current setup.


  2. I always admired Dual exhaust. The grey G35 at the top of this page is beautiful. I really want to know the setup to install it on mine. Does it branch off from one pipe into two, or is it a true dual exhaust straight from the manifold? And what did they do with the evap system?

  3. What’s the trunk called on the g35 up on top of the page I want one for mine did it come with the spoiler to

    1. Hey Edgar, that type of trunk is called a “duckbill”. As to who makes it, you’re testing my memory! I think it could be one made by HD trunks. Outcast Garage may make what you’re looking for but the “bill” or “lip” on their trunk is usually larger. It just depends what style you like more.

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