The Top Leveling Kits for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen Tacomas

As a part of the Tacoma community, you’ve probably heard the word “rake” come up in conversation quite often. By “rake” we mean the suspension angle, not the gardening tool.

In case you’re wondering, “rake” is what you get when the rear of your truck is raised higher in relation to the front. The Tacoma gets around 2″ of rake from the factory, and that’s for a reason.

If you have a camper shell on your Tacoma or if your truck bed is loaded, the added weight will naturally weigh and push the rear end down.

The factory rake design accounts for this and ensures that even when it’s fully loaded, the truck still drives normally and safely.

However, some enthusiasts prefer to level out the stance of their Tacoma, and others want to optimize the handling for when the truck is not loaded.

That’s where leveling kits come in. They help Tacoma owners to even out the front-rear height difference.

Just like with any other modification, you can’t simply buy the first Tacoma-compatible leveling kit you get your eyes on.

There are a few things to think about before choosing the proper kit for your truck based on your driving style, driving conditions, and overall goals for your truck.

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider before you purchase a leveling kit, and we’ll conclude with some of our top recommendations.

Buying a Leveling Kit for Your Tacoma: Things to Consider

Leveling spacers and Toyota factory suspension

When looking for a leveling kit for your Tacoma, the first thing you want to do is make sure the kit is compatible with your model year and lug pattern.

The Tacoma spans three generations:

  • 1st gen: 1995-2004
  • 2nd gen: 2005-2015
  • 3rd gen: 2016 -2022

2nd gen Tacoma leveling kits are cross-compatible with 3rd gen Tacomas. But those designed for 1st gen Tacomas won’t fit any other generation of this truck.

All of the kits on our list are for 6-lug Tacomas, so be sure to double-check that you have a 6-lug bolt pattern before purchasing any of the kits listed below.


Aluminum and steel leveling spacers compared

Leveling kits should be constructed using durable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

It is an added bonus when the parts (especially spacers) are powder coated to resist corrosion or even painted to match factory suspension colors.

Essentially, a leveling kit should be able to withstand off-road conditions and hold up well even after extreme exposure to the elements.

However, if you hit the trails often, you’re much better off leveling your car with the help of aftermarket Tacoma shocks, coilovers, or a Tacoma lift kit instead of spacers.

Use Case

2020 Tacoma with roof rack
Notice how the rake is barely visible despite the Tacoma roof rack and a loaded bed.

If you do not plan on loading up your Tacoma with gear to haul, a leveling kit makes sense. Remember that the factory rake is intentionally added to handle the bed being loaded up.

If you often find yourself needing to haul a lot of weight, you’re better off without a leveling kit, or you ensure that the kit you purchase includes aluminum blocks to raise the back of your truck.

On the other hand, if your goal is to maximize handling when the truck bed is empty (or at least unencumbered by a lot of extra weight) or to dial in the stance to your liking, then leveling kits is a good option.

Lift Height

Tacoma factory rake

The amount of lift you get on the front of your Tacoma from the leveling kit is the main feature and purpose of the kit itself.

Most strut spacers will raise the front of your Toyota Tacoma by 2″ or 3″. It is worth noting that if the kit you end up purchasing is advertised to raise your Tacoma by 3″, it won’t necessarily be exactly 3″ tall.

In other words, if you measure the spacers and find that they’re not 3″ tall, don’t worry, because they will provide a 3″ lift.

The resulting lift height is calculated based on the spacer’s interaction with your suspension, so the parts are not necessarily identical in dimensions to the amount of lift advertised by the manufacturer.

Whether you should buy a kit that raises the front of your Tacoma by 3″ or 2″ depends on your plans for your truck and your driving habits.

If you are wanting to fit the biggest tires you can without modifying the suspension setup, you should go with the most lift you can get from a leveling kit.

Check out our Tacoma tire size guide if you’re confused about how much or how little you want to upsize your tires.

However, if you are solely concerned about raising the nose of your truck to better match the rear height, you may want to choose the kit that can do this most effectively.

Front Spacers and Rear Blocks

Installing a leveling kit on a factory strut

Some leveling kits include only front spacers and others include spacers as well as rear blocks.

