A Guide To IS300 Coilovers: The Best Options on the Market

In 2001, Lexus introduced the IS300 to the US market. While this 2JZ-powered four-door was a shift in Lexus’s focus from luxury SUVs to performance-oriented sedans, it was still comfortable and practical enough to be daily driven.

However, as an IS300 owner, it is very unlikely that you use the car exclusively for commuting. We’d wager that you often take it to the hills or maybe a club event. For that, you’ll want to modify it, and give it the love it deserves and coilovers are a great place to start.

Anyone who has experienced the wild spirit of this car knows that it asks to be driven hard and flat out. As a JDM car, the IS300 was sold under the Toyota brand, with the model name Altezza, though beneath the badges they are very similar. It is plenty of fun when kept stock, but it’s even better when modified.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know before installing coilovers on your IS300 and conclude with a list of our top recommendations.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Coilovers

Before zeroing in on a set of coilovers for your IS300, first, you need to consider your driving style.

Your stock suspension system is designed to provide as much comfort as possible. But chances are that driving comfort isn’t #1 on your priority list. Handling is just as important.

Some of the coilovers mentioned on this list are suitable for daily driving while being able to handle occasional track duty, while others are ideal for track use only.

Below we’ve outlined some of the factors you need to consider before buying a set of coilovers for your IS300.

Construction Type

Coilovers are mainly of two types:

  1. Monotube, and
  2. Twin-tube.
Monotube vs Twin Tube Coilovers

As the names suggest, in monotube coilovers, the gas and the hydraulic fluid are contained in the same chamber along with a free piston that separates the two.

But twin-tube dampers are multi-valved. They have separate inner and outer chambers for oil and gas.

There’s a lot of debate on which is better, monotube designs are usually more straightforward, easier to fix and repair, and more reliable. They do tend to cost a bit more than twin tubes, although they are well worth the premium.

Monotube coilovers offer better ride quality as they exert pressure equally and have a wider piston. But if you’re on a budget, twin-tube shocks are advisable.


All coilovers offer some amount of flexibility when it comes to adjusting ride height and damping. This is what allows you to lower your car and fine-tune the way it handles undulations.

Lexus IS300's low ride height

Coilovers also allow you to alter your suspension geometry with the help of components like camber and caster adjustment mounts.

Overall Build Quality

Typically, the higher the price tag is, the better the quality. Most coilovers on the market are overengineered to a point where they’re suited for competitive use. These may be overkill if you aren’t taking your IS300 to the track or canyon every now and then.

Nonetheless, we do not recommend you cheap out on coilovers either, as they will see a ton of abuse even with street use (potholes anyone?!). Believe it or not, the build quality can make a night and day difference in your driving experience.

High-Performance IS300 Street Coilovers

Now that you know the basics of how to select the right coilovers, let’s get into the review list you’re here for.

Below we’ve listed coilovers that are ideal for spirited driving, casual street use, and daily driving.

Everything here will bolt up to the sedan and IS300 wagon. For the latter, there are very few wagon-specific coilovers on the market.

The only real difference worth considering is spring rate, but most SportCross owners just roll with the same coilovers as sedan owners.

BC Racing BR Series

BC Racing BR series coilovers for Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: BC Racing
Part Number: R-01-BR
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 30 Levels
Buy On: Amazon | Enjuku Racing

BC Racing’s BR series coilovers are extremely popular among enthusiasts for all the right reasons. They’re well built and versatile as they allow for 30 levels of damping adjustability.

They work perfectly fine for daily street use, but they really shine when driving through the twisties.

For the price, the BR Series provides unmatched quality. Be sure to consider these coilovers for your IS300, especially if you’re keen on competitive driving.

Tein Street Advance Z

Tein Street Advance Z coilovers for IS300

Manufacturer: TEIN
Part Number: GSY20-91SS2
Construction Type: Twin-tube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 16 Levels
Buy On: Amazon

The Street Advance Z coilovers are a benchmark when it comes to affordable performance. These coilovers are built well, despite them being more affordable than most other options.

Tein also offers the Flex Z series for the IS300, which is a bit more pricey but still well under $1K. One of the reasons why Tein coilovers are inexpensive is that they require the reuse of OEM upper mounts.

They also offer a bit less versatility than the BC Racing coilovers. But surprisingly, despite the twin-tube design and the low price, Tein manages to ensure excellent quality control.

The Tein Street Advance Z is a fantastic option for those intending to keep their Lexus IS300 mostly on the streets as it isn’t the most aggressive setup out there.

Ksport Kontrol Pro

Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers for Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: Ksport
Part Number: CLX020-KP
Construction Type: Monotube High-Pressure Design
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 36 Levels
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

Ksport has always been known for providing excellent value for money. It isn’t the cheapest on the list, but for a set of coilovers under $1K, they’re exceptionally versatile.

Thirty-six levels of damping ensure that you’ll be able to fine-tune your suspension to your preference. The Ksport Kontrol Pro is an amazing option if you’re looking for street coilovers at a highly competitive price, without any compromises on quality.

