North Dakota Radar Detector Laws

Knowing that radar detectors are easily available and sold pretty much everywhere, you might be tempted to buy one. However, be advised that it’s not as simple as buying one of these and using them right from the get go, without any consequences.

There are laws governing the use of these devices. Some states in the country have even gone as far as to impose a ban on these devices, but a vast majority of them consider them legal, albeit with some limits on how you can and cannot use them.

Which begs the question: Are radar detectors legal in North Dakota? Based on the legal provisions of this state, it is okay for your vehicle to have radar detectors. This is good news, but there are a few conditions that apply here. Take a look at what these are in this article.

Installation Best Practices

Solar-powered speed monitoring board in North Dakota

Do not mount anything on your windshield if you are driving in North Dakota. The law specifically prohibits items like stickers, signs, posters and any other such non-transparent objects on the windshield under the reasoning that these can block the view of the driver, leading to potential crashes.

Opt for different spots in your car. Take a quick look around your car to see where the radar detectors might be accessible and comfortable enough for you. Usually, the dashboard of your car is the best choice.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Speed camera in North Dakota

Commercial vehicles, such as trucks or buses (among others), should not have radar detectors attached to any part of the interior or exterior.

This rule is meant to be a way to signal caution on the road, particularly on highways. If the police notice these detectors in your vehicle, they might fine you.

You should also be aware of the federal rules in this case, which allow commercial vehicles falling below a 10,000 lbs weight rating to use these devices. Private vehicles, on the other hand, are allowed to use these radar detectors.

Driving in a Military Area

Private or commercial, no vehicle has the authority to drive in a military area if they have a radar detector installed.

You must switch it off and uninstall it before you drive through this area otherwise, you will have to pay a fine or simply take a different route.

Radar Detector Alternatives

GPS receivers, applications on your phone and laser or radar jammers are some possible substitutes for radar detectors. You can make use of these but check their legality as well, especially since many of them tend to provide slightly varying functions.

In North Dakota, it is legal for you to make use of the aforementioned devices, including jammers, in your vehicle.

Can The Police Detect My Radar Detector?

Police officers tend to possess detectors too, along with other tools, allowing them to sense your radar detector. Radar detector detectors (RDDs) are devices that they typically use that can make use of receivers to sense your radar detector and pinpoint it.

State of North Dakota Info

Flag of North Dakota

This Upper Midwest state of the United States got its name from the indigenous Dakota Sioux tribe.

It earned its statehood in 1889, becoming the 39th state by rank. Fargo is the biggest city in North Dakota.

It leads the nation in the agricultural industry, with about 90% of the land involved in various agricultural practices. It is nicknamed the Peace Garden State, and its state flower is the wild prairie rose.

Population: 699,628
Capital: Bismarck
Registered vehicles: 899,083
Total lane miles: 178,845
Number of highways: 4

Wikipedia | State Website

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