The Best Wheel Chocks for Your Garage

A wheel chock is essentially just a hunk of rubber, but it can very well save your trailer or car, and possibly your life. That’s if you happen to be using it at the right time and place.

If you frequently hitch a trailer at the back of your truck, own a camper van or an RV; or do any wrenching under your car, you need to buy floor jacks, jack stands, and proper wheel chocks for several reasons which we’ll discuss up ahead in this article.

Sure, you can get away with using blocks of wood or rocks as an alternative.

An SUV chocked using a rock

But do that only when you really need to — it’s better than nothing. It’s much safer to keep a wheel chock or two in your trunk at all times. That and a good floor jack.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why you should use wheel chocks, how to select the right ones, and we’ll conclude with a list of the best options on the market.

Why Leaving Your Car in Gear Isn’t Enough

There’s a common misconception that when your car is parked facing downhill, you should leave it in first gear to prevent it from rolling forward. And if it’s parked facing uphill, you should leave it in reverse gear to prevent it from rolling backward.

Which gear you use doesn’t really matter — what matters is the gear ratio. You want as high a gear ratio as possible to give the wheels a mechanical disadvantage. First and reverse gears have the highest gear ratios.

Manual gear lever set to reverse

Remember, it is the compression in the engine cylinders that makes it resist moving in either direction. By leaving your car in gear, you’re essentially making a direct mechanical connection between the wheels and the engine.

When you do this, you’re counting on the possibility that the compression inside the engine is strong enough to counteract the effect of gravity. This may or may not work depending on how steep the hill is.

If it’s a gentle incline, you’re probably safe. But if it’s steep enough, your car will inevitably roll. Even more so if your engine is low on compression, or if your clutch is slipping.

That’s why it’s so important to always use the parking brake — a habit that should be so deeply ingrained that it becomes second nature.

But even then, we all make mistakes, and parking brake failure is a real thing. Did you know that the most common cause is improper brake cable tension as a result of not using it regularly?

We find it amusing how this reinforces the idea that bad habits compound faster than good ones!

Selecting the Right Wheel Chock Design

Wheel chocks provide a much-needed additional layer of safety to prevent your vehicle or trailer from rolling away when you least expect it.

However, the chocks can only do their job properly if they’re being used for the right application. For example, if they’re the wrong size for your vehicle, they’re going to be pretty much useless.

Weight Capacity

Each chock is rated for an approximate load rating. Some are meant for light cars, while others are designed for heavier vehicles like trucks, RVs, and even small aircrafts.

The heavier your vehicle is, the stronger the chock needs to be. So it helps to have an idea of how much your car weighs before you buy a pair of chocks.

Tire Diameter

Car parked and immobilized using yellow wheel chocks

Your wheel chocks should be at least ¼ the size of your wheel diameter. Most manufacturers list the maximum diameter specifications, while some only include a broad range.

If your wheel is greater in size than the maximum listed diameter on your chock, there’s a good chance that it won’t hold up and the vehicle might roll away even with the chock installed.


One thing you want to consider is the placement of the chock. Use two upfront when parked downhill, and use two at the back when parked uphill. Or you could just chock all wheels at all times for maximum safety.

Ensure that you place it squarely and firmly, with little to no gap between the surface of the chock and the surface of the tire.

Also, pay attention to the slope angle of the wheel chock and follow this simple formula: chock height ÷ the height of the wheel ÷ 0.016 = the maximum angle slope for it to be effective.

Best Wheel Chocks

Now that you know what all you need to consider before purchasing wheel chocks, let’s get into the list you’re here for.

Below we’ve listed and reviewed some of the best rubber and urethane chocks, and even camper wheel stabilizers for extra safety.

Rubber Chocks

Chocks made from rubber are more pliable and offer a multi-surface grip, making them reliable in all climates and functional on most surfaces.

The only downside is that rubber hardens over time and is prone to cracking. So you gain in grip and quality but lose out in durability. But shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as you can always replace these as needed, and they’re quite inexpensive.

ML Tools

ML Tools

Manufacturer: ML Tools & Equipment
Size: 8.5” x 3.5” x  4”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, Small Cars, Forklifts
Material: High-compression Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

The MLTOOLS wheel chocks are made of slip-resistant rubber and are covered with ridges on the top and the bottom. Even if you somehow manage to run over them, they’ll still retain shape and remain usable.

Unlike some other options on this list that are made from rubber, the bright red color of these makes them easy to remember and find in the dark. Each one comes with a handle grip, making it easier to move them around.

Vestil LWC-15

Vestil LWC-15

Manufacturer: Vestil
Size: 8” x 7½” x 8”
Suitable for: Passenger cars, Trucks, Trailers, RVs
Material: Laminated rubber
Buy on: Amazon

The Vestil LWC-15 chocks are designed to support all vehicles, boats, and even large rigs. Each pack contains one chock made of sturdy, laminated rubber. They also come with a handle, making them easy to move around.

