Turbo kits for Infiniti G35 Coupe & Sedans

Induction, compression, power, and exhaust; each of these represents a part of the four-stroke engine cycle.

Notice how that list begins with induction (intake). Forced induction, as the name suggests, is a way of pumping more air into your Infiniti G35’s engine.

More air means more compression, hotter combustion and so, more power. Turbochargers and superchargers are the two most common ways of doing this.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know before getting a turbocharger, and we’ll list the best ones you can find for your G35.

G35 Turbo Build Essentials

Unlocking the full potential of your turbocharger requires you to have a long list of supporting mods in place. This list may seem exhaustive if you’re new to turbocharging.

It’s not absolutely necessary for you to have all of these upgrades. Although, the more of these you have, the more reliable your Infiniti G35 turbo build will be.

We recommend that you take these extra measures to make your engine less prone to failure.

There’s a bunch of things you can and should do to prepare your G35 for the additional power it’s about to receive.

Upgraded Fuel System: More Power = More Fuel

If you’re pushing more air into your engine, it’s going to require more fuel. Otherwise, your air-fuel mixture will be too lean (more air and less fuel).

To match the additional airflow from your turbo, you need to upgrade your stock fuel system components. These include:

  • Fuel pump
  • Injectors
  • Rails
  • Pressure Regulators

Engine Management: Let Your ECU Know

It’s very important that you get the air-fuel ratio correct. Run it too lean and you’ll risk damaging your engine. If you run it too rich, you’ll end up with foul spark plugs and terrible gas mileage.

Turbocharged engines typically run richer than naturally aspirated engines because more air requires more fuel.

Your turbocharged G35 needs an upgraded engine management system that can balance the additional air-flow and fuel demand.

We recommend getting the turbo installed, and engine tuned by a professional who has years of experience. Having it done on a dyno will give you the best results – both for performance, economy and reliability.

Monitoring tools like exhaust gas temperature sensors and wideband O2 sensors are a must-have. They’ll help you keep an eye on the air-fuel mixture so that you can notice early signs of any issues that might arise.

AEM Infinity Plug & Play ECU
A plug & play ECU like this system from AEM is an easy yet effective option for getting the best possible tune.

Upgraded Internals: Can Your Engine Handle It?

Your Infiniti G35 is blessed with one of the most turbo-friendly, naturally aspirated engines out there.

When it comes to turbocharging your G35, it helps to have a goal in mind. Having a pre-decided power figure will help you plan your build properly.

Both the VQ35DE and VQ35HR engines are works of art. The stock crank, heads and cams are strong enough to take a lot more power than what the engine already makes.

These engines, when stock, can handle up to 400whp on OEM internals. To generate anything more than that, you need additional modifications like:

  • Ported cylinder heads
  • Larger cams
  • Free-flowing intake
  • Head gasket spacer
  • Low compression pistons

Apart from these primary modifications, consider getting more obvious upgrades like low heat range spark plugs, a high-performance radiator, clutch, aftermarket exhaust, test pipes, and so on.

Modded G35 with Turbo Installed

Boost: How Much Is Too Much?

Boost pressure is measured in pound-force per square inch (psi). It indicates the amount of air being pushed into your engine by the turbo. Selecting the right boost level is essential for your engine’s safety.

We recommend starting out with low boost if you haven’t made any supporting mods; especially if you’re running stock internals.

Here’s an estimate of how every unit of boost will affect your G35.

+1 psi boost = 7% increase in power

So, for every 1psi of boost, you can expect a gain of around 16whp.

Considering that a stock G35 Coupe makes 226whp, you’ll need between 7 and 8 psi of boost to get to around 350whp.

However, the “more boost = more power” formula doesn’t always work in the same way. Boost pressure only tells you a part of the story.

How much power you actually get from each unit of boost depends on which other modifications you make.

With the right supporting upgrades, your turbo will have a stronger “starting point.” That way, you can get more power per pound of boost.

By doing this, you won’t have to overclock the boost to reach your desired power figure.

Infiniti G35 Turbo Kit: Single vs Twin

Every turbo kit makes power, but how it makes power has a lot to do with its design. Both single and twin-turbos deliver power in a very different way.

