Best Nissan 370z Exhaust Upgrade

The Nissan 370z is powered by the cult-favorite VQ37VHR engine, which is well known for its bulletproof reliability. But it’s almost unfair that the 370z’s factory exhaust system is so quiet and restrictive.

Luckily, there are many aftermarket options to choose from when it comes down to a performance upgrade.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a long list of the best exhausts for your 370z. We’ve broken it down into three main sections — budget-friendly, high performance, and premium, to make your decision easier.

Nissan 370z Stock Exhaust: Any Good?

Most car enthusiasts agree that the 370z doesn’t sound bad. However, it would be great if the 3.7L V6 sounded more aggressive from the factory.

For daily driving and regular use, the stock 3.7 Nissan VQ37VHR engine has plenty of power, churning out 282 whp and 230 wtq.

It sounds relatively quiet at cold starts and at idle, showing its true potential as a sports car when you drive it under wide-open throttle. But even then, it’s still fairly subtle.

OEM Nissan 370z exhaust system

Time For An Upgrade?

Replacing your 370z’s factory exhaust system with an aftermarket one is bound to kick things up a notch — both in terms of sound and performance.

A few things you can expect from an upgrade:

  • Better Sound: A high-quality cat-back exhaust system will give you a deeper rumble at the lower rpm range and an aggressive roar at the top-end. Keep in mind that some systems might cause your 370z exhaust to drone at highway speeds, which is annoying and unwanted.
  • Improved Performance: We aren’t talking crazy numbers here, but it’s safe to say you can expect a noticeable jump in power gains after installing an upgraded exhaust. Top brands offer up to 18 whp and 15 wtq increments, and when coupled with aftermarket 370z headers, this can increase even further.
  • Reduced weight: It’s no surprise that high-performance systems are lighter than OEM which in theory improves performance and handling. Of course, we’re speaking about 5-15 lbs reduction, which may not be a lot but still stacks up when you’re making other modifications to your 370z.

Cheap 370z Exhausts

The good news is that installing a high-quality exhaust won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can get a decent cat-back system for around $500 and completely transform how your 370z sounds.

These exhaust systems will not be as nicely finished or performance efficient, and they will probably be a bit harder to install, but they’ll get the job done.

DC Sports Dual

DC Sports Dual exhaust for Nissan 370z

Manufacturer: DC Sports
Part Number: SCS6206
Design: Cat-back
Construction: Full T304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Smooth and sporty
Buy On: Amazon

Popular with many 370z owners, this cat-back exhaust system by DC Sports proves that you won’t need to break the bank to get your hands on something worthwhile. The build quality is pretty solid and it features polished stainless steel construction.

As this system meets the federal requirements for noise emissions, don’t expect a mind-blowing sound. Still, if nothing more it adds to the sporty nature of your 370z.

The muffler offers a straight-through design with fiberglass and stainless steel wool elements to keep your neighbors happy. More importantly, the design improves exhaust gas flow, which is great for improved engine power and throttle response.

This kit was built to fit your car easily, but if you’re installing it with aftermarket headers or 370z test pipes, expect to spend some time to get it to fit correctly. This said, it won’t require any cutting or welding, just some man-handling.

Manzo Dual

Manzo Dual V2 Exhaust for Nissan Z34

Manufacturer: Manzo
Part Number: TP-CBS-NN09
Design: Cat-back
Construction: Stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Moderate low rumble
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

It doesn’t get any more budget-friendly than this Manzo exhaust system which is the cheapest 370z exhaust on our list. The piping diameter is the same as the one offered by DC Sports. However, both systems sound different because they house different mufflers.

The Manzo exhaust offers a very similar sound to OEM, but with a nicer rumble at idle. Also, this exhaust is noticeably lighter than stock, which is great for performance.

Don’t expect a significant power increase after installing this aftermarket exhaust though. At the very least, however, better throttle response is guaranteed.

What’s great is that this exhaust looks right at home on your 370z while the burnt tips add a layer of aggressiveness. Fitment is easy as it comes with all the necessary bolts and gaskets.

Megan Racing Drift Spec

Megan Racing Drift Spec Exhaust

Manufacturer: Megan Racing
Part Number: MR-CBS-N7Z09-DS-BTR+MR-CBS-N7Z0
Design: Cat-back
Construction: SUS-304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Deep and strong

Megan Racing’s Drift Spec exhaust system is popular with many 370z enthusiasts for a number of reasons. For starters, it offers the deepest sound when compared to other options on this list.