Although packs of two are more common than one for this price range, these chocks make up for it in quality. Their measurements are 8” x 7½” x 8” which is ideal for large wheels but too short for smaller cars.


Fasmov chocks

Manufacturer: Fasmov
Size: 6.4” x 3.5” x 3.8”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Trailers
Material: Solid Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

Fasmov chocks are made of oil-resistant rubber and are ribbed on the top and the bottom for extra traction. They also stay steady on all surfaces, including gravel.

Weighing just under two pounds each, they are 6.4” x 3.5” x 3.8”. Their small size means they fit all wheels, as long as you’re careful with the car’s load. Like the other options made from rubber, they have a distinct smell about them, though this fades away over time.


MaxxxHaul solid rubber chocks

Manufacturer: MaxxxHaul
Size: 8” x 4” x 5”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs
Material: Solid Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

MaxxxHaul chocks are heavy-duty wheel chocks built to maintain maximum grip in all (even wet or oily) conditions. What’s more, their built-in handle adds to their convenience.

They give off a strong rubber smell, so you don’t want to store them within living confinements until it dissipates. At 8” x 4” x 5”, they may seem small, but they are highly durable and functional, even for bigger cars with heavy loads.

Jade Active

Jade Active

Manufacturer: Jade Active
Size: 8.3” x 4.5” x 3.9”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Trailers
Material: Heavy-Duty Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

These Jade Active chocks resist slippage, corrosive weather, and oil. Their yellow reflective tape also adds to their visibility.

Instead of a handle, they come with a rope, which makes pulling the chocks and carrying them quick and convenient. Depending on your vehicle it’s also long enough to be used on either left and right tires or the same one.

Weighing about 4.2 lbs. each, they are 8.3” x 4.5” x 3.9”, the perfect size for most vehicles. By buying them you are supporting a small family business too.

AFA Tooling With Eyebolts

AFA Tooling With Eyebolts

Manufacturer: AFA Tooling 
Size: 8” x 5” x 4”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Trailers
Material: Nylon-Reinforced Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

The AFA Tooling chocks are made of all-weather nylon-reinforced rubber, making them two times stronger than regular rubber wheel chocks.

Instead of handles, these are equipped with eye bolts which can be used to pull your wheel chocks or rope them together. Plus, each pack contains four chocks; twice the average offered in a pack.

At 8” x 5” x 4”, these chocks differ from others due to their gentle angle and width. While they do have a rubber smell, it fades away when left out or stored at the back of your SUV.

AFA Tooling With Handles

AFA Tooling With Handles

Manufacturer: AFA Tooling
Size: 8” x 3.5” x 4.5”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Trailers
Material: Nylon-Reinforced Rubber
Buy on: Amazon

Just like the previous AFA Tooling wheel chocks, these are made of a versatile nylon-reinforced rubber that provides different grip levels depending on weather conditions.

These hefty and compact chocks have a more traditional look and are designed with a molded handle and a slot for attaching them with a rope. At 14 lbs. they are reasonably heavy, which is exactly what you want when chocking large vehicles.

Urethane Chocks

Urethane Chocks are light, easy to position, and resistant to impact, wear, water, oil, and the elements.

With these, you’ll not have to worry about rust or cracks whether in heat, cold, or contact with moisture. They last much longer than rubber chocks and are a great choice for light to moderate use.


Tri-Lynx two-in-one chocks

Manufacturer: Tri-Lynx
Size: 8.9” x 8.5” x 5.4”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, RVs, Trucks, Trailers
Material: Copolymer Polypropylene High-Impact Plastic
Buy on: Amazon

You can use these two-in-one Tri-Lynx chocks as either tongue docks or wheel chocks. They are made for unlevel conditions, and you can either interlock them with the Lynx levelers or use them on their own.

Some styles are designed to be stackable, and you can use them like Legos to build several shapes depending on the size of your tires. For bigger vehicles (such as RVs), you may need to purchase two packs (20 blocks).

As they are made from quality copolymer polypropylene, these chocks can take on up to 40,000 lbs when used properly.


Prime wheel chocks

Manufacturer: Prime
Size: ‎8” x 4.5” x 4.5”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars, SUVs, Small RVs
Material: Hard plastic (Polypropylene)
Buy on: Amazon

Prime chocks are made of hard plastic with UV inhibitors to keep your car secure regardless of the climate. They also feature an anti-slip mat at the bottom and have a bright yellow color that you’ll easily detect.

While these chocks are very lightweight, convenient to store, and sturdy (making them perfectly suitable for everyday users) they are not intended for commercial use or with heavy commercial-type trucks or trailers.