When it comes to selecting one, it depends on your preference, and what you want to do with it. One type isn’t necessarily better than the other. Both single and twin-turbos have their own benefits.


A twin-turbocharger utilizes two small turbines instead of a large one. Smaller turbines take less time to spool up. The quicker it spools up, the faster it can send air to your engine.

This gives twin-turbos a big advantage over single turbo kits, i.e. lesser lag. That’s why, with a twin-turbo, the power kicks in early and fades out as you get closer to the redline.

Here’s what you can expect from the powerband:

  • Low-end: good
  • Mid-range: great
  • Top-end: weak

Twin-turbo kits are best used for:

  • Autocross
  • Time Attack
  • Drift
Infiniti G35 twin turbo install

Single Turbo

Single turbo kits are quite the opposite. Because there’s only one large turbo instead of two small ones, it takes more time to spool up, giving you more lag.

When it does spool up, though, it delivers enough power to push you back in your seat.

Here’s what the powerband will be like:

  • Low-end: weak
  • Mid-range: good
  • Top-end: heavy

Single turbo kits are best suited to:

  • Daily driving
  • Drag racing
  • Track days

Late power delivery is not always bad, though. It gives your motor some room to operate before the boost kicks in. This is very useful in low RPM situations.

If you’re cruising at low speeds in the city, the turbo remains fairly inactive. This increases the longevity of your engine and makes it perfect for daily driving.

A single turbo kit isn’t only for street use. Its heavy top-end power makes it the best turbo kit for G35 owners who love to go drag racing.

Infiniti G35 single turbo install

Infiniti G35 Turbo vs Supercharger

No matter what type of car meet you go to, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across someone having the “whine vs whistle” debate.

You’ll find that many enthusiasts have strong opinions about either of the two. The moment you make up your mind about one, you’ll hear or read something that will convince you otherwise.

The best thing you can do is to test drive both a supercharged and turbocharged Infiniti G35. Doing this will give you a good frame of reference; especially if you’ve never driven either one.


Turbochargers are very efficient as they rely on the reuse of your engine’s exhaust gas to make power.

The exhaust gases spool up a turbine which powers a compressor. The compressor then draws dense air which goes through an intercooler, and finally into your engine.

Infiniti G35 with turbo kit installed

The only downside with turbochargers is that you have to wait for the turbine to spool up completely. This means, the turbo only kicks in after the needle crosses a certain RPM mark.

With some practice, you’ll know exactly when the boost kicks in, and you’ll be able to time your throttle input accordingly.

What the turbocharger lacks in throttle response, it makes up for with an intense boost. It’s like waiting for a sick bass drop; you know it’s coming.


Unlike turbos, a supercharger doesn’t rely on exhaust gases. Instead, it’s connected directly to your engine’s crankshaft with a belt. Because of this direct connection, you’ll experience zero lag.

The fact that a supercharger draws power to make power may seem counterproductive. However, it makes a lot more than what it takes.

Supercharged Infiniti G35

A supercharger’s boost is purely dependent on the engine’s RPM. That’s why the power delivery is very linear. The smallest throttle input results in feedback which is a big plus over turbos.

The biggest disadvantage? No turbo flutter or blow-off valve sounds.

Best Twin-Turbo Kits for G35s

Most G35 owners prefer a twin-turbo kit because of how well it suits the V6 engine. Twin-turbos are priced higher than single turbos, but the premium is worth it.

A turbo kit isn’t something you replace frequently. If you want to go all out with your Infiniti G35 turbo install and want the best you can get, a twin-turbo setup is your best option.

Unless you’re into customized turbo kits, there aren’t too many options to choose from. Here are some of the best G35 twin-turbo kits you can buy today.

GReddy Tuner Twin-Turbo

Greddy's Infiniti G35 twin turbo kit

Manufacturer: GReddy
Configuration: Twin
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE | VQ35HR
Suits: G35 Coupe

GReddy has become a household name in the world of twin-turbos; especially for the G35/350z lineup. If you simply want to get the most tunable twin-turbo kit for your Infiniti G35, look no further. This is the best turbo kit for G35 owners who are looking for a lag-free, reliable build.

