Texas Neon Underglow Light Laws

Neon underglow lights are widely popular in the automotive aftermarket business owing to tuner culture.

These lights are typically affixed to the chassis and are purely a decorative upgrade. In other words, they serve no function other than adding to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle it is installed on.

While the cool aspect of underglow lights is highly admired, potential safety is usually disregarded.

For the purposes of safety, every state has its own take on the legality of these lights. In some states, the laws merely place restrictions on the luminosity or color of the underglow, whereas, in other states, they’re completely banned.

Which brings us to the question: Is underglow legal in Texas? The answer is yes, but you need to know about some restrictions associated with their use.

Let’s find out what the underglow laws in Texas are.

Texas Laws for Underglow Lights

White R32 Skyline with aqua-blue ground effect lights

If you take a look at Texas’s Transportation Code, you will find state rules governing the use of automotive lighting. Title 7, Subtitle C, Chapter 547, contains all the relevant information we need.

Section 547.003 is important since it does not restrict the usage of aftermarket lighting. Below you will find a basic overview of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of aftermarket underglow lights in the state of Texas.

  • Light Type: According to vehicle lighting regulations in Texas, there is no explicit mention of permitted light types. Non-stationary lights are illegal. Civilian vehicles are not permitted to use strobing lights of any color.
    • Section 547.306 mentions the use of LED underglow lighting for motorcycles. According to this, you can affix a stationary white or amber LED underglow to your motorcycle.
  • Restricted Colors: There is no prohibition regarding colors except for the restriction on using a combination of blue, white, or red lights. You are also not permitted to use a red colored light on the front of your vehicle.
    • We strongly suggest using non-flashing white or amber lights.
  • Size: The codified laws do not say anything regarding light size.
  • Luminosity: Once again, there are no specifications regarding the luminosity of aftermarket lights. However, it is understood that it should not be overly bright. Between 300 and 500 candlepower is typically recommended.

As we can deduce from the above section, underglow neon lights are legal in the state as long as they remain within the constraints of the law. Any lighting system that violates the state’s code can result in a misdemeanor.

According to the laws, amber and white underglow are your safest options. You must not use combinations of red, blue, white or even green, as you can face a penalty for impersonating an emergency vehicle.

Before you get to work, reach out to the local authority in your region to get confirmation about the usage of any aftermarket lighting.

State of Texas Info

Flag of Texas

In the United States, Texas ranks as the second largest state in terms of area. The southern state shares borders with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

It also shares borders with a few Mexican states.

The state has the most divisions of counties in the country — 254 in total. Its largest city, Houston, is also the country’s fourth largest.

Population: 26,059,203
Capital: Austin
Registered vehicles: 17,193,559
Total lane miles: 683,533
Number of highways: 16

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Underglow light law reference: Texas Transportation Code

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