If your goal is simply to level out the front end with the rear, then you’ll only require a leveling kit that contains the front spacers.

But if you want a leveling kit to raise the truck to fit bigger wheels and tires, it makes sense to get a kit that will raise both ends of the truck.

That way you can upsize the wheel and tire setup for more ground clearance and ride height.

Another reason you might want a leveling kit that includes rear blocks is if you wish to continue using the bed for heavy hauling.

When you raise both the front and rear, it helps to maintain the factory rake while still raising your ride height.

Leveling Kit vs Lift Kit: Which One Do You Really Need?

Leveling kits are designed to level out your truck’s height from front to rear, but lift kits are far more comprehensive and are designed to raise your truck from anywhere between 3″ to 10″.

Of course, leveling kits do not reduce ride height, but their sole purpose is to equalize the difference in height between the front and rear of the truck.

Tacoma lift kit

Lift kits are intended to substantially raise your truck and they typically include suspension components that you’ll have to swap out. In contrast, leveling kits are easier to install and a lot more affordable.

Which one of the two you should install depends entirely on what you intend to do with your Tacoma.

If all you want to do is even out the stance and maybe marginally upsize your tires to avoid rubbing issues, then leveling spacers will suffice.

Tacoma lift kit and spacer

But if you intend on driving off-road and want the best approach angle, or if you want to substantially upsize your tires, then lift kits are the way to go.

Remember that aftermarket springs, shocks, and coilovers are also an option if you want the best of both worlds, that is, leveling your truck and increasing the ride height by more than just 2″.

With a lift that small, your factory suspension components will do just fine. The more you lift your truck, the more stress you’ll add on your ball joints, the geometry of your driveline will change, and so will your caster angle.

Wheel Alignment After Installing a Leveling Kit

After you install the leveling kit, you will need to get your wheels aligned. Even though the leveling kits are relatively simple and add only 2″ in height, they do have an impact on your suspension geometry.

That’s the main reason why you’ll have to get an alignment to ensure everything is set up correctly and functions as intended.

If you don’t get your wheels aligned after changing your ride height, you will experience reduced handling performance. You’ll run the risk of damaging other suspension components.

Best 1st Gen Tacoma Leveling Kits

Red gen 1 Toyota Tacoma

The 1st half of this list reviews gen 1 Toyota Tacoma leveling kits. That’s because these kits aren’t compatible with the 2005 and later model years.

These kits will work for model year 1995-2004 as long as they have a 6-lug bolt pattern.

MotoFab Lifts 95Taco-3F-2R

MotoFab Lifts 95Taco-3F-2R strut spacers for Tacoma

Manufacturer: MotoFab Lifts
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

The MotoFab Lifts 95 leveling kit offers 3″ spacers for the front and 2″ blocks for the rear. The spacers are constructed from CNC-machined billet aluminum and the rear blocks are made of iron.

They’re finished in anodized black which matches the factory suspension colors. Additionally, the kit is powder coated, which not only looks cool but also provides resistance against rust and corrosion.

One thing we really like about this leveling kit is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Installing it is a breeze and it can be done in under 2 hours.

ZY Wheels TAF

ZY Wheels TAF leveling kit for gen 1 Tacomas

Manufacturer: ZY Wheels
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 2″
Buy on: Amazon

The front leveling kit by ZY Wheels will raise the front of your Gen 1 Tacoma by 2″. They make 2.5″ and 3″ alternatives as well.

Do note that this kit excludes rear blocks and you only get the front spacers. This means it does not offer rear height adjustments.

It works for both the 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma as well as the 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner.

Supreme Suspensions Azm K1

Supreme Suspensions Azm K1 rear blocks

Manufacturer: Supreme Supensions
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 1″
Buy on: Amazon

The Supreme Suspensions lift kit is a little different from the other products on our list because it only includes rear blocks and excludes front spacers.

The blocks are made of billet aluminum and they’ll raise the rear of your Tacoma by 1″. Additionally, these are anodized which helps to prevent rust and corrosion.

It allows you to maintain the factory ride quality, makes room for larger wheels, and increases ground clearance. Take note that you do have to purchase U-bolts separately; they are not included.

However, this kit can be installed without needing any special tools and comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the process.

