Missouri Radar Detector Laws

The question, “are radar detectors legal in Missouri?” is one that needs to be answered if you live in Missouri and wish to use this sort of equipment.

Even if you don’t live in Missouri but visit the place often, you need to know about the law around the use of a radar detector before you install one in your car. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the subject.

Relevant Restrictions

While radar detectors are legal in most states in the US, the specifications of the law are different in each state. This includes details such as where you can place these detectors in your vehicle and how you can use them.

In the state of Missouri, it is legal to use radar detectors. You can also use a laser jammer if you need a little extra help to detect radar guns while you’re on the road.

Radar jammers, on the other hand, are illegal because they directly interrupt the frequencies of radar guns used by police officers.

Windshield Mounting

Center-mounted windshield radar detector

You are permitted to use a windshield or dashboard mounted radar detector while driving. Interestingly, not many states allow you to do that.

If you are going to be driving across state lines, check the details of the law in all the states you will be driving through.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

Now, the law is different for those who drive commercial motor vehicles and those who are in passenger motor vehicles.

Commercial vehicle owners and drivers in the state of Missouri should note that legally, you are not allowed to use laser jammers, radar jammers, or radar detectors while driving.

But if you own or operate a passenger motor vehicle, you can use radar detectors as long as you’re not driving in a military area.

Driving in a Military Zone

Solar-powered speed indicator

It should not come as a surprise that the rules for a military base are not the same as the rules for civilian spaces.

And in that spirit, you should know that if you are driving on military territory, it is strictly recommended that you turn off your radar detector.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

Now, it’s important to know that there’s radar and there’s LiDAR. As you probably know already, radar is short for radio detection and ranging. LiDAR is short for light detection and ranging.

The biggest difference between the two is that radar, as the name suggests, uses radio waves to tell you the velocity, range and angle of the detector. LiDAR essentially does the same, but it uses pulsed laser light instead of radio waves.

You are not likely to be pulled over for having or using a radar detector, but you should make sure that you put it in the right place to avoid unnecessary trouble and confusion.

In What States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

It is illegal to have and use radar detectors in Virginia and Washington D.C. Apart from