Legality of Underglow Lights in Nebraska

Under Nebraska’s Revised Statutes, if you look at Chapter 60: Motor Vehicles and read Sections 60-6,219 to 60-6,243, you will find the provisions for the legality of underglow lights and ornamental automotive lights in general.

Now, before you ask the question, “Is underglow legal in Nebraska?” you should know that it’s an umbrella question in the sense that the laws are different for different types of accessory automotive lighting.

In this article, we’ll discuss the legality of underglow lights in Nebraska.

Nebraska Laws for Underglow Lights

Black 350z with red underglow lights

Automotive lighting laws in Nebraska doesn’t specify the use of underglow lights. So the assumption is that all the rules and restrictions regarding accessory lighting are applicable to underglow lights as well.

With that in mind, we can conclude that underglow lights, whether neon or LED, are not illegal in the state of Nebraska.

That said, there are some restrictions that you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Light type: Your vehicle cannot have any underglow lights that rotate or flash. If you’re not a public utility employee, government employee or law enforcement, you cannot have more than a single spotlight on your car.
    • You’re also not allowed to have over two auxiliary driving lights, and they should meet the light intensity specifications later on.
  • Size: There is no restriction on the size of any of the lights.
  • Permitted colors: Lights that are green or red shouldn’t be seen from the front of the car. You should try to steer clear of red, green, purple and blue lights because they are usually used by emergency services.
    • You should also ensure that there are no more than two fender or cowl lights and that all of them emit white or amber light. Also, make sure the taillights are secure, emit red light and that their lens is not broken.
  • Intensity: Other than your headlights, spotlights, and auxiliary driving lights, the rest should not emit a beam that has more than 25 candlepower. This is the limit when the light reaches the vehicle that’s 50 feet from your vehicle.

You may be given an exception on the highway if the circuit of all the lights together is meant to give an output that is under the accepted limit.

Red underglow neon tubes

Yes, they are, but the red and green lights shouldn’t be visible from the front. You’re also not allowed to use flashing lights.

The intensity of the underglow lights can’t be more than 25 candlepower when it reaches a vehicle that’s 50 feet away.

State of Nebraska Info

Flag of Nebraska

Situated in the Great Plains of the Midwestern region of the U.S., Nebraska is the 3rd largest producer of corn in the country, which gives it its nickname, “The Cornhusker State.”

The name Nebraska is derived from the Native American words meaning “flat water”, which refers to the Platte River that runs through the state.

The state has wide open plains, towering dunes, dramatic rock formations and a lively city, all of which make the state a great place to visit.

Population: 1.96 million
Capital: Lincoln
Registered vehicles: 1,802,498
Total lane miles: 193,996
Number of highways: 5

Wikipedia | State Website

Nebraska Underglow References: Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,219

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