Oregon Neon Underglow Light Laws

Whether you simply love the look of underglow lights or if you want to turn heads at your local cars and coffee, there’s no denying that these lights have been quite the trend lately.

Using underglow lights is normally permitted as long as they’re covered and the neon tubes are not visible below the chassis.

However, be advised that flashing or oscillating lights should not be used as they pose a safety hazard for both yourself and other drivers. Using these lights is not permitted as they are reserved for emergency vehicles and official police cars.

This includes red or blue lights. Only police cars and ambulances are permitted to use these colors.

Which brings us to the question: Is underglow legal in Oregon? Read on to find out if using underglow lights can and you a ticket in Oregon.

State Laws For Underglow Lights

The use of underglow lights (both neon and LED) is governed by Oregon’s Revised Statutes, under volume 17, chapter 816. However, the law doesn’t specifically restrict the use of underglow lighting while driving.

Hence, we can conclude that it is not illegal to use underglow illumination in cars in Oregon. However, there are some other restrictions you should be aware of.

First, it is strictly prohibited to use red lights, especially if they’re mounted at the front end. If you are using lights that change color, limit using red only at the rear.

Honda Del Sol with pink underglow

Similarly, blue is reserved only for police vehicles and it is a punishable offense to use it on unauthorized vehicles. The lights must not strobe or oscillate as they might confuse other drivers.

  • Light type: There is no restriction in Oregon for the type of lights you can use. Both neon as well as LEDs are allowed.
  • Size: There is no restriction regarding the size of the lights used. You should use lights that are a significant distance above the ground. This counts for both the front and rear of your car.
  • Permitted colors: All other underglow colors except red, blue, and green are permitted. These colors are reserved for official vehicles and you must strictly avoid using them. You may use red at the back of your car but the lights around your number plates must strictly be white. The license plate must not be obscured by your lighting.

The state takes the visibility of license plates very seriously. All registration plates must have a white light illuminating the rear. It can be a part of the taillight, or must be installed as a separate light.

Yes, you are permitted to drive with neon underglow lights in Oregon as long as they aren’t red or blue. Your license plates must always be visible and try to avoid using nonstandard lighting equipment.

Although there is no specification regarding the penalties for using underglow lights on highways, it is best to stick to the law. Avoid using any color other than white on the rear end of your car.

Make sure that the lights are not flashing or oscillating. The last thing you want is to land in jail because your underglow lights blinked in tune with the song you were listening to as you drove!

State of Oregon Info

State of Oregon flag

Oregon is a state along the Pacific coast and is surrounded by Idaho in the east, California in the south, and Washington in the north.

It ranks 27th in the US in terms of population and Portland is on top of that list within the state.

Population: 3,899,353
Capital: Salem
Registered vehicles: 4,095,442
Total lane miles: 162,101
Number of highways: 4

Wikipedia | State Website

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