New Mexico Radar Detector Laws

The primary purpose of radar detectors is to help drivers avoid speed traps. These devices work by signaling drivers when they detect radar waves emitting from a police radar gun.

The warning system usually features a visual and audible signal. This makes the driver aware of the speed trap ahead and helps them slow down if they are going over the speed limit.

However, the rules regarding its use are not uniform across the country. Every state has its own specific rules and regulations for their use in civilian and commercial vehicles. New Mexico also has its own set of radar detector laws. Read on to learn more.

Relevant Restrictions

So, are radar detectors legal in New Mexico? Yes, you can legally mount a radar detector in your vehicle.

However, there are certain restrictions involving their usage. Here are some of the caveats involved in legally using radar detectors.

Windshield Mounting

Radar detector mounted in a New Mexico registered vehicle

There are prohibitive laws regarding windshield mounting of radar detectors or any other devices in certain states. However, New Mexico does not have any such specific rules.

As long as the device does not hinder the view of the driver, it can be mounted anywhere. It is better to stay away from the windshield and mount the device someplace where it does not act as a distraction to the driver.

The majority of the states in the country have no legal restrictions when it comes to using radar detectors in civilian or privately owned vehicles. The issue arises with commercially owned vehicles.

It is not legal to mount or use radar detectors in commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,000 lbs. This is the norm in every state.

Additionally, some states do not permit commercial vehicles of any weight to install radar detectors. New Mexico does not fall in the latter category.

Driving in a Military Area

Radar detectors illegal warning board

As it is, military areas are restrictive. Military bases around the country do not allow vehicles of any kind to drive into the area with a radar detector installed.

A scan of the vehicle at the checkpoint will reveal if you have a radar detector onboard. Make sure to take it down before entering.

This is done to keep operations on the base running smoothly since the radar can cause interference in communications and other activities.

Radar Detector vs Radar Jammer

A radar detector and a radar jammer are two different types of devices. The purpose of both of these devices is to evade speed enforcement.

While on one end, radar detectors simply pick up on the signals of a radar gun and warn the user, on the other end, radar jammers work by creating interference that prevents police radars from picking up on the vehicle’s current speed.

In the United States, radar detectors are permitted in most states, but radar jammers are explicitly forbidden.

Can the Police Detect My Radar Detector?

It is quite possible for law enforcement officials to detect if you are using a radar detector, even if it is not visible on your dashboard.

They may be equipped with technology that picks up on the signal being emitted by your radar detector.

State of New Mexico Info

Flag of New Mexico

New Mexico is situated in the southwestern part of the United States

It is full of mountainous topographies, as a result of which it has an alpine climate with generally cold and dry conditions, although it can get quite hot in the summers too.

There are 33 counties in this state. It is one of the largest states in the country but has one of the lowest population densities. The state has several parks, forests and cultural monuments.

Population: 2,115,877
Capital: Santa Fe
Registered vehicles: 1,783,151
Total lane miles: 150,216
Number of highways: 3

Wikipedia | State Website

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