Pennsylvania Radar Detector Laws

The use of radar detectors has been a contentious issue in several parts of the world, including the United States.

However, most states here have legalized them in various vehicles, although there are a few that have banned them. In this case, are radar detectors legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, the state of Pennsylvania allows you to legally utilize radar detectors, but this validity comes with some conditions.

If used appropriately, however, these detectors can help you spot police radars and drive at a safe speed to prevent issues and tickets. Find out more about their legality in this article.

Mounting Point

Small radar detector mounted on dashboard

You cannot install radar detectors or any other device on the windshield of your vehicle in Pennsylvania.

This rule doesn’t make the most amount of sense, but it can be a good way for you to maintain clarity and accuracy in your vision while driving, thus minimizing distraction.

This is similar to Pennsylvania’s window tint laws that require 70% of light transmission to take place through the windshield. There are other mounts that might work for your car.

Commercially Owned Vehicles

Private vehicles can, without much hassle, utilize radar detectors without mounting them on the windshield. Based on federal rules, only commercial vehicles with weight standards below 10,000 lbs can attach and use radar detectors.

This is a rule that Pennsylvania adheres to and exercises, so if you own a commercial vehicle that goes beyond this accepted weight, you should not make use of radar detectors at all.

Driving Around a Military Base

In every single state in the country, driving in military zones with functioning and radar detectors is illegal.

You will be stopped before you make your way through the route where you will need to dismount the radar detector and turn it off.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

Pennsylvania State Trooper aims speed radar gun

If you are breaking radar detector laws, you will be stopped and ticketed. Needless to say, driving over the speed limit despite having a radar detector in place will result in you being pulled over.

Similarly, if the police are using LiDARs or laser-based detection systems, then this can allow them to get past your radar detector too unless you have a laser detector or a jammer installed in your car.

Common Myths

  • Radar detectors are a sure way of avoiding tickets even if you are speeding.
  • These detectors are leeways for violations and can allow drivers to mess up on purpose.
  • These detectors can distract drivers.

None of these myths are true, provided that you use your radar detectors in a responsible way.

State of Pennsylvania Info

Flag of Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, with Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio surrounding it.

In terms of population, it is 6th on the list. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are two of its most populous cities.

Population: 12,763,536
Capital: Harrisburg
Registered vehicles: 9,990,941
Total lane miles: 251,708
Number of highways: 23

Wikipedia | State Website

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