The crew at GReddy designed this kit to be as convenient as possible. To save you the trouble of piecing together your own turbo kit, they’ve included everything you could possibly need to install it correctly.

This kit is most popular for G35 coupes. However, if you’re looking for the same turbo for your G35 sedan, there are options available.

It includes stainless steel G35 turbo manifolds, two TDO5H18G turbos, Type-S external wastegates, 440cc injectors, and all the required piping/hardware. The best part? They’ve also included a pre-tuned E-Manage ECU which lets you tune the engine to balance the air-fuel ratio.

In most cases, the intercooler needs to be purchased separately. The one GReddy makes is a front-mounted, three-row unit with cast aluminum end tanks. It sits in the lower front end of the radiator without blocking it.

One thing that many enthusiasts dislike about this kit is that you need to alter to your front bumper brace for the intercooler to fit properly. This compromises safety to some extent.

Unfortunately, this twin-turbo kit by GReddy has been discontinued. But we’re sure that if you search, you’ll find this Infiniti G35 turbo for sale in a few places.

We hope they continue making these! Maybe they’re working on a better one and have plans of launching it soon?

Jim Wolf Twin-Turbo

Jim Wolf's twin turbo kit installed in an Infiniti G35

Manufacturer: Jim Wolf Technologies
Configuration: Twin
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE
Suits: G35 Coupe
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

The JWT turbocharger created quite a wave in the market when it was launched. Even today, it remains one of the top twin-turbo options for the Infiniti G35, right up there with GReddy.

This kit was originally designed with inputs from Garret; formerly known as Honeywell Turbo Technologies. They’ve been the biggest name in the forced induction industry for 65 years now.

Enthusiasts love this twin-turbo setup as it has almost negligible boost lag and is designed around the O.E criteria of reliability.

It also has the best airflow you’ll find in any twin-turbo setup for the G35. All it’s critical airflow junctions are equipped with specially suited castings. This makes sure there’s absolutely no restriction and no lag.

When compared directly with the Greddy twin-turbo kit, this one has a massive advantage. The JWT setup requires no alterations to the front bumper brace. So you don’t have to compromise on safety, and it’s cheaper too.

No other twin-turbo setup comes with the reliability and performance of this system. You can easily boost it to produce between 350 and 380whp without putting any strain on it.

To go higher than 400whp, engine modifications are recommended.


HKS GT twin turbo suit Infiniti G35

Manufacturer: HKS
Configuration: Twin
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE
Suits: G35 Coupe
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

The HKS GT twin-turbo kit is great for DIYers. It’s ideal if you’re picky about what goes under your bonnet, and want your turbocharger to be fitted a particular way.

This kit does not include the intercooler, suction pipe, intake, ECU and motor oil inlet fittings. Since you’ll have to buy these things separately, your build will cost more. But on the plus side, you’ll get to choose your own components.

A lot of turbo kits come with more stuff than what’s needed anyway. A partially assembled kit like this one gives you room for some other modifications that you might have.

Depending on where you buy this kit, you can opt for different turbo sizes. The smaller ones spool quicker and have less lag, and the larger ones provide more boost.

Quality-wise, the HKS kit is at par with the one by GReddy. For some reason though, it’s not the most popular G35 coupe turbo kit. Most enthusiasts prefer either Greddy or JWT when it comes to twin-turbos. We still think it’s worth a closer look.

G35 Single Turbo Kits

If you love the raw power of a large turbo and don’t mind a little lag, go with a big single turbo kit. The boost kicks in with so much more intensity than it does with twin-turbos.

Single turbos have fewer moving parts as compared to twin-turbos. This makes it possible for manufacturers to sell them at a lower price.

When you’re looking for Infiniti G35 single turbo kits, you’ll notice that there’s a larger variety to choose from. These are the ones we vouch for.


Turbonetics' Infiniti G35 turbo kit

Manufacturer: Turbonetics
Configuration: Single
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE
Suits: G35 Coupe

Most of us tend to associate quality with price. It’s easy to assume that the less something costs, the lower its quality may be. This isn’t true with the Turbonetics single turbo kit.

