New York Radar Detector Laws

By installing a radar detector in your car, you can ensure you’re not running the speed limit without constantly needing to look at your speedometer.

It’s not uncommon for law enforcement officials and civilians to frown upon this tech, but as long as it is used responsibily, it could be a very convenient addition to the functionality of your car’s interior. Ask anyone who’s been pulled over for being 5 mph over the limit and they’ll likely agree.

However, if you live in New York or drive to the state often, there are some terms and regulations that you should know about before installing a radar detector in your car. Start by asking if radar detectors are legal in New York in the first place. That’s the question we’ll answer in this article.

Other Restrictions

In NYC, it is well within the law to use radar detectors. Despite this, there are some caveats which might require you to limit the use of these tools. That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

The radar detector laws in NY place certain restrictions in terms of the following aspects.

Mounting on the Windshield

Radar detector mounted on the windshield of a car in NYC

In New York, relying on your windshield to hold the radar detector is not permitted, considering that it can interfere with your driving ability.

It can not only obstruct your view of the traffic and the road, but it can also be distracting if it ends up falling off the windshield.

For this reason, it is illegal in this state to attach this tool to windshields. If you wish to use these radar detectors, a safer option would be to find a more appropriate spot for it, such as your dashboard.

Private vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Motor vehicles weighing more than 18,000 lbs and all commercial vehicles weighing upward of 10,000 lbs are not permitted to mount and use a radar detector.

Private vehicles are safe here since most of them tend to have a weight rating of fewer than 18,000 lbs anyway.

Driving By a Military Area

Making use of radar detectors in military areas is illegal. You might not be fined, especially since there are stop-points where an official might check your car and ask you to remove the radar detector.

That said, it is very much recommended to uninstall and turn off your radar before entering a military area.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

Speed indicator in NYC

If you are using the radar detector legally, you will not get pulled over. However, if you have mounted the radar detector on the windshield or happen to be using it where you shouldn’t, the police are likely to ask you to pull over.

It is important here to understand the difference between radar and LiDar. Radars rely on radio waves, while LiDars operate on the function of laser signals.

If the police make use of LiDars while you use a radar detector and not a laser detector or jammer, you will get pulled over for speeding since the radar detector cannot sense laser signals.

Radar Detectors vs Jammer

Radar jammers can obstruct radar signals and render any radar detectors in the area temporarily useless. On the other hand, radar detectors are only supposed to identify the radar.

Radar jammers are illegal in the state of New York and can result in a huge fine as well as potential arrest.

State of New York Info

Flag of New York

The State of New York lies in the northeastern part of the country.

It comprises New York City, a major hub in the country as well as the world for a wide range of industries, resulting in its huge impact on the economy of the state.

Rochester, Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo are some other major cities. The state has 62 counties. It ranks 27th in terms of its size among the other states in the country and also has one of the largest populations in the United States.

Population: 19,835,913
Capital: Albany
Registered vehicles: 10,255,099
Total lane miles: 240,489
Number of highways: 31

Wikipedia | State Website

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