Ohio Radar Detector Laws

If you live in the state of Ohio or wish to travel through it in your car, you should be aware of its traffic laws and policies, including those that apply to devices like radar detectors.

The state of Ohio does not place any prohibitions on the usage of radar detectors, which means that it is perfectly legal for you to have these devices.

What you should be aware of here is that despite using these detectors, you will still need to be careful about where you place them and what kind of vehicle you own.

If you you do everything right, then radar detectors will definitely help you. They can detect radio signals nearby, which are usually the product of police radar guns.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Ohio’s radar detector laws.

Windshield Mounting

Windshield-mounted radar detector in Ohio

Windshield-mounted gadgets are prohibited in this state. However, Ohio makes exceptions for devices like cameras, radar detectors and some other electronic devices.

As long as you mount the radar detector in the bottom left or right corner of the windshield in a way that does not interrupt your driving, you should be alright.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

As per federal law, if you have a commercial vehicle that exceeds 10,000 lbs, you cannot install or mount radar detectors. Ohio follows these guidelines, so if you break this law, you will be ticketed.

Commercial vehicles below 10,000 lbs, as well as all private vehicles, can conveniently install radar detectors, provided that they use them safely and attach them properly.

Driving in a Military Area

Speed cameras in Ohio

Military roads and regions do not allow the use of radar detectors in any vehicle, so make sure you detach them before driving here. If you do not, you cannot drive along the road at all.

The main reason behind this law is that your radar detectors might interfere with military equipment that relies on the same technology.

Radar Detector Common Myths

The primary misbelief around radar detectors relates to the idea that they might get in the way of the driver’s safe driving by causing a distraction.

Another misbelief is that only reckless drivers use these devices, when in fact, there are many responsible people that use these devices to keep their driving in check.

Keep in mind that radar detectors cannot guarantee an escape from a ticket, especially if the police have already caught you speeding.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

You will only be pulled over if you have your radar detector installed in a way that compromises your safety or if you have it installed in a large commercial vehicle or in a military area.

If the police are using laser signals instead or radio waves, this will allow them to pull you over even if you have a radar detector.

State of Ohio Info

Flag of Ohio

This Midwestern state is the 34th largest state in the country in terms of area.

It hosts the 7th largest population in the United States. It is nicknamed the Buckeye State.

Population: 11,544,225
Capital: Columbus
Registered vehicles: 9,800,933
Total lane miles: 262,492
Number of highways: 21


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