Wyoming Radar Detector Laws

Radar detectors — many think of it as a useful device, others believe it encourages people to break the law by speeding. Regardless of the morality of using one of these devices, the fact remains that radar detectors are legal in many U.S. states.

That said, it isn’t a pass/fail law; there are certain limitations to it which you need to know about before installing a radar detector in your car.

In this article, we’ll tell you if radar detectors are legal to use in the state of Wisconsin, and we’ll discuss other relevant information that you need to know about.

Relevant Restrictions

There are many laws that can be layered. But the good news for drivers is that laws regarding radar detectors are not.

Radar detectors and laser jammers are legal for use in the state of Wyoming. Here’s what else you need to know about them.

Windshield Mounting

Radar detector in Wyoming

If there is no specification for the position of the radar detector, it is safe to assume that there is no restriction on mounting it right on your windshield. And that is one of the best places for the radar detector, anyway.

For your own safety, make sure that it isn’t obstructing your view. Unlike some other states, Wyoming has no legal restrictions on radar detector placement.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Every state has laws about radar detectors. In Wyoming, you can own and use a radar detector as long as you are driving a passenger motor vehicle.

If you are driving a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs heavy, federal law will be applicable to your vehicle.

It states that any vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 lbs is not permitted to carry a radar detector. If you have one and are using it on the streets of Wyoming, you may be given a ticket, fined or arrested.

Driving in a Military Area

This is another detail that everyone who owns or wants to own a radar detector should know. Federal law states that no one is allowed to use a radar detector while in a military area.

So, if you have one, you should take it down before you enter a military base so that you adhere to their safety protocols. You can still have it in the vehicle, but it is illegal to use it on military grounds.

Radar Detector Alternatives

Multiple radar detectors placed on a car dashboard

Some people find radar detectors to be fun, while others think it is a useful device while driving. And that’s subjective. But what’s applicable to most people is that radar detectors are an expensive device by today’s standards.

But if you still want the advantages that this device brings, you are right to be looking for alternatives. Luckily, the solution here is quite simple as well.

There are lots of apps that do the same job and are so much more pocket friendly. Just do a quick search and you will find a whole range of options

Radar Detector Common Myths

There are a few interesting myths about radar detectors. For instance, some people believe that this device can cause or encourage speeding. But there is no real evidence to show that having a radar does that.

And if you’re looking for evidence on this subject, you will find that they discourage drivers from speeding.

State of Wyoming Info

Wyoming flag

Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the U.S. but it’s also the least populous. The Rocky Mountains and the High Plains surround and constitute a major part of its terrain. The state sees several annual variations in the temperature in some parts, while the rest of it tends to be dry and semi-arid.

Population: 582,000
Capital: Cheyenne
Area: 97,814 sq mi
Registered vehicles: 208,062
Total lane miles: 62.620
Number of highways: 4

Wikipedia | State Website

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