Kansas Radar Detector Laws

There are several kinds of mountable devices and gadgets that you can install in your car. However, not all of them are legal to use, depending on where you live and what your state’s regulations are.

One such device that’s commonly used is the radar detector — its purpose is to identify any radar signals sent out by police radar guns and notify you of the same. These devices make it convenient for you to ensure that your speed is within the limit so that you can avoid being ticketed.

These are usually effective in keeping the overall speeding conditions in check so as to prevent major accidents on the road.

Are radar detectors legal in Kansas? Yes, it is completely okay for you to keep these radar detectors in your vehicle, but only if you follow the relevant restrictions. In this article, we’ll discuss what those are.

Windshield Mounting

Windshield-mounted radar detector in Kansas City

Even though you can legally use radar detectors in Kansas, you cannot always mount them on the windshield. This is because the law in Kansas prohibits any decals or other non-transparent material from being mounted on the windshield in a way that can block the clear vision of the driver.

It is unclear whether or not this means that you can place the radar detector on the passenger’s end, but it is safer to use another spot in your vehicle for this kind of attachment.

Passenger Vehicles vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Most states, including Kansas, follow the conditions of federal law, based on which commercial vehicles that have a weight rating of over 10,000 lbs cannot have any radar detectors in their vehicles.

However, it is alright for private vehicles to make use of such radar detectors as long as they use them ethically.

Driving Close to a Military Zone

Speed photo enforced warning sign

No matter what type of vehicle you’re driving, you cannot not use a radar detector, if you are driving in a military area.

This is due mainly to avoid any interference between your radar detector and other military equipment that utilizes radar technology.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

In regular circumstances, the police will not pull your vehicle over, but if your radar detector is where it should not be, then they will not only pull you over, but also fine you an exorbitant amount.

There are some cases in which you might get pulled over for speeding, even if you already have a radar detector.

This is because the police might be using laser signals instead of radio waves to detect any speeding violations. Radar detectors are useless here unless you also have laser jammers.

State of Kansas Info

Flag of Kansas

Kansas is a Midwestern state in the US and Wichita is its largest city.

The state is landlocked with Nebraska to its north, Oklahoma to its south, Missouri to its east, and Colorado to its west.

Population: 2,934,582
Capital: Topeka
Registered vehicles: 2,436,246
Total lane miles: 286,606
Number of Highways: 9

Wikipedia | State Website

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