Torch Leveling Kit

Torch leveling kit for gen 1 Toyota Tacoma

Manufacturer: Torch Off-Road
Construction: Steel
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

The leveling kit from Torch Off-Road provides a 3″ front rise and a 2″ rear rise. It comes with all the hardware you’ll need and the installation will only take a couple of hours.

Their U-bolts are powder coated for corrosion resistance, and the kit is finished in black which will match factory suspension.

Torch Off-Road makes some excellent products that are highly regarded among Tacoma owners, and their leveling kit is no exception.

It comes with a detailed instruction manual, and they also have reliable customer support.

LHE Front Leveling Kit

LHE strut spacers for 1st generation Tacomas

Manufacturer: LHE
Construction: Aluminum
Max lift height: 2.5″
Buy on: Amazon

LHE’s leveling kit includes front height adjustments only. It provides a 2.5″ lift on your Tacoma.

You also have the option of buying a 3″ leveling kit from the same manufacturer as well, which is identical to the 2.5″ kit other than the additional 1/2″.

Leveling Kits for 2nd and 3rd-Gen Tacomas

White 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Both the 2nd and 3rd-generation Toyota Tacomas are compatible with the same leveling kits, regardless of whether the manufacturing year is 2005 or 2022.

A lot of these are made by the same manufacturers of gen 1 leveling kits, and they’ll only fit 6-lug bolt pattern models. Find below the best leveling kits for your gen 2 or gen 3 Tacoma.

MotoFab Lifts ‎05TACO-2

MotoFab Lifts ‎05TACO-2 leveling kit

Manufacturer: MotoFab Lifts
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 2″
Buy on: Amazon

MotoFab Lifts makes leveling kits for all 3 generations of the Tacoma, and this one is compatible with gen 2 and gen 3. Unlike the gen 1 kit, this one does not include rear blocks and only lifts the front by 2″.

This leveling kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that you’ll get a replacement if you receive a defective product or if it fails prematurely.

It comes with all the hardware you will need, as well as instructions to guide you through the process. As long as you follow the instructions, you’ll be able to complete the installation in 1 to 2 hours.

KSP Performance 73LF8303

KSP Performance 73LF8303 leveling kit

Manufacturer: Goldenlion
Construction: Aluminum
Max lift height: 2″
Buy on: Amazon

KSP Performance’s aluminum front leveling kit will raise the front end of your Tacoma by 2 inches.

Even though the product description makes mention of compatibility up to 2019, even 2020 and later model year Toyota Tacomas can be leveled using this kit.

One benefit of this leveling kit is that it comes with a 30-day refund policy and up to 2 years of free replacement parts should something break, which is unlikely if installed and used properly as the components are high quality and rugged.

Supreme Suspensions 2R Pro

Supreme Suspensions 2R Pro Toyota Tacoma leveling kit

Manufacturer: Supreme Suspensions
Construction: Steel and billet aluminum
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

Supreme Suspensions make leveling kits for the Tacoma that provide a 3″ front and 2″ rear lift. However, they do have a few different options. These include:

You can also choose between black and blue color options — both are anodized. Regardless of the maximum lift height option you choose, this kit comes with both front spacers and rear blocks.

The spacers are made of T6 billet aluminum, and the blocks are made of stainless steel.

It’s worth mentioning that the front spacers will not work with TRD Off-Road Tacomas. That’s something to consider if you happen to own that particular trim level.

Rough Country 744RED

Rough Country 744RED strut spacers for Tacoma

Manufacturer: Rough Country
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 2″
Buy on: Amazon

Rough Country’s front leveling kit is made of billet aluminum like many of the other options on our list.

What makes it different, however, is that it comes in a bright red finish. If you like aftermarket parts that stand out from their OEM-replacement counterparts, this is a great choice.

The leveling kit raises the front of the Tacoma by 2″. Rough Country offers a limited lifetime warranty on this leveling kit, which definitely sweetens the deal.

Orion Full Kit

Orion leveling kit for gen 2 Tacomas

Manufacturer: Orion Motor Tech
Construction: Billet aluminum
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

The Orion Motor Tech leveling kit raises the front of your Tacoma by 3″ and the rear by 2″. It is constructed from billet aluminum and finished in black, matching the stock suspension style.