Godspeed MonoSS

Godspeed MonoSS coilovers compatible with Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: Godspeed
Part Number: ‎MSS0140
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 16 Levels
Buy On: Amazon

MonoSS, made by Godspeed, is one of the most affordable monotube coilovers you can buy for your IS300. And unlike TEIN’s Street Advance Z, it comes with its own upper mounts.

As expected, the MonoSS is primarily suitable for streets with occasional track days, and it makes for a great comfortable daily-driven IS300 that you can have a lot of fun in.

While they might not be as rugged as some of the other options on this list, their quality is respectable considering their low price.

The Godspeed MonoSS also noticeably improves the handling without sacrificing comfort, making them a great alternative to lowering springs considering how the two fall in the same price range.

Best IS300 Coilovers for Track Use

Street coilovers are great, but they can’t handle everything you throw at them. If you have a few extra hundred burning a hole in your pocket, consider coilovers built for track use.

Especially if you want your IS300 to be the kind of car that you drive to the track, nonchalantly set record lap times, and drive back home with a pitstop at your local Chilli’s. If that sounds like you, the coilovers listed below will be a perfect fit.

Feal 441

Feal 441 coilovers for IS300

Manufacturer: Feal
Part Number: 441TO-03
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 30 Levels
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

Feal 441 coilovers are geared towards heavy track use, spirited driving, and pretty much anything you can throw at them.

Install a set of these on the IS300 and you’ll know exactly what we’re on about. They’ll likely perform a lot better than what you would expect them to. This does come at a price though, they aren’t cheap but you get what you pay for.

HKS Hipermax S

HKS Hipermax S coilovers designed for Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: HKS
Part Number: 80300-AT006
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 30 Levels
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

As a JDM enthusiast, you are probably familiar with HKS and its remarkable impact on motorsports and the tuning scene in general. The Hipermax coilovers just solidify their reputation even further.

The Hipermax S series truly performs. These will significantly reduce weight transfer and make your IS300 a lot more predictable around corners.

These coilovers are a perfect balance between comfort and performance, and the build quality will not let you down. To make the deal even better, HKS also provides a three-year warranty.

Fortune Auto 500

Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers compatible with Lexus IS300

Manufacturer: Fortune Auto
Part Number: FA500-JEC10
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 24 Levels
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

These are going to be a real treat for you and your IS300. The FA 500 is a premium set of coilovers that will outlive most other suspension components on your car.

They are geared towards competitive use and easily outperform many other coilovers in this price range. Fortune Auto’s five-year warranty sure does offer some peace of mind.

The 500 series coilovers are fully rebuildable and customizable. You can upgrade to Swift springs or a two-way remote canister, which will allow you to go further down the road with the IS300 without having to change out the coilovers.

Stance XR1

Stance XR1 for IS300

Manufacturer: Stance
Part Number: ST-SXE10-XR1
Construction Type: Monotube
Spring Type: Linear
Damping Adjustment: 16 Levels
Buy On: Enjuku Racing

The XR1 series by Stance is geared more towards those who want a massive drop in ride height and run aggressive fitment. That’s not to say that you can’t set it up for outright performance.

16 levels of damping might not sound as impressive as some other coilovers on the list, but it’s actually plenty for everyday driving conditions.

The quality of the design and the material present in these coilovers is top-notch. They make for a spectacular track suspension setup, and they’re just as good for comfortable daily driving.

Our Favorite Coilovers for the Lexus IS300

Aggressive Lexus IS300

You can’t really go wrong with any of the coilovers reviewed on this list. Some are better than others and everything considered, three of them caught our attention the most. If money is no concern, we’d say look into Fortune Auto 500 or Stance XR1.

Ideal for track use: Fortune Auto 500

Fortune Auto has garnered quite a reputation within the automotive aftermarket community thanks to its impeccable engineering prowess and high-quality craftsmanship.

The 500 series is widely popular among enthusiasts regardless of what they drive. These come with a dependable 5-year warranty, a 24-step adjustable monotube damper, the option to choose swift springs, and a modular design.

The latter makes these coilovers more future-proof by allowing you to upgrade them to a 2-way or 3-way canister.

However, if you’re on a budget but still want top-notch quality for your IS300 tuner car, these are the ones to go for:

Best bang for buck: BC Racing BR Series

BR series coilovers need no introduction. They’re well-balanced and competitively priced. They might not be the most budget-friendly option on this list, but they easily outperform some of the more expensive options on the market.

You don’t have to break the bank to get a set of BRs, yet you’ll see that they will overdeliver, and what’s not to love about them.

Most versatile: Ksport Kontrol Pro

If adjustability is your top priority, look no further. You’ll be more than satisfied with what Ksport offers. And that too at an unbeatable price.

You really can’t go wrong with a set of Kontrol Pro coilovers, as they are also one of the most durable and most affordable sets you’ll be able to find on the market. And the best part is that comfort doesn’t have to suffer.

Installing coilovers might not seem like a big deal initially, but we can say without a doubt that they will completely transform the way your IS300 carries itself through corners.

Which one of these caught your attention the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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