Modified Nissan 350z
Modified Nissan 350z

The first Nissan 350z rolled out of the factory over 15 years ago, can you believe it?

And while the Z33 has proven itself to be a very reliable car, it’s not unlikely your battery is on it’s last legs, if this isn’t the second time you’ve had to replace it.

Most mechanics will tell you, a car battery tends to last around 5 years before needing replacement. But for many 350z owners, it’s not something they consider replacing until it dies completely.

For this reason, many Nissan 350z batteries have managed to last over 10 years! You’ve gotta love that Nissan reliability!

The good news is, Nissan 350z battery replacements aren’t particularly expensive, or hard to find.

OEM Battery Specs

Rolling off the production line, your Nissan 350z’s battery specs were:

Manufacturer: Panasonic/Yuasa
Part Number: 80D23L
Cold cranking amps: 589 (also known as “cold cranking current”)
Group: 35
Size/Dimensions: 9.1″L x 6.9″W x 8.9″H (230mm L x 175mm W x 225mm H)
Type: Standard Flooded Lead-Acid
Weight: 36lbs (16.3kg)

In some cases, cars arrived onshore with damaged batteries, so if you have a battery manufactured in Mexico or somewhere else local to you, these specs will vary slightly.

Factory Replacement Battery

Replacing your battery is especially important if your car has been sitting over the winter while you wait for the sunshine to return.

But OEM 350z batteries were not exported along with the cars though, so buying a direct factory replacement battery for your Z from your Nissan Service Center is not possible.

Instead, depending on your region you’ll be sold a locally made equivalent, which have mixed reviews from owners.

The replacement Nissan 350z battery price from the dealer varies wildly depending on your region, but is usually between $120-$275.

We tow the line at Low Offset, when you’re replacing anything in your car, it’s the perfect time to upgrade.

350z Battery Upgrade

Have you ever been playing music while parked and hanging out with friends, and had the thought “hmm, how long can I do this for?” If you have an upgraded stereo system, this should be even more of a concern.

Accidentally leave the lights on for too long, or use your parking lights overnight, and you might not be able to get your 350z started again. That’s because it’s large 3.5L V6 engine requires a lot of power to turn over.

A battery with more cold cranking amps (CCA) is really going to help you out in winter if you live in a colder climate (note: if you’re really concerned about getting your car started in winter, remember to replace your 350z’s spark plugs too!)

From our point of view, the best battery for a Nissan 350z is a stronger replacement than the original; one with more cold cranking amps.

In addition to this, by spending that bit extra now, you’re also going to get a battery that lasts much longer than the cheaper alternatives, while being much lighter than your OEM battery.

The batteries in this article are in the same price range as a replacement from a Nissan dealership, so to us – it’s a fairly easy decision to buy an upgraded unit instead of a lower quality replacement unit.

Best Batteries for a Nissan 350z

When looking for a battery replacement for your Nissan 350z, it’s a great opportunity to get away from the heavy Standard Flooded Lead-Acid batteries.

For the most part, the best 350z battery doesn’t even need to be sold as lightweight – an absorbed glass mat or SpiralCell battery with more cold cranking amps than your OEM battery will save some weight.

Best Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

This type of battery is becoming the go-to upgrade for most car enthusiasts. Their prices are very reasonable, and they’re typically the same weight than OEM batteries despite having higher CCA ratings.

Absorbed glass mat, or AGM batteries handle shocks and vibrations much better than lead-acid batteries, meaning they last a lot longer.

DieHard Advanced Gold AGM Battery

Manufacturer: DieHard
Part number: 38275
Cold cranking amps: 650
Group: 35
Size/Dimensions: 9.8″L x 6.9″W x 8.9″H (249mm L x 175mm W x 225mm H)
Type: Absorbed Glass Mat
Weight: 42lbs (19kg)
Warranty: 36 months
Check prices: Amazon

DieHard batteries are known for their reliability and are a popular choice of car owners in cold climates.

While their warranty is 36 months long, most owners tend to get 5 years life or more out of their Advanced Gold AGM batteries.

A touch heavier than the OEM Nissan 350z battery, but with more cold cranking amps, this is a great replacement option for drivers looking for a reliable battery.

DieHard Advanced Gold Battery
The DieHard Advanced Gold 38275 AGM battery

ODYSSEY 35-PC1400T AGM Battery

Manufacturer: ODYSSEY
Part number: 35-PC1400T
Cold cranking amps: 850
Group: 35
Size/Dimensions: 9.5″L x 6.9″W x 8.7″H (241mm L x 175mm W x 220mm H)
Type: Absorbed Glass Mat
Weight: 50lbs (22.7kg)
Warranty: 48 months
Check prices: Amazon

A great option for those with an aftermarket stereo, the ODYSSEY 35-PC1400T provides a huge amount of cold cranking amps.

It’s high vibration resistance and 4 year warranty means you’re likely to get plenty of life out of this battery. Typical service life for these batteries is usually between 5-10 years.

Odyssey 35-PC1400T reliable replacement battery
The Odyssey 35-PC1400T is a reliable Nissan 350z replacement battery for those living in cold climates.

Best SpiralCell Batteries for a Nissan 350z

If you’re looking for a battery that provides maximum performance while being lightweight, a SpiralCell battery could be right for you.

Built exclusively by Optima, SpiralCell batteries are even more maintenance free than Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. Highly vibration resistant and built to withstand the toughest temperatures, they are as good as it gets from a car battery.

Optima RedTop Starting Battery

Manufacturer: Optima
Part number: OPT8020-164
Cold cranking amps: 720
Group: 35
Size/Dimensions: 9.4″L x 6.8″W x 7.6″H (239mm L x 1735mm W x 193mm H)
Type: SpiralCell
Weight: 31.7lbs (14.4kg)
Warranty: 36 months
Check prices: Amazon

A touch over 4lbs (1.8kg) lighter than the OEM 350z battery, Optima’s RedTop SpiralCell battery not only brings an increase in reliability thanks to more cold cranking amps, it’s a lightweight battery too.

Consider the RedTop a lightweight 350z battery that is still highly reliable. It’s no surprise you’ll see these in track days that aren’t driven (and therefore charged) regularly.

Optima RedTop Car Battery
The Optima RedTop Battery is a lightweight Nissan 350z battery replacement.

Optima YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Manufacturer: Optima
Part number: OPT8040-218
Cold cranking amps: 620
Group: 35
Size/Dimensions: 9.4″L x 6.8″W x 7.7″H (239mm L x 1735mm W x 196mm H)
Type: SpiralCell
Weight: 36.4lbs (16.5kg)
Warranty: 36 months
Check prices: Amazon

Near the exact same weight as the factory-equipped Nissan 350z battery, Optima’s YellowTop Dual Purpose batteries are very popular with Z33 owners, especially for those who have an aftermarket stereo.

While it’s CCA level is lower then the Optima RedTop, the YellowTop is specifically designed to not only start your car reliably, it’s has a far greater reserve capacity – perfect for parking and listening to music.

Is the Optima YellowTop the best 350z battery?
The Optima YellowTop is a probably the best choice for Nissan 350z owners who don’t live in a place with extremely cold winters.

What is the Best Battery for Nissan 350z?

It depends on your needs, but for simplicity’s sake, here are the batteries we think are the best for each purpose:

Did we miss something? Do you think another battery should be mentioned in this article? Let us know!

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