Nevada Radar Detector Laws

Those of you who are getting ready for a road trip to or within Nevada might be wondering, “are radar detectors legal in Nevada?”.

In this article, we’ll tell you the answer, and we’ll discuss a few other necessary details that you should definitely know about. Let’s get started.

Relevant Restrictions

Nevada radar detector

Both radar detectors and laser jammers are, in fact, legal in the state of Nevada. However, there are some specifications surrounding this law that you need to be aware of; fine print, if you will.

This mostly has to do with where the detector is mounted, whether or not you’re driving in a military region, and if yours is a private vehicle. Find the details below.

Windshield Mounting

The law doesn’t specifically state which part of your car you can or cannot install a radar detector. So, it is safe to assume that while driving in Nevada, you can have a radar detector mounted on the windshield.

Purely from a convenience point of view, your windshield is one of the best places to mount a radar detector.

So, unless you are driving outside the state of Nevada, you can leave your radar detector right there on the windshield, because several other states will prohibit you from keeping it on there.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Interactive speed indicator in Nevada

Radar detector laws are different for different states. But most states attribute these laws specifically to privately owned vehicles.

The rules change when it comes to commercial vehicles. The federal law that states that no commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs can have a radar detector installed. This is applicable to commercial drivers in the state of Nevada as well.

Driving in a Military Area

Federal law states that you can’t have a visibly mounted radar device when driving in a military area. But to be on the safe side, simply avoid using a radar detector in these areas.

Typically, this is just one of the things your vehicle will be checked for when entering a base.

If you have a radar detector and use it even after entering the base, you may be given a ticket, asked to pay a fine, or worse — arrested. But more often than not, they will spot it at the entrance and ask you to uninstall it and turn it off.

In What States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

Virginia and Washington D.C. are the only two states where even passenger vehicles aren’t allowed to use radar detectors.

Connecticut passed legislation to make radar detectors illegal, but it was repealed.

Radar Detector Common Myths

There are some interesting myths and preconceived notions about people who own radar detectors. Here’s an example.

A lot of people believe that those who own these devices tend to drive dangerously. There is no evidence to show that this might be the case.

State of Nevada Info

Flag of Nevada

Located in the western region of the country, Nevada is the 36th state in the United States. It is the seventh largest in terms of land area.

Though it is mostly an arid state, the mountains are dotted with about 15% of forests.

The state’s economy rides on mining and the tourism industry. Legalized gambling in the state is a big tourist attraction. It ranks fourth in gold production around the world.

The metropolitan city of Las Vegas is the state’s economic center and its biggest city. Of the 16 counties, Clark County is Nevada’s most populous county.

Population: 2,758,931
Capital: Carson City
Registered vehicles: 1,361,671
Total lane miles: 100,805
Number of highways: 6

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