FloTool resin chocks

Manufacturer: Hopkins
Size: 9” x 6” x 5”
Suitable for: Passenger Cars
Material: Resin
Buy on: Amazon

The FloTool chocks are perfect for chocking small passenger cars for daily use. They are hollow inside and fit together, making them both light and easy to store.

Their rigged surface and grippy resin prevent them from slipping from under your tires. Each pack comes with two chocks that, with proper use, should last you a long time and at such a low price compared to other brands.

Note that these chocks are not for commercial use or for tires with over the 20” designation.

Camper Wheel Stabilizer

Camper wheel stabilizers are your best friend for keeping your trailer from rocking and shifting when in use.

We highly recommend you use them alongside regular chocks for maximum security and peace of mind.


Camco Stabilizers

Manufacturer: Camco
Size: 3½” to 5½” spacing
Suitable for: RVs, Campers, Travel Trailers
Material: Plastic & Metal
Buy on: Amazon

Camco stabilizers secure tandem tires and keep your trailer from moving while parked or re-hitching. They come in “small” and “large” styles, both with and without locks.

The small style fits tandem axles with 1.5” to 3.5” of space between the tires, while the large style is for tandem axles with 3.5” to 5.5” of space between the tires.

These Camco stabilizers use a combination of metal and plastic, making them cheaper and lighter than the steel ones without compromising functionality. Still, their tightening mechanism is all metal, and you can securely install them within seconds.

BAL X-Chock

BAL X-Chock

Manufacturer: BAL
Size: 1⅜” to 10” spacing
Suitable for: Tandem axle travel trailers, Fifth wheels
Material: Alloy Steel
Buy on: Amazon

BAL X-Chocks apply opposing forces to your trailer’s tires, preventing them from shifting. 

Included in all styles is a wrench for you to crank the X Chocks to the extended position, where all 4 feet touch the tires.

After a day or two of camping, the X-Chock might settle in and feel rather loose, at which point you just need to extend it again.

These chocks fit tires as narrow as 1⅜” and extend for 10”. Each piece weighs 11.2 lbs. Using the link above, you get two and the included wrench.

Note that using the X-Chocks while jacking the trailer or raising/lowering the tongue jack will void their warranty. It would be best if you only used them on a leveled trailer. Always remove them before hitching up.



Manufacturer: Maxchock
Size: 3.5” to 11.5”
Suitable for: RVs, Campers, Travel Trailers, Class A Moto Homes, Fifth wheels
Material: Heavy-gauge Steel
Buy on: Amazon

Maxchocks come with corrosion-resistant zinc plating, making them that much more durable and rustproof. They fit tires with 3.5” of space and extend for up to 11.5”, giving them a near-universal fit.

Where the Maxchocks stand out is in their speedy installation. Thanks to the drill attachment, you can install these stabilizers within seconds with just a cordless drill (not included).

The package includes one wheel stabilizer, one ½ nut driver, and one lock for added security.

Wankic X Chock

Wankic X-Chock

Manufacturer: Wankic
Size: 3.5” to 12”
Suitable for: RVs, Campers, Travel Trailers
Material: Cast Iron
Buy on: Amazon

The Wankic X chocks are painted with a protective paint layer to prevent rust. They also have a concave and convex design that increases friction with your trailer’s tires.

You can reduce these stabilizers down to 3.5” or extend them up to 12”. Each package also includes a wrench and a hex socket and comes with a bag for more convenient storage.

You can either use a wrench or your hands using their hand-crank mechanism to install them.

The Best Wheel Chocks: Our Top Recommendations

While all of these wheel chocks are great choices, the one you choose depends on your needs.

Our top picks for the best wheel chocks are the following.

C-type camper stabilizer in use

Ideal for campers: Maxchock

When it comes to ease of use, quality material, and saving time, we recommend Maxchocks. It is designed with convenience in mind, and you can install it in seconds using a drill, yet hand-wrenching is still an option.

For light cars: Prime

If you are looking for a reliable set for when you do oil changes on your small family car, we highly recommend Prime 1 chocks.

Not only are they light and durable, but they are also more cost-effective for passenger cars. Their yellow color and anti-slip mat make them the more secure option as well.

Best overall: AFA Tooling

For a universal fit and a proven track record, we recommend AFA Tooling wheel chocks. They have all the basic features you want in a quality set of rubber chocks, such as a grippy surface, pliable rubber (that won’t break under pressure), and handles for ease of use.

Undoubtedly, wheel chocks are a must for anyone concerned with the safety and security of their car. For some people though, they don’t only need to lock their car in place, they want to also be able to move it around easily as well.

If you’re looking for something like that, consider buying yourself some garage car dollies with locking casters instead. They’re the best of both worlds!

Which one of these chocks caught your attention the most? Tell us about your favorite option by leaving a comment below!

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  1. They were so inexpensive I bought 4 of these Camco wheel chocks, tied them together with a small length of rope, and used them for my boat. They work great.

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