With fully polished stainless steel, CNC machined mandrel bends, and blue tips, it makes for a pretty slick addition to your 370z.

The installation is a straightforward job. It bolts on directly to the OEM points, which is great at this price point. In addition, Megan Racing gives a 12-month warranty for all its cat-back systems.

Agency Power Dual

AP-Z34-170T exhaust system

Manufacturer: Agency Power
Part Number: AP-Z34-170T
Design: Cat-back
Construction: TIG-welded 304 stainless steel, Titanium tips
Tip Size: 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Mellow tone
Buy On: Amazon

Crafted by Agency Power, this is yet another budget-friendly exhaust system that offers great performance packed with a refined sound. You can expect to see estimated gains of about 8 whp and 5 wtq over stock through the mid and top rpm range.

The power increase may not sound like much but at this price but it’s a fairly good purchase. Better yet, it comes as a bolt-on replacement which makes installation very easy.

The sound is clearly better and smoother than the 370 OEM exhaust and it roars when the throttle is wide open. As for its construction, it features TIG welded stainless steel which ensures maximum weight reduction for your Nissan 370z.

As an added bonus, Agency Power offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

High-Performance Exhaust Systems For 370z

If you’re chasing high power gains and and don’t mind how loud your car is, a high-performance exhaust is exactly what you need.

Keep in mind that the options below do not come cheap. But will they be worth every penny? You bet.

Fast Intentions TDX

Fast Intentions TDX exhaust with Carbon fiber mufflers

Manufacturer: Fast Intentions
Part Number: FI-370-CB
Design: Cat-back
Construction: Stainless steel with carbon fiber option
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Loud and deep

The Fast Intentions TDX exhaust is a favorite amongst many Nissan 370z owners. Every exhaust is handmade in the USA and offers just the sort of performance would expect from a high-end exhaust.

You’ll hear a significant difference on cold starts as it’s much louder and smoother compared to stock. Some 370z owners might find it too loud, but it all comes down to personal preference.

This system is dyno-tested and the estimated power gains are about 20 whp and 11 wtq when installed on the stock engine. Also, it’s lighter than the factory exhaust by about 10-16 lbs depending on the configuration used.

It comes as a bolt-on replacement and installation is relatively quick without the need for any cutting or welding.

AAM Competition Resonated S-Line

AAM Competition Resonated S-Line axle-back exhaust

Manufacturer: AAM Competition
Part Number: AAMC37E-TSS-RES-SS
Design: Axle-back
Construction: T304 stainless steel with titanium tips
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Aggressive tone
Buy On: Amazon

If you’re on the search for an aggressive sounding exhaust system that won’t cost you an arm and leg, take a look at what AAM Competition has to offer. Since this is an axle-back exhaust, it only consists of two short pipes that you install after the rear axle.

All in all, an axle-back design is a great choice if you can’t stand the droning sound that many exhaust systems are prone to make. What’s even better is that it’s rather lightweight and cuts around 14 lbs from your 370z.

While you won’t see any impressive power gains with this exhaust, it’s still a great way of transforming your 370z’s sound while improving the exterior too.

Invidia Gemini

Invidia Gemini cat-back exhaust-system for the Nissan 370z

Manufacturer: Invidia
Part Number: HS09N7ZGID
Design: Cat-back
Construction: SUS304 stainless steel and titanium
Tip Size (in): 4.3
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Deep low rumble
Buy On: Amazon

If you’re looking for an exhaust system that looks fantastic on your 370z and increases performance too, Invidia has what you need. While the Gemini doesn’t scream too loud, it won’t cause a drone or rasp either.

The entire exhaust unit is made using fully-polished stainless steel and titanium tubing that’s sure to make your 370z look more aggressive.

The installation is a breeze as it comes with all the necessary hardware and instructions. More importantly, every pipe aligns perfectly in place like OEM.

Tanabe Medalion Touring

Tanabe Medalion Touring Nissan 370z exhaust

Manufacturer: Tanabe
Part Number: T70150
Design: Cat-back
Construction: SUS304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Deep and aggressive
Buy On: Amazon

The Tanabe Medalion Touring is a great choice for 370z owners who aren’t too keen on screaming exhausts but still want a deep rumbling sound. The great thing about this exhaust is that it doesn’t drone at all.

