Pennsylvania Neon Underglow Light Laws

Underglow lights are generally used by car owners for aesthetic purposes or extra lighting on the streets. While they are permitted in most states, they are considered illegal in some places.

The main reason for this restriction is to prevent easily avoidable distractions and confusion. For instance, oscillating light or flashing red and blue lights can make your car look like a police vehicle or an ambulance.

Depending upon these reasons and many more, the regulations followed by each state vary.

So, is underglow legal in Pennsylvania? Will you be charged or given a parking ticket if you use them if you have an unauthorized vehicle? We’ll discuss everything you need to know in this article.

Pennsylvania Laws for Underglow Lights

Toyota GT86 with rainbow ground effect lights

It is illegal to use underglow lights in Pennsylvania, irrespective of whether you’re using neon tubes or LEDs.

These laws are governed by the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code under Title 67: Transportation. An entire chapter is dedicated to detailing the laws, namely Chapter 175: Vehicle Equipment and Inspection, Article 66: Lighting and Electrical Systems.

There are some mentions of headlights and taillights in the Code. But there are no specifications for what kind of lights can be used legally.

Hence, we conclude that underglow lights come under the title ornamental lights and are illegal. Therefore, no undercarriage or auxiliary lights are permitted in Pennsylvania.

  • Light type: Underglow lights aren’t permitted in Pennsylvania regardless of what technology they use.
  • Permitted colors: It is a punishable offense to use any colored lights in Pennsylvania. Registration plates must be visible with white lights on the front and rear. But any colors, especially red and blue, are prohibited in the state.
  • Intensity: Flashing or oscillating lights are legal only on authorized emergency vehicles and taxi cabs. Even in such cases, it is advised that the lights don’t blink or glow. White and amber lights are permitted with standard intensity.

It is prohibited to use neon underglow lights in Pennsylvania. It is also prohibited to use tinted headlights and smoked headlight covers.

If tinted lights are used to change the color and quality of the light emitted by headlights, it is a punishable offense.

The brightness of your headlights must be between 7,500 and 10,000 candlepower. You can use smoked covers only if you are driving off-road and not on highways or freeways.

The same laws apply to taillights as well if you are planning to drive in public. If your headlights and taillights do not meet state standards, you might have to pay a fine.

Fines and Penalties For Driving With Underglow

There is no clear mention of penalties in the state’s Code. But there are mentions of a fine of no less than $25. There are no mentions of imprisonment or being banned from driving the vehicle either.

It is advisable to get periodic inspections done for your car. As per the registration procedure in Pennsylvania, it is standard protocol to ensure that your lights meet the state’s standards. Do this periodically to ensure that you aren’t breaking the law.

State of Pennsylvania Info

Flag of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, with Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio surrounding it.

In terms of population, it is 6th on the list. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are two of its most populous cities.

Population: 12,763,536
Capital: Harrisburg
Registered vehicles: 9,990,941
Total lane miles: 251,708
Number of highways: 23

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