Wyoming Neon Underglow Light Laws

If you’re looking for ways to customize your car and enhance its aesthetic appeal, then you can consider installing underglow lights on your vehicle.

Available in two varieties — neon lights and LED lights, as well as in a wide range of colors, underglow lights are usually attached to the underbody of a vehicle. They can make your car look like it is covered in a halo, which looks pretty cool.

So, are underglow lights legal in Wyoming?

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the legality of aftermarket lights, including underglow neon lights in Wyoming.

Wyoming Laws for Underglow Lights

JDM cars covered in neon lights

Installation of aftermarket lighting, including underglow lighting on cars, is governed by Wyoming Statutes, which contains all the rules and regulations related to vehicle lighting, be it any aftermarket lighting or underglow lighting.

It’s always a good idea to understand these regulations so that you do not end up using any restricted or prohibited lights.

Light Type and Size

Wyoming Statutes does not have any rules about the type of lights that can be installed on a vehicle.

There are no rules in the statutes that specify the size of underglow neon lights that can be installed on a vehicle in the state.

Permitted Colors and Intensity

As per the statutes, any lights that are visible from the rear of the vehicle should only be red-colored.

You cannot install any blue or red lights that are visible from the front of the vehicle. The license plate of the vehicle must be illuminated only with white-colored light.

Any aftermarket lights or underglow lights installed on the car should not be too bright. Also, you cannot use flashing lights.

The WY Statutes do not prohibit or restrict the use of underglow lighting on vehicles and so these are legal in the state. But there are certain restrictions that you must keep in mind. These include:

  • All aftermarket lighting devices, as well as reflectors that are mounted on the rear of the vehicle, must display/reflect red-colored light except in the case of a signal or stop light that can be yellow or red.
  • The license plate of the vehicle must be illuminated with white-colored light and any backup light must emit only white-colored light.
  • You cannot move or drive a vehicle on the highway with a light fixture that emits a blue or red light from the front of the vehicle.
  • You cannot use flashing lights, one or more white, blue or amber lights, one or more lights of a conspicuous color or one flashing red, white or amber light except in the case of authorized emergency vehicles such as snow clearing, the fire department or emergency services vehicles.

According to Article 31-5-901 of the Wyoming Statutes, any violation of the vehicle equipment regulations is regarded as a misdemeanor.

State of Wyoming Info

Wyoming flag

Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the U.S. but it’s also the least populous. The Rocky Mountains and the High Plains surround and constitute a major part of its terrain. The state sees several annual variations in the temperature in some parts, while the rest of it tends to be dry and semi-arid.

Population: 582,000
Capital: Cheyenne
Area: 97,814 sq mi
Registered vehicles: 208,062
Total lane miles: 62.620
Number of highways: 4

Wikipedia | State Website

Underglow light law reference: Wyoming Vehicle Code, Title 31

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