When driving at low revs, you won’t hear much of a difference but when you go hard on the throttle, the sound is deep and refined.

As for its construction, the exhaust is made from SUS304 stainless steel and a mandrel-bent design for maximum flow and power.

Stillen Dual

Stillen Dual cat-back exhaust suits Nissan Z34

Manufacturer: Stillen
Part Number: 504355
Design: Cat-back
Construction: Polished stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Deep and aggressive
Buy On: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

If you’re looking for increased performance, Stillen has the perfect setup for you. It offers a significant bump in power; dyno-proven at 18 whp and 15 wtq over the stock exhaust.

Of course, the power increase will only be noticeable at mid to high rpm, but you’ll have a deeper sound all throughout the rev-range.

This is a great looking exhaust thanks to it’s 304 stainless steel finish and impeccable welds. In addition, Stillen offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust and manufacturer defects.

aFe Takeda

aFe Takeda cat-back exhaust system

Manufacturer: aFe Power
Part Number: 49-36107
Design: Cat-back
Construction: 304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Loud at high rpm
Buy On: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

The aFe Takeda is an awesome dual exhaust system that will instantly turn your Z34 into a high-revving screamer. You can expect to see about 10 whp and 12 wtq power increments noticeably in lower to mid-rpm — perfect for 370z owners with a turbo under the hood.

This is achieved thanks to the dual 14” mufflers, mandrel-bent design, and an X-pipe, all of which increase the flow of the exhaust gases and reduce exhaust drone.

Additionally, the whole exhaust is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure this withstands rusting, and looks great.


ARK Performance GRiP exhaust for Nissan 370z

Manufacturer: ARK Performance
Part Number: SM0901-0209G
Design: Cat-back
Construction: 304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Deep tone

Made by ARK Performance, this upgrade is another strong contender when it comes to increasing your Z34’s performance. It features a special X-flow Y-pipe technology to increase mid and top-end engine power while keeping the exhaust drone to a minimum.

While this exhaust isn’t the loudest on our list, you’ll definitely hear a deep rumble on cold startups and hear it get louder as you move up the rev range.

The build quality is durable and its mirror-polished stainless steel makes the 370z look as sleek as ever. ARK Performance offers three different tips (polished, burnt, tecno) and in our opinion, the burnt option looks the best.

Borla Dual

Borla Dual

Manufacturer: Borla
Part Number: 140313
Design: Cat-back
Construction: 304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.25
Sound: Deep rumble
Buy On: Amazon

Borla has been in the performance exhaust industry for years, and they have a reputation of a brand that you can trust.

This exhaust system truly does justice to the 370z’s iconic growl so expect to hear a rather deep rumble at idle. Once you hit the accelerator, it sounds very similar to stock but with a more refined tone. The growl at low rpms however, is evident even up to 4000 rpm.

Borla uses a patented straight-through design and multi-core technology that will improve power and fuel economy of your Z.

The whole exhaust is CNC machined with precision to perfectly fit your Nissan 370z, so no cutting or welding is required. In addition to this, it comes with a Million-Mile Warranty.

GReddy EVOlution GT

Manufacturer: GReddy
Part Number: 10128303
Design: Cat-back
Construction: 304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Mellow tone

Another popular name in the world of high-performance upgrades — GReddy offers an impressive cat-back exhaust upgrade for your Nissan 370z. Dyno-tested on the stock engine, this system delivers estimated increase of 16 whp and 19 wtq. With numbers like these, you can certainly see the appeal.

The 2.5” Y-pipe connects to a 3” X-pipe with dual resonators which helps stabilize exhaust pressure and improve sound quality. The sound of this exhaust is somewhat similar to OEM but with more aggressive at high rpm.

GReddy was able to cut the weight by about 6 pounds over the factory exhaust which, though not as light as others in this list, is still an improvement. The system is built as an easy bolt-on replacement and no adjustments are needed.

Premium Exhausts For Your Nissan 370z

These exhaust systems are considered the absolute best of the best. While you can find loud systems made from stainless steel in the categories above, the systems below take it to the next level.

Their finishes are perfect. Not only are they easy to install, their welds are a work of art. While some are much louder than your OEM exhaust, they offer a crisp exhaust note, without a hint of drone. This is why they sell for a premium price.

