South Carolina Neon Underglow Light Laws

Many car owners personalize their vehicles to stand out from the crowd. One popular method of personalization from the early 2000s is the infamous underglow lighting mod.

These are basically aftermarket neon lights that can be installed under the belly of your vehicle. In addition to adding to the overall aesthetic, underglow lights also have a certain safety factor to them as they make your car more visible.

Even though you can easily buy these lights online and get them installed at your local garage, be advised that some states in the U.S. restrict their use on public roads, while others have completely banned them.

These laws vary depending on the type, positioning, and color of underglow. Is underglow legal in South Carolina? Let’s find out!

South Carolina Laws for Underglow Lights

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Details about the use of underglow lights in South Carolina can be found in the state’s vehicle code. Within that documentation, you will find that South Carolina does not have any laws that restrict the usage of additional vehicle lighting.

Based on this and the sections mentioned under Title 56, Chapter 5, and Article 35 in the South Carolina Vehicle Code, we can draw certain conclusions.

Based on the criteria given below, you will get a generalized idea of the limitations and restrictions placed on underglow lights in the state.

  • Type of Light: SC law states that any additional accessories and lights are permitted as long as they do not violate the traffic rules of the state.
    • Though not explicitly mentioned, it essentially means that as long as your neon underglow lighting system is well within the structure of the state’s laws, they are not prohibited.
  • Size: There are no sections regarding the permitted size of auxiliary lights within the code. However, according to section 56-5-4690, you are only permitted one auxiliary light.
    • Additionally, this light should be mounted between 16″ and 42″ above ground level to be legal.
  • Color: The state’s code does not say which color lights are permitted. However, it does specify the prohibited colors for civilian vehicles.
    • Red underglow should not be visible from the front of your vehicle. You are also not allowed to use any lights that can turn blue on the exterior of your vehicle. Additionally, your license plate should be illuminated in white.
  • Intensity: Section 56-4-4839 specifies the intensity of additional illuminating devices used in a motor vehicle. Any light that has an intensity of over 300 candlepower should have a distance visibility of only 75 feet.

Based on the laws, underglow neon lights are legal in the state of South Carolina as long as they adhere to the state’s vehicle code.

According to the code, blue and red lights must be avoided as they are reserved for authorized vehicles. Similarly, flashing or oscillating lights are also not permitted on any civilian vehicle.

It is important that these laws are strictly followed for your safety and the safety of others. Before you customize your vehicle, make sure to reach out to relevant agencies to get accurate information in case of any revisions in the law.

State of South Carolina Info

Flag of South Carolina

Also known as the Palmetto State, South Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the U.S. South Carolina is the first-ever state in the U.S. to open a library.

The state fruit of South Carolina is peach and it grows more peaches than Georgia. A state full of scenic beauty, South Carolina is very diverse and has a rich history, heritage and culture.

Population: 5.25 million
Capital: Columbia
Registered vehicles: 4,561,299
Total lane miles: 166,594
Number of highways: 11

Wikipedia | State Website

Underglow light law reference: South Carolina Vehicle Code

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