Idaho Radar Detector Laws

Radar detectors are tools that you can use to detect nearby radar speed guns used by the police. As functional and useful as these devices are, you must check your local laws before using them.

Which brings us to the question: Are these radar detectors legal in Idaho? A majority of U.S. states permit you to make use of these radar detectors to some extent, and that includes Idaho.

But like these other states, Idaho also places certain boundaries on how you can use these detectors. We’ll discuss what they are in this article.

Where To Mount Your Radar Detector

Windshield mounted radar detector in Idaho

In Idaho, you aren’t legally permitted to mount non-transparent objects or devices on the windshield, and this includes radar detectors.

The same applies to your car’s windows. Thus, you should opt for dashboards or other such spots in your car where you can legally mount your radar detector.

These kinds of limitations are essentially meant to protect the driver’s clear and unobstructed vision.

Passenger Cars vs Commercial Vehicles

Speed trap in idaho

Private car owners can legally and mount radar detectors in their cars. Apart from the windshield and windows, you can legally use radar detectors to avoid police radars.

However, this does not apply to commercially owned vehicles for the sake of road safety. However, according to federal law, if your commercial vehicle is less than 10,000 lbs, you are permitted to keep this kind of device in your vehicle.

Driving in a Military Area

Regardless of where you are and what you are driving, and where you intend to keep your radar detector, it is illegal for you to mount and use it if you are driving in a military area.

These measures are put in place to protect military appliances and gadgets, especially since many of them use radars as well.

In What States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

The following states have declared radar detectors to be illegal:

  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.

If you happen to drive to or through one of these places, you should definitely uninstall and turn off your radar detector. You will need to pay a hefty fine if you are caught with this device in your vehicle in either of these states.

Radar Detector vs Radar Jammer

A radar detector will only sense a radar and relay it to you, but jammers can interfere with the radar by releasing various radio frequencies.

This can then confound official radars. These jammers are legal to use in the state of Idaho.

State of Idaho Info

Flag of Idaho

Idaho is a state in the United States that is surrounded by Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Washington.

It is the 11th largest state in the country but is only mildly populated.

It became an official part of the country in 1846. The state is home to different regions and territories with varying weather conditions. It is also full of lakes, rivers, and national parks.

Population: 1,900,923
Capital: Boise
Registered vehicles: 607,902
Total lane miles: 107,568
Number of highways: 8

Wikipedia | State Website

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