Alaska Neon Underglow Light Laws

Underglow lights, also known as ground effects lighting, are neon or LED lights that are typically installed under the chassis of any vehicle. It could be a car, a motorbike, or even a truck.

These aftermarket customization lights not only help to improve visibility but are also a great option to make your car look distinctive.

But before you go ahead and install neon lights on your car, you must be aware of any provisions for aftermarket ornamental lighting under Alaska’s state laws.

In this article, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about underglow lights in Alaska. You should know and understand the rules and regulations carefully and avoid using any lights that are restricted by the state.

Alaska Neon Light Laws

Bright green underglow on a lifted truck
Lifted truck with underglow

The use of neon underglow is governed by Alaska’s Code, which does not restrict the use of any aftermarket lighting on vehicles, including LED or neon underglow under the vehicle chassis.

Section 13 AAC 04.145 of the Alaska Code stipulates the rules and regulations regarding aftermarket customization lights; however, it does not refer to the legality of using underglow lights.

There are a few restrictions stipulated by the code regarding other types of aftermarket light installations on vehicles, which you must keep in mind.

Light Type and Size

Alaska neon lights

There are no specifications in terms of the type of underglow light that can be installed on a vehicle in Alaska.

The Alaska code does not specify the size of the underglow lights that can be installed on vehicles in the state either.

Permitted Colors

The state allows underglow lights as long as they’re white, amber or yellow. You can only use white-colored underglow lights at the front of the vehicle.

Only amber-colored underglow lights can be used on the sides and red-colored lights at the back of the vehicle.

No other colors are permitted. The code explicitly states that you cannot use blue-colored lights on the vehicle, as these are only permitted for use by people working with the police and fire departments.

Also, red-colored lights should not be visible at the front of the vehicle. The license plate of the vehicle can be illuminated only with a white light.

If you’re wondering, is underglow legal in Alaska? As we have already discussed, there are no specific laws that prohibit or restrict the installation of underglow lights on vehicles in Alaska.

You can use underglow lights, provided they are white, amber, or yellow. So, we can conclude that using neon underglow lights while driving in the state is legal.

Also, although the state allows the use of underglow lights, it does not permit the use of flashing, rotating or flashing lights, as these can only be used by emergency vehicles. So, you must ensure that you avoid these lights or you can be fined.

State of Alaska Info

Alaska flag

The state of Alaska is situated in the western part of the United States. It is the largest state in the U.S. but has a meager population. Nearly half of Alaska’s residents live within the Anchorage metropolitan area. Alaska has several water bodies surrounding it including Chukchi, Beaufort seas, and the Pacific Ocean.

Population: 737,000
Capital: Juneau
Area: 663,268 sq mi
Registered vehicles: 452,492
Total lane miles: 14,336
Number of highways: 4

Wikipedia | State Website

Underglow light law reference: Restrictions on lighting equipment

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