Florida Neon Underglow Light Laws

Considering that the Sunshine State is home to over 7,800,000 cars (the third-highest number in the country), modifications like underglow lighting are going to be all too common.

Underglow lighting refers to lights that are mounted under the car’s body. These typically consist of neon tubes or LED lights affixed to the chassis in order to illuminate the surface under the car.

Not only does this improve the car’s aesthetic appeal but it is also an added source of light, which means better visibility. But awesome as they are, some states’ law enforcement agencies frown upon the use of underglow lights.

While some states are more lenient and only restrict their usage or set down conditions, some states place an outright ban on underglow lighting, considering them illegal.

What do Florida’s Statutes have to say about underglow lighting in the state? Is underglow legal in Florida? Learn about the legality of this upgrade in this article.

Florida Laws for Underglow Lights

Black z33 with purple underglow

Florida does allow the use of underglow or underbody lights, but there are some rules to follow. These are laid out in section 316.215 (2) of the state’s Statutes.

As per this, additional aftermarket lighting and other non-mandatory lights are not illegal.

While most laws clearly lay down the conditions for mandatory lights, here’s what can be gathered about underglow lighting from the state’s law books:

  • Light type: Neon lights are prohibited in the state of Florida, as they are deemed unsafe. Neon underglow lighting can lead to a ticket, although it will be treated as a noncriminal offense.
  • Size: While there are no specifications about size, the state of Florida prohibits the use of round-shaped lights (also referred to as glow pads) and track lights (lights that form a dotted line under the vehicle) on public roads, unless you have a vehicle that’s over 80″ wide.
  • Permitted colors: Red light shouldn’t be visible when you look at the car from the front and blue underglow is expressly prohibited (as this is used by emergency and law enforcement vehicles).
    • Even if blue is one of the colors in your underglow lighting and you don’t use it, it is a citable offense if the authorities learn that blue is included in the underglow lighting. The officers can confiscate your lights and even fine or arrest you for this offense.
  • Intensity: Though nothing is specified about the intensity of lighting, it is recommended that you don’t use lights with glare or high intensity to avoid safety hazards.
Red LED underglow

Yes, underglow lights are legal in Florida, provided you adhere to the restrictions mentioned above.

However, any kind of moving, flashing, non-stationary, and oscillating lights are illegal, so stay away from these, even if they are available in hardware and car stores.

Some of these are safety hazards, while some, like flashing lights, have specific purposes in the state’s vehicle law — they can only be used to indicate the driver changing lanes or taking a left or right turn.

State of Florida Info

Flag of Florida

A popular vacation spot beloved for its beaches, water parks, and great weather, Florida sits in the country’s southeastern region.

As the 22nd-largest state in the country, Florida is also the 3rd most populous state.

The state is bordered by Alabama in the northwest, the Gulf of Mexico in the west, the Atlantic Ocean and the Bahamas in the east, and Georgia in the north.

Population: 21,781,128
Capital: Tallahassee
Registered vehicles: 7,670,861
Total lane miles: 275,376
Number of highways: 12

Wikipedia | State Website

Underglow light law reference: The 2022 Florida Statutes

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