Montana Radar Detector Laws

If you stumbled on here wondering whether or not radar detectors are legal in the state of Montana, you’ve come to the right place.

The laws in Montana are quite clear-cut when it comes to the legality of radar detectors. Read on to find out the details, along with any other relevant information.

Relevant Restrictions

Using radar detectors in the state of Montana is not illegal. But as is the case with most aftermarket car parts and accessories, this is a state-specific law.

Whether you are driving around in Montana or traveling across the country, it is important to know about the specifications of these laws in each state before visiting it.

Mounting Point

Dash-mounted radar detector in Montana

Unlike the laws in California, laws related to radar detectors in the state of Montana don’t specifically ban you from mounting the device on your windshield.

This is a good thing, because your windshield is one of the most convenient spots to attach a radar detector.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

The laws in Montana also don’t mention anything specific when it comes to limitations on commercial or private vehicles. However, federal law states that commercial motor vehicles are not allowed to have a radar detector.

In some states, that rule is for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs and in others, it’s 18,000 lbs. So, unless your commercial vehicle is under 10,000 lbs, avoid installing a radar detector.

Driving in a Military Area

Once again, the state law only talks about the legality of radar detectors in passenger vehicles in the state of Montana in general. But even without specific information, you can assume that the rules are different for military bases.

Federal law prohibits civilians from using radar detectors while on a military base. So if you attempt to fly under the radar while in a military base, expect to get into trouble with the authorities.

Radar Detector Alternatives

Speed monitoring signboard in Montana

Sometimes, it is not just a matter of legality. Say what you will about their efficiency, but the fact is, radar detectors are not cheap products.

If you want one to make sure that you don’t violate speed limits but radar dectors to be expensive, there are quite a few cheaper alternatives that you consider.

For instance, there are several apps that can get the job done for a lot cheaper. Which one you should use depends on you. What matters is that there are plenty of choices that you can explore with a simple cursory search.

Radar Detector Common Myths

Despite their popularity, there are some very unusual myths about radar detectors. For example, many people seem to think that these devices are banned in most states.

Interestingly, only Virginia and Washington D.C. have banned private vehicles from using radar detectors. Of course, that’s not to say that other states like Kentucky and Michigan haven’t tried to ban radar detectors, they did, but it never went through.

Connecticut went further than anyone else in its attempts to pass legislation to that effect. But it was repealed.

State of Montana Info

Flag of Montana

Situated in the Mountain West subregion of the U.S., Montana is popularly known for its various nicknames including Big Sky County, Land of the Shining Mountains, The Last Best Place and the Treasure State.

The state’s economy is predominantly agriculture based, which includes cereal grain farming and ranching. Tourism is one of the other important industries in the state.

Montana is home to various attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, the National Museum and the Little Bighorn Battlefield, which attract millions of tourists every year.

Population: 1.14 million
Capital: Helena
Registered vehicles: 925,854
Total lane miles: 150,446
Number of highways: 5

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