Oklahoma Neon Underglow Light Laws

If you like the idea of installing underglow neon lights on your car, then you must consider the legal implications of doing so.

While some enthusiasts install these lights with the intention of using them all the time, others do so only for showing them off at car meets or drift events.

But either way, before you install them, you should ask the question: Is underglow legal in Oklahoma?

Better yet: Can you legally add neon underglow lights to your car if you are driving in public in Oklahoma? Read on to find out which colors you can use and if it is legal to do so.

Oklahoma Laws for Underglow Lights

Modified cars sporting neon underglow lights

The Oklahoma Code governs all the laws relating to the usage of neon underglow lights and any other ornamental lights for that matter.

There are underglow lights that use light-emitting diodes (LED) as well, which are detailed under the same Code.

Under Title 47: Motor Vehicles, Chapter 12: Equipment of Vehicles, the details are mentioned for drivers to peruse. Article 2: Lamps and Lighting Devices is dedicated to this topic.

It is not illegal to use neon underglow in Oklahoma and the law does not restrict any usage provided it follows some rules. These include:

  • Avoid any flashing or oscillating lights. The reason why these colors are prohibited is due to avoid any resemblance to emergency vehicles. It is not okay if other drivers mistake you for an ambulance or a police vehicle.
  • Use red, blue, or green lights that are directly visible from the front.
  • Lights that cause the license plates to be obscured from view.
  • Neon underglow lights are permitted in Oklahoma provided there are no more than two separate lamps near the license plate. Flashing lights are prohibited on any vehicle that is not authorized or an emergency one.
  • It is best to avoid blue lights as they are completely prohibited in Oklahoma. Red and green are not recommended either. You must avoid using any other color other than white for your license plates and no additional lights are permitted in that area.
  • The lights must be visible from at least 20 ft. away and headlamps are a must for every vehicle. It is okay to use neither a strong intensity nor a dim one. The idea is to avoid distracting yourself and other drivers while driving in public.

Yes, you are permitted to use neon underglow lights as long as they aren’t red or blue. It is also mandatory for vehicles to have white headlamps and for motorcycles to have the following auxiliary lighting:

  • LED pods and strips
  • Running lights with standard bulbs that are non-blinking, non-flashing, and non-oscillating

If these rules are not followed, drivers may be imprisoned for up to six months due to misdemeanors. If not, the person may be asked to pay a fine of two $2,000. In very severe cases, the person may be both imprisoned and fined.

It is best to speak to your local authorities as the laws may vary depending on where in Oklahoma you are located. You may follow the above rules but still get flagged down for a specific detail added in your area.

State of Oklahoma Info

Flag of Oklahoma

Oklahoma is in the south-central part of the US and is known as a producer of oil and natural gas.

It is one of the fastest-growing economies that is driven by telecommunication, aviation and energy industries.

The capital Oklahoma City is a primary anchor of the state’s economy along with Tulsa.

Population: 3,814,820
Capital: Oklahoma City
Registered vehicles: 3,730,247
Total lane miles: 238,754
Number of highways: 8

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