New Jersey Neon Underglow Light Laws

Neon underglow lighting is one of the coolest aftermarket upgrades to instantly elevate your car’s aesthetic appeal. They’re also a great way to increase the available lighting and make yourself visible on the road.

As the name suggests, underglow lights sit under the car’s body and illuminate the ground underneath. They’re also known as undercarriage lights and are of two main types — LED and neon.

While underglow lights can jazz up your vehicle, they can also be a major distraction to other vehicles on the road, especially when put together with any additional lights and the car’s standard lighting itself.

Extremely intense light can also blind other drivers on the road. This is why underglow lighting is legally governed in all American states, as well as many countries around the world.

If you’re a car owner in New Jersey, you’re probably wondering — is underglow legal in New Jersey? Read on to find out.

New Jersey Laws for Underglow Lights

Black WRX with teal underglow

All lighting and underglow-related laws are laid down in sections spanning from 39:3-46 to 39:3-66.3 in Title 39 (“Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation”) in the New Jersey Revised Statutes.

The state’s legal authorities haven’t placed any restrictions on aftermarket lighting, so it can be deduced that underglow lighting isn’t illegal in the state.

However, there are several restrictions, especially around the color of the lighting, that are in place and must be adhered to on public roads.

Here’s what the statutes say regarding the type of light, intensity, colors permitted, and the size of lights that can be installed, used, and sold in the state:

  • Light Type: Both neon and LED lights are legally allowed in New Jersey.
  • Size: There are no specifications regarding the size of the lights that can be used.
  • Permitted Colors: Each type of light that is installed in the car must be one of the permitted colors only. Underglow lights should also be installed, keeping these colors and rules in mind.
    • Lights visible from the car’s front must only be amber or white, whereas those visible from the rear must be red. The license plate must be lit in white.
  • Intensity: All emitted light should be without glare. While underglow lights aren’t explicitly mentioned, the same should be followed for those too.

Is underglow illegal in NJ? No — neon lights are completely legal in New Jersey but ensure that you adhere to the color restrictions.

If you have neon underglow lights that change color, ensure that the above-listed colors are not included in the palette; even if you don’t use them, their mere presence could be a finable offense.

Flashing lights are prohibited in the state, except to indicate a left or right turn or to indicate an issue or possible traffic hazard. Similarly, strobing, rotating, or oscillating lights should be avoided, as these are generally reserved for law enforcement and emergency vehicles.

State of New Jersey Info

Flag of New Jersey

New Jersey shares borders with New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is among the original 13 states of the United States.

While it is the fourth smallest in terms of area, it ranks as the 11th most densely populated state in the country.

Population: 8,864,590
Capital: Trenton
Registered vehicles: 6,006,247
Total lane miles: 85,108
Number of highways: 10

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