Amuse R1 Titan

Amuse R1 Titan exhaust system

Manufacturer: Powerhouse Amuse
Part Number: Z34_R1EXTRA
Design: Cat-back
Construction: Stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 3.0
Sound: Quiet at idle, deep and loud at WOT

The R1 Titan by Powerhouse Amuse is a full-titanium aftermarket exhaust that features a custom quad-tip design for your 370z. It offers excellent performance, loud sound, and undeniably stellar build quality.

With this system, expect a gain of around 17 whp. That’s not too bad for an upgrade that needs only an hour for installation! Some of the other perks include reduced fuel consumption and a better throttle response.

What’s great about this exhaust is that it’s surprisingly quiet at idle but roars loud and deep when you step on the accelerator.

The weight reduction with this exhaust is astonishing as well. R1 Titan Extra only weighs 17.5 lbs, which is more than half compared to OEM.

HKS Super Sound Master

HKS SSM exhaust system

Manufacturer: HKS
Part Number: 32023-AN005
Design: Cat-back
Construction: SUS304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.0
Piping Diameter (in): 2.5
Sound: Quiet at idle, loud during acceleration
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

When it comes to delivering high-performance, HKS never fails to impress. Their Super Sound Master is proof of this and is perfect for enthusiasts who have the budget for a versatile exhaust.

Don’t be fooled at how quiet it sounds while idling or cruising — the real fun kicks in as you build your way up the rpm range.

It’s so well balanced that for a daily driven Nissan 370z you won’t notice a difference until you really step on the accelerator. After that, expect to be blown away by its loud and deep rumbling noise.

Also, the Super Sound Master comes as a full replacement, which includes all the necessary hardware and installation instructions.

HKS Legamax Premium

HKS Legamax Premium

Manufacturer: HKS
Part Number: 32018-AN022
Design: Cat-back
Construction: SUS304 stainless steel
Tip Size (in): 4.5
Piping Diameter (in): 2.4
Sound: Aggressive
Buy On: Amazon

Another stellar option from HKS is the Legamax Premium exhaust system. This is a performance-oriented exhaust system that features two high-flow mufflers which ensure better flow of exhaust gases while eliminating backpressure.

The Legamax Premium makes your 370z roar louder and deeper every time you step on the accelerator. The startup sound isn’t annoying or too loud at first, but it builds up as you work your way up to a higher rpm.

As for the build quality, the SUS304 stainless steel not only looks great but is also rust and corrosion resistant. It’s welded perfectly and the whole system looks neat without compromising on durability.

Akrapovic Evolution

Akrapovic Evolution Nissan 370z exhaust

Manufacturer: Akrapovic
Part Number: ME-NI/SS/1
Design: Cat-back
Construction: High-grade stainless steel
Tip Size (in): NA
Piping Diameter (in): NA
Sound: Crisp and aggressive

Akrapovic has been manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems for a long time which is evident in the durability of their products.

If you choose to go with the Akrapovic Evolution system, you can expect a really crisp and more aggressive sound, without any drone.

The great thing about this exhaust is that it helps to provide a more linear power delivery through the entire rev-range, not something every performance exhaust system can claim.

The average performance increase is 9 whp and 10 wtq. Also, it cuts down around 8.4 lbs of weight — no complaints there.

If you don’t like the supplied exhaust tips, Akrapovic does offer some nice carbon fiber and titanium coated tips as an add-on.

The Best Exhaust System for Your 370z

With the many aftermarket exhaust options available for your 370z, expect to be spoiled for choice. Picking the right one doesn’t have to be overwhelming, especially if you know what kind of sound and performance you’re looking for.

To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the best exhaust systems for Nissan 370z below.

Best Value 370z Exhaust: Manzo Dual

Although Manzo is the least expensive option, it delivers a nice increase in power, awesome looking burnt tips, and great sound for the price point. It doesn’t hurt that the fitment is spot-on either.

Best Performance 370z Exhaust: Stillen Dual

Stillen is well-known for dishing out some of the best high-performance upgrades for racing cars. Unsurprisingly, they did a really good job at manufacturing an exhaust for the 370z. This upgrade offers an incredible 18 whp increment over OEM.

Best 370z Exhaust for Sound: ARK GRiP

There’s a reason why many 370z owners are crazy about this exhaust system. Not only does it completely change the way your 370z sounds, but the performance increase and build quality are top-notch.

Have you tried any of these exhausts? Got a favorite that we missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

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