Rhode Island Radar Detector Laws

Not all U.S. states permit the use of radar detectors, and the ones that do, impose other restrictions on how you can use them and where in your vehicle you can mount them.

Rhode Island upholds and maintains the legality of such radar detectors, although it also has some constraints in place regarding its usage. Learn what they are through this guide.

Mounting Point

Radar detector mounted on the dashboard of a car in Rhode Island

Even though radar detectors are legal in Rhode Island, you can’t mount them on your windshield. This rule exists because poorly mounted radar detectors can impair your field of view, which could be distracting.

If you do wish to mount your radar detector somewhere in your car, a safer and better option would be your dashboard. You can also buy a purpose-built adapter or holder for this.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

It is acceptable and lawful for privately owned vehicles to mount and operate radar detectors if they are placed away from the windshield. There are, however, some limits in place for commercial vehicles.

If your commercial vehicle falls below the 10,000 lbs weight level, then you can legally operate radar detectors in it. Commercial vehicles that weigh more than that cannot legally use radar detectors.

Speed indicator in Rhode Island

Driving in a Military Zone

Regardless of which state you live in and what kind of vehicle you drive, it’s illegal to use a radar detector on or anywhere near a military area.

You cannot, under any circumstances, use radar detectors in military quarters, even if it’s enroute to your destination.

Radar Detector Alternatives

For other options apart from radar detectors, consider radar or laser jammers and apps on your phone that you can simply download without requiring any extra mounting.

Some GPS devices and applications might also provide some detection options.

State of Rhode Island Info

Flag of Rhode Island

Officially known as the State of Rhode Island, Rhode Island is located in the New England region and is the smallest state in the US in terms of area.

Also popularly known by its nickname, “The Ocean State”, Rhode Island has many bays and inlets that comprise around 14% of its area.

The state is situated along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean coast. Only around 48 miles long and around 36 miles wide, with its stunning beaches, national parks, history, art and culture, is a popular tourist destination.

Population: 1.09 million
Capital: Providence
Registered vehicles: 866,625
Total lane miles: 12,664
Number of highways: 8

Wikipedia | State Website

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