Top 10 Aftermarket Wheels for Your Lexus IS300

The stock 5-spoke rims on XE10 IS300s are a true classic, but sadly Lexus never made an 18” variant. Luckily for IS owners, aftermarket options are abundant.

One thing first-time buyers struggle with is not knowing what sizes to choose and what kind of rims to buy. If that sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about buying the best IS300 rims, right from fitment specs to product recommendations.

What to Know Before Buying IS300 Wheels

Unless you want to go extreme, sticking to the recommended rim size and lug pattern will guarantee fitment for your IS300 is all you need to do.

For example, if you have a stock 2002 IS300 and want to know what wheels will fit, the answer is 9.5”. You can go wider, but the closer you stay to the stock wheel size, the better.

It should be noted that all generations have a 5×114.3 bolt pattern. Find the recommended IS300 wheel specs below.

Gen 1 IS300 modified

1st Generation IS300 (1998-2005):

  • Diameter (In.): 16-20
  • Width (In.): 6.5-9.5
  • Offset (mm): +30-45

2nd Generation IS250 (2005-2013):

  • Diameter (In.):17-20
  • Width (In.): 8-10 front; 8-10.5 rear
  • Offset (mm): +15-45 front; +22-50 rear

2nd Generation IS350/IS300 (2005-2013):

  • Diameter (In.):17-20
  • Width (In.): 8-9.5 front; 8-10 rear
  • Offset (mm): +30-45 front; +30-50 rear

3rd Generation IS250 (2013-Present):

  • Diameter (In.):17-20
  • Width (In.): 7-9.5 front; 7-10 rear
  • Offset (mm): +30-45 front; +30-50 rear

3rd Generation IS350/IS300 (2013-Present):

  • Diameter (In.): 17-20
  • Width (In.): 8-9.5
  • Offset (mm): +30-45 front; +33-50 rear

Best Aftermarket Wheels for IS300

No matter your budget, in this list you’ll find a great set of rims to suit your taste. Of all the aesthetic IS300 modifications available, rims can arguably make the biggest impact, with a few understated performance benefits.

Each of the wheels mentioned below will fit any generation IS series. Just be sure to follow the above spec sheet if you want an easy fitment. With that out of the way, here are our top recommendations on the best wheels for Lexus IS300s.

Enkei RPF1

IS300 on RPF1 rims

Manufacturer: Enkei
Rim Size (In.): 16-18
Rim Width (In.): 7-10.5
Weight (lbs): 13.70-19.05
Offset (mm): +15-48
Colors: Silver, gold, black
Check Prices: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

Enkei is a well-known and well-loved brand in the car enthusiast community and the RPF1 is undoubtedly their most popular rim.

Whatever size you choose, rest assured that you’ll be getting a set of lightweight rims that will perform well on the street and the track, all while looking iconic.

The RPF1 has a twin-spoke design and a total of 12 spokes. This design is a great example of the form follows function principle since it’s intended to disperse stress when pushing the car to its limits.

In other words, this is a wheel you can be confident to run on or off the track. 

Cosmis Racing XT-006R

White IS300 on Cosmis Racing XT-006R rims

Manufacturer: Cosmis Racing
Rim Size (In.): 18
Rim Width (In.): 9
Weight (lbs): 29
Offset (mm): +30
Colors: Bronze, gold, black, silver, white, red
Check Prices: Amazon

Cosmis Racing has quickly become a favorite among car enthusiasts, offering attractive and functional wheels. Although the fitment range is limited for the IS series, the XT-006Rs are still a great choice.

These wheels feature a six-spoke design and can be had in a variety of colors, including red and bright gold.

The XT-006R is a good option for those looking for a street wheel that looks good and has the performance to match. However, those looking for a track wheel might want to steer clear as it comes in at a rather heavy 29lbs for an 18” diameter wheel. 

Gram Lights 57DR

Gram Lights 57DR rims installed on Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: Rays Engineering
Rim Size (In.): 17-19
Rim Width (In.): 8.5-10.5
Weight (lbs): 26-31
Offset (mm): +22-45
Colors: Black (semi-gloss or gloss), bronze, pink, blue (spatta, pearl, or gunmetal), white
Check Prices: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

Gram Lights are made by Rays Engineering, one of the top wheel brands out there. They often supply wheels to professional racing teams including many competing at events such as Formula Drift.

The 57DR is a six-spoke wheel that can be had in a variety of finishes, including pink, which is rare. The wheels are somewhat on the heavy side, but they are track-ready and you can be confident driving to the limits on them.

Avid1 AV6

Blue IS300 with Avid1 AV6 rims

Manufacturer: Avid1
Rim Size (In.): 17-18
Rim Width (In.): 8-10.5 
Weight (lbs): 19.3-22.3
Offset (mm): +24-42
Colors: Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Bronze, Gloss Black, Hyper Black, White
Check Prices: Amazon

Another six-spoke design comes from Avid1 in the form of their AV6. Avid1 provides accessible wheels in a wide range of styles, sizes, and finishes to suit the varied tastes we each have. 

