Arkansas Radar Detector Laws

Like every other U.S. state, Arkansas implements certain laws when it comes to the kind of equipment that car owners can mount on/in their vehicles.

One such piece of equipment that’s frequently discussed is radar detectors. If you’re wondering whether radar detectors are legal in Arkansas or if there are any limits or restrictions to their usage, then you’ve come to the right place.

Radar detectors are meant to detect police radar equipment or pretty much anything that functions like a speed trap. By informing you of the presence of a radar, these devices give you the opportunity to slow down and ensure that you’re well within the speed limit.

In Arkansas, you can legally install a radar detector in your vehicle, although you have to follow certain restrictions. That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

Relevant Restrictions

Sleek, dash-mounted radar detector

Here are the restrictions that Arkansas places on the use of radar detectors despite their legal status:

Windshield mounting: There are restrictions in place when it comes to mounting your radar detector on the windshield. You can adhere to this by simply mounting it on your dashboard.

Commercially owned vehicles: You can legally use radar detectors in privately owned vehicles as well as in commercial vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds. Heavier commercial vehicles are not allowed to install these devices.

Military area: It is illegal to use radar detectors if you happen to be driving in a military area.

In What States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

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Most states in the country permit the use of radar detectors, except two. The states of Virginia and Washington, D.C. have made it illegal for you to mount and use a radar detector in your vehicle.

If you use them, you might end up getting charged, so it is best for you to get rid of them even if you happen to be passing by in one of those states.

Radar Detector Alternatives

If you cannot or do not wish to mount a radar detector, a simple app on your phone should do the trick, as should the relevant settings in your GPS.

Jammers, dashcams and other speed signal devices can work too (but only if they are legal).

Radar Detector vs Radar Jammer

Radar jammers are electronic devices that intentionally try to distract police radars using certain signals.

Radar detectors only sense the signals that police radars are sending out so that they can indicate their presence to you.

State of Arkansas Info

Flag of Arkansas

Situated in the southern part of the United States, Arkansas is a landlocked state bordered by Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

Popularly known as the “Natural State”, Arkansas has the country’s most diverse and stunning geography, scenic beauty, and natural resources.

These range from the stunning Ozark and Ouachita mountains to forests, river valleys, and lakes. It is home to the renowned Hot Springs National Park.

Not only is the state rich in geography, but it also has an extensive and diverse Native American history and has played a vital role in the civil rights movement.

Population: 3.04 million
Capital: Little Rock
Registered vehicles: 942,604
Total lane miles: 210,729
Number of highways: 20

Wikipedia | State Website

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