Arkansas Neon Underglow Light Laws

After a decade-long hiatus, underglow lights are fast regaining popularity. The lights are mounted underneath the chassis. Even if they do nothing to increase your visibility, they will make your car slightly more visible and a whole lot cooler.

Underglow lights are typically divided into two categories: Neon and LED lighting. Every state across the country has varying laws regarding the use of underglow lights.

Based on this variation, is underglow legal in Arkansas? The state’s traffic laws place certain restrictions on ornamental lights. However, they do not completely prohibit them.

Though we consider the use of neon underglow lights to be legal in the state of Arkansas, it is important to note the restrictions in order to avoid getting fined. Read on to find out all the necessary details.

Arkansas Laws for Neon Underglow Light

Violet underglow lights

The Arkansas Vehicle Code has five relevant sections regarding the installation of aftermarket lights on vehicles:

  • 27-36-208
  • 27-36-214
  • 27-36-215
  • 27-36-217
  • 27-36-221

The laws include restrictions on light colors, types, and applications. Make sure you know the regulations to avoid a penalty and ensure your safety on the road.

  • Light type: The vehicle code of the state does not specify the type of light that can be used. However, there are restrictions on the number of lights that can be installed on any motor vehicle.
    • The restriction states that no more than two ornamental LED lights can be installed on the front of the vehicle.
  • Size: There is a lack of ambiguity regarding the size of lights that can be used for any motor vehicle. Instead, there is a clear mention of the height at which the auxiliary lights can be placed on the front of the vehicle.
    • Auxiliary passing lamps should be mounted between 24″ and 42″ while auxiliary driving lamps should be placed between 16″ and 42″ above the surface on which the vehicle rests.
  • Permitted colors: Fender lamps with white or amber lights and no glare may be used. Auxiliary lights must be white. The colors red, green, or blue must be avoided. Additionally, for the illumination of the license plate, only white lights may be used.
  • Intensity: Any illuminating device with an intensity of over three hundred candlepower should scatter such that it does not strike the ground 75 feet in front of the vehicle.
Magenta LED underglow tubes

In Arkansas, underglow neon lights are considered legal. However, this legality is restrictive. The neon lights must remain covered and unlit when the vehicle is in motion. If the light is visible from the front, it is a violation of the law.

There are no problems with underglow neon lights when the vehicle is parked or if it’s being used on a closed course. Additionally, strobing or flashing lights are only permitted for authorized vehicles.

As long as you keep the lights turned off while driving and avoid colors like green, red, and blue, you will be staying within the limits of the law.

Underglow laws may differ in certain counties or cities of the state. In order to confirm specifications, we recommend reaching out to your local authorities.

State of Arkansas Info

Flag of Arkansas

Situated in the southern part of the United States, Arkansas is a landlocked state bordered by Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.

Popularly known as the “Natural State”, Arkansas has the country’s most diverse and stunning geography, scenic beauty, and natural resources.

These range from the stunning Ozark and Ouachita mountains to forests, river valleys, and lakes. It is home to the renowned Hot Springs National Park.

Not only is the state rich in geography, but it also has an extensive and diverse Native American history and has played a vital role in the civil rights movement.

Population: 3.04 million
Capital: Little Rock
Registered vehicles: 942,604
Total lane miles: 210,729
Number of highways: 20

Wikipedia | State Website

Underglow light law reference: 2020 Arkansas Code

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