Most G35 owners who’ve used this kit have had minor issues while some ended up breaking them because of too much boost. It’s a relatively inexpensive kit that works really well as long as you don’t do anything crazy with it. The piping is known to be slightly restrictive, but that can be fixed.

You can easily buy a used G35 at the same price as some of the other turbo kits in this guide (including support mods). That said, the Turbonetics kit is a great deal as it’s less than half the price of most turbos on the market.

If you’re just starting out with turbochargers and want to safely try one out on your G35, get the Turbonetics kit. Be sure not to crank the boost too high, and it should be absolutely fine.

Boosted Performance Single Turbo

Boosted Performance's Infiniti G35 turbo installation kit

Manufacturer: Boosted Performance
Configuration: Single
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE
Suits: G35 Coupe

The best turbo kit for G35s doesn’t always come from the biggest manufacturers. Boosted Performance is a relatively small scale brand. Their turbo kits are highly regarded as some of the best ones you can buy for your VQ engine.

The crew at Boosted Performance specializes in fabricating custom turbocharger kits for the G35, 350z and 370z. They take pride in having exceptional customer service that a lot of G35 owners can vouch for. Look them up on social media, and you’ll know.

This kit is capable of producing well over 600whp with a properly built engine thanks to its T4 turbine. If you plan on cranking up the boost to get that much power, aftermarket headers are a must.

Compared to most popular single turbo kits out there, this one by Boosted Performance is far more affordable. Considering everything that you get along with it, it’s a steal.

The kit includes a billet CEA T4 Turbo, Tial 50mm blow-off valves, Tial MV-S wastegate, 550cc injectors, an Up-Rev tuner kit and lots more.


APS turbo installed on a G35 coupe

Manufacturer: APS
Configuration: Single
Engine Compatibility: VQ35DE
Suits: G35 Coupe

The single turbo by APS is the second most bang-for-buck kit in this guide with Turbonetics at number one.

This intercooled single turbocharger comes paired with a water-cooled Garrett turbo. Water cooling extends the life of your turbocharger and helps it stay cool.

Another interesting thing about this setup is the way it’s positioned. Because it’s placed nice and low, it can efficiently utilize the engine’s exhaust gases to generate more power.

A major advantage of this low position is temperature management. It’s less likely to get heat soaked as compared to conventional turbo designs.

We really like how APS has focused on their turbo’s cooling system. Heat is the number one turbo killer and having a great cooling system makes a huge difference. Not only will it make your G35 turbo build more durable, it will also help reduce lag because cooler air = denser air.

Combine this thermal advantage with low restriction piping, and you’ll have minimal lag.


If you’ve made it this far into the guide, chances are that you’re very serious about turbocharging your G35. We encourage you to pre-plan your entire build.

The order in which you plan it is very important. Start by selecting the right turbocharger, then make a list of compatible support mods and prioritize them according to your budget.

Check out our top two recommendations.

Best single turbo for G35 owners: Boosted Performance

The Boosted Performance single turbo can handle crazy amounts of power. No matter how gnarly your build is, it can take it; as long as your engine is well built.

Typically we’d expect to pay a lot more for this type of setup, but to our surprise, it’s significantly cheaper than similar products from popular brands.

Best twin-turbo for a G35: Jim Wolf Twin-Turbo

Jim Wolf Technologies, commonly known as JWT, has done a fine job with this twin-turbo kit. Enthusiasts have loved it, and so have we.

The fact that it’s cheap and requires no additional fabrication to fit correctly is the reason why it’s the best G35 twin-turbo kit you can buy.

We don’t normally reference clichés but “with more power, comes more responsibility” is very apt in this scenario.

There are additional things you need to do to care for your newly turbocharged Infiniti G35 properly. Religious maintenance and timely replacement of fluids is a must. Other than that, pay close attention to air-fuel ratio, exhaust, and engine temperatures, and you’ll be good to go.

Planning a Infiniti G35 turbo build? Are you going with a single or twin-turbo kit?

Let us know in the comments below!


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