The AV6 is a great choice for those who want an aftermarket wheel without having to break the bank for something more high-end from a more premium brand. However, this is not to suggest Avid1 wheels are of poor quality; they are high-quality aluminum wheels that will hold up well.

Work Emotion CR Kiwami

IS300 lowered on Work Emotion CR Kiwami Rims

Manufacturer: Work
Rim Size (In.): 18-19
Rim Width (In.): 8.5-10.5
Weight (lbs): 29-31
Offset (mm): +22-47
Colors: Black, white, silver, bronze

Work Wheels manufactures high-end wheels for both amateur and professional use. They feature outstanding craftsmanship and will do well on the street or track with ease. 

The Work Emotion CR Kiwami features five twin spokes for both functionality and good looks. They are a little heavy, but like the aforementioned wheels from Rays Engineering, you get a quality wheel that can be used on the track reliably, making the weight worth it. 

Aodhan DS02

Aodhan DS02s on Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: Aodhan
Rim Size (In.): 18-19
Rim Width (In.): 8.5-10.5
Weight (lbs): 22.5-26.24
Offset (mm): +22-35
Colors: Silver, bronze, black, chrome, black chrome, gold chrome
Check Prices: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

Aodhan (Odd-han), like Avid1, strives to provide good wheels to enthusiasts for the street or the track. The DS02 features ten spokes and can be had in several finishes, including chrome.

The DS02 is fairly light and provides an aggressive appearance that is backed up by its performance. 

Volk Racing TE37

IS300 lowered on TE37s

Manufacturer: Rays Engineering
Rim Size (In.): 16-20
Rim Width (In.): 7-9.5
Weight (lbs): 11-37
Offset (mm): +22-42
Colors: Black, gunmetal, gold, mercury silver, bronze
Check Prices: Enjuku Racing

Like the Gram Lights, the TE37 comes from Rays Engineering, so you can rest assured you are getting an excellent wheel capable of handling even the most brutal of track days. 

The Volk Racing TE37s come in a six-spoke pattern and typically feature the Volk Racing logo on one of the spokes, making them instantly recognizable. These are iconic wheels in the car community and are used for many platforms, especially the IS series. 

Kansei Tandem

Kansai Tandem wheels

Manufacturer: Kansei
Rim Size (In.): 18-19
Rim Width (In.): 8.5-10.5
Weight (lbs): 20.28-31
Offset (mm): +22-35
Colors: Bronze, gunmetal, silver, gray
Check Prices: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

Kansei offers wheels that try to evoke feelings of the 1990s, so if you are after a retro-styled wheel with modern-day performance, Kansei might be the brand for you.

The Tandem from Kansei is a six-spoke wheel available in several sizes, offsets, and finishes. It features a center cap with the Kansei logo, as well.

Konig Runlite

Konig Runlite

Manufacturer: Konig
Rim Size (In.): 16-18
Rim Width (In.): 8.5-10.5
Weight (lbs): 17.75-21.31
Offset (mm): +35-45
Colors: Black, grey, gold
Check Prices: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

Konig has decades of experience producing wheels that are favored by enthusiasts. The Runlite is no different. It features a ten-spoke design with the Konig logo on the center caps. 

The Runlite is aptly named as it is a very lightweight wheel, making this a good choice for those seeking weight reduction in addition to new wheels. Even the largest size is barely over 21 lbs!



Manufacturer: BBS
Rim Size (In.): 18-20
Rim Width (In.): 8-10.5
Weight (lbs): 22.27-29.98
Offset (mm): +38-40
Colors: Black, silver, titanium, Nurburgring Edition
Check Prices: Amazon

BBS is a German brand whose wheels look good on JDM cars just as much as the Euro ones. They make high-quality wheels that are built for performance and style without compromising functionality.

The CH-R is a seven twin-spoke design that can be had in multiple sizes and finishes, including a special Nurburgring Edition that is red and black if you are someone who likes to pay homage to racing heritage.

Our Top Picks

All the wheels on this list are excellent choices, but we do have our favorites. Based on performance, style, and value, here are our top picks in a few popular categories:

Performance: Volk Racing TE37

Our top choice for performance is the iconic Volk Racing TE37. Known for being featherweight and timelessly stylish, this wheel enhances handling and acceleration, making it ideal for track enthusiasts and spirited driving.

Style: Work Emotion CR Kiwami

The Work Emotion CR Kiwami stands out for its sleek, aggressive design. Its intricate spoke pattern and premium finishes make it a favorite among car enthusiasts who prioritize aesthetics.

Value: Avid1 AV6

The Avid1 AV6 offers a perfect balance of quality and affordability. It’s a great option for those looking to upgrade their wheels without breaking the bank, providing excellent performance and durability at a reasonable price.

Best overall: Enkei RPF1

The Enkei RPF1 is our top pick for durability. Manufactured using advanced technologies, this wheel is designed to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining its structural integrity over time.

What are some of your favorite rims for the IS300? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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