All necessary hardware is included, along with a set of instructions. Like other kits, no special tools are needed and you can consider this a bolt-on modification.

Torch Full Kit

Torch leveling kit complete set for Tacoma

Manufacturer: Torch Off-Road
Construction: Steel
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

The Torch Off-Road leveling kit for 2nd and 3rd-generation Toyota Tacomas is nearly identical in specifications to the 1st gen kit (with the obvious difference being compatibility).

It provides a 3″ front lift and 2″ rear lift and is made of high-quality materials for optimal durability and performance.

Torch Off-Road has a customer service line, so if you have any questions or need help, you can get in touch with them for assistance, which is something a lot of other aftermarket parts companies do not offer.

ZY Wheels‎ TA3F2R

ZY Wheels‎ TA3F2R strut spacers and rear blocks

Manufacturer: ZY Wheels
Construction: Stainless steel
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

ZY Wheels provides a full leveling kit that will raise your Tacoma in the front by 3″ and in the rear by 2″.

Like the KSP Performance kit mentioned above, the description on this one says 2005-2019, but it fits newer model year Tacomas as well. Something to keep in mind if you have a 2020 or later model.

It comes with everything you need to complete the installation. The spacers and rear lift blocks are finished in black for that factory look.

KSP Performance ‎‎3F-2R-LK015

KSP Performance ‎‎3F-2R-LK015 strut spacers and rear blocks

Manufacturer: KSP Performance
Construction: Aluminum
Max lift height: 3″
Buy on: Amazon

The 2nd option from KSP performance for gen 2 and gen 3 Tacomas comes with both front and rear adjustability. It will lift the front of your truck by 3″ and the rear by 2″.

The spacers and rear lift blocks are black and powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance.

Like the other KSP Performance kit on our list, this one comes with a 30-day refund policy and up to 2 years of free replacement parts.

Our Top Picks

Red Tacoma with chrome grille

There are a lot of different leveling kit options for your Tacoma. Let’s go over our top picks for the gen 1 model, then for gen 2 and gen 3.

Best leveling kit overall for gen 1 Toyota Tacoma: MotoFab Lifts 95Taco-3F-2R

If you have a 6-lug Tacoma from 1995-2004, we recommend going with the MotoFab Lifts leveling kit.

It is built really well and comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you that much-needed security when buying any aftermarket part.

This kit raises the front of your Tacoma by 3″ and the rear by 2″. Along with that, you’ll get black spacers and lift blocks that will match your stock suspension.

For gen 2 or gen 3 Tacomas: Supreme Suspensions 2R Pro

It does not matter if you have a 2nd-gen or current-gen Tacoma, because the leveling kits work with either generation.

Our favorite leveling kit is made by Supreme Suspensions. They offer a variety of options in terms of maximum height, so you can choose the kit that best matches your idea for a leveled Tacoma.

The options only vary in terms of height; they are all constructed from the same materials and use the newest technology to give you the best quality.

Best leveling kit for reducing rake on gen 1 Tacomas: ZY Wheels TA3F2R

If you are after an even appearance along your Tacoma’s body or want the best handling for when the bed is unloaded without going all out and modifying the suspension, go with the ZY Wheels leveling kit.

The kit will give you a 2″ rise to the front of your Tacoma; it comes with two black spacers that will match your stock suspension colors, as well as all the hardware you need to install them.

Top leveling kit for reducing rake for gen 2 and gen 3 Tacomas: Rough Country 744RED

If you want the perfect stance for your Tacoma, you only need a leveling kit that includes front spacers.

This is also the case if you want to improve handling during normal street driving when the truck bed is unloaded.

We recommend using the Rough Country leveling kit as it includes a unique red-colored set of spacers that are backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.

The spacers themselves are high quality and definitely a great choice if you want something unique, as the other options are all black to match the factory suspension.

Don’t forget to take a before and after picture of your Tacoma when installing a leveling kit. Alternatively, you can simply measure the change in ride height.

What size leveling spacers and blocks do you intend on buying for your truck? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

If this article has helped you find the right leveling kit for your Tacoma, please do share it with your friends on Facebook or in your favorite online communities!

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