Virginia Neon Underglow Light Laws

Aftermarket vehicle lighting modifications are popular in the States. These non-standard lights are affixed underneath motor vehicles.

Though they are sought after for the tuner look, the safety side of these lights is usually neglected. For this reason, every state has specific laws concerning underglow light usage.

These laws are covered under the state’s vehicle codes. They typically restrict underglow based on color and placement.

Is underglow legal in Virginia? Underbody neon lights are not legal in the state of Virginia, according to the state’s vehicle code. Find more details in this article.

Virginia Laws for Underglow Lights

In the Virginia Vehicle Code, you will find references to the exact (and updated) laws surrounding ornamental automotive lights under Title 46.2, Subtitle III, Chapter 10, Article 3.

Section 46.2-1020 covers the details regarding these lights. According to this section, vehicles in the state of Virginia are not allowed to install lights that do not fall under the required categories.

There is no mention of underglow lighting systems in the code. Section 46.2-1022 explores the usage of flashing lights.

The usage of flashing lights and colors such as red, blue, and white, or combinations of any of these colors have to be approved by the Superintendent. These lights are usually used as a warning system by emergency vehicles.

Once again, the code only specifies the intensity of side lights and interior lights for motor vehicles.

According to section 46.2-1012, motorcycles with standard LED lights or auxiliary lighting strips must only use amber or red color. The intensity of the light should not exceed more than 25 candlepower.

No lights can be affixed to the wheel of your motorcycle. You also cannot affix flashing or similar lights to your car.

Clean white Nissan z33 with underglow

According to the vehicle code of Virginia, underglow neon lights are not legal. Since civilian vehicles are not permitted to install non-standard aftermarket lights, we can conclude that underglow lights are also not permitted.

Though such lights cannot be used when your vehicle is in motion on a public road, at your own risk you may operate underglow on private property or at a race track.

Virginia imposes additional restrictions on such aftermarket lighting systems. If you install underglow lights, they will need to be turned off and covered when you’re driving on public roads.

Considering how redundant that sounds, it is recommended that you avoid installing any non-standard lighting on your vehicle. Unless you want to show them off at a car meet while you’re parked and nothing more.

The only exception for permitted aftermarket light usage is for certain delivery vehicles. These vehicles can use a sign illuminated by white light. They are not allowed to use blue, red, or green colors.

The Safety Division of the Virginia State Police features an FAQ section where it answers the query regarding the legality of neon lights in the state.

State of Virginia Info

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Officially known as the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia is situated between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coast.

Renowned as the birthplace of several U.S. presidents, Virginia has the most Civil War battlefields and places where the Revolution, as well as the Civil War, came to an end.

Rich in history and heritage, Virginia’s many natural wonders are what draw visitors to the state.

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Underglow light law reference: Code of Virginia

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