Washington State Neon Underglow Light Laws

Underglow lights give your car an unmistakable tuner look, however, depending on how you install them, they can be very distracting for other motorists around you.

That’s precisely why some states do not permit the use of these lights. They’re not illegal in every state; but there are certain limitations on how you can and cannot use them.

Which brings us to the main question: Is underglow legal in Washington State? Find the answer in this article, along with all the relevant information that you need to know.

Washington State Laws for Underglow Lights

Clean white Z33 with blue underglow

You will find all information pertaining to Washington state’s neon underglow usage under the Washington Administrative Code, Title 204, Chapter 204-21. This gives us insight into whether underglow lights are considered legal.

Here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Light type: Section WAC 204-21-230 lists prohibited vehicle lighting equipment in the state. According to this section, you are not permitted to display neon lighting systems if you are driving on a public road. If you wish to use such lighting, make sure it is on private property, at a private event, or a race track.
  • Size: There is no relevant information on the permitted size of lighting equipment. However, there is mention of how an auxiliary driving lamp should be mounted. It has to be affixed to the front of the vehicle at a height of between 24″ and 42″ above the ground.
  • Permitted Colors: The same section discusses the restrictions on the use of color lights. It prohibits civilian vehicles from using red lights. These emergency lights are meant for use by authorized vehicles, including school buses, law enforcement vehicles, etc.
    • You cannot use blue lights either. These are only used by law enforcement. Besides color restrictions, there is also a limitation on the type of light as well. You are prohibited from using flashing white lights.
  • Intensity: Vehicle lighting should never be too intense. High-intensity lights are unsafe for everyone on the road.

Vehicle lighting laws in the state of Washington do not permit installation of non-standard aftermarket vehicle lighting systems. This includes underglow neon lights, which means they’re illegal in the state.

Some states require underglow lights to remain covered and unlit while the vehicle is on the move. However, there is no such stipulation in the Washington state laws.

You may use underglow as long as you are on private land and are not using emergency colors or flashing lights. However, it is highly recommended to avoid doing so entirely.

Fines and Penalties for Driving With Underglow

As per the state’s vehicles code, there is a fine if you are found violating of the state’s lighting regulations. If you stray from the legal boundaries of vehicular lighting systems, you can get a $124 fine.

Washington State Info

Flag of Washington

Named after the first President of the United States, the state of Washington was admitted into the Union in 1889.

It lies in the northwestern region of the country and borders Idaho, Oregon, the Pacific Ocean and British Columbia.

The state has 39 counties in total. Seattle is not only its largest city in terms of area but also its most populous city. The state’s forests are the most extensive in the country, with over half of the land falling under forested areas.

Population: 6,897,012
Capital: Olympia
Registered vehicles: 7,257,401
Total lane miles: 167,632
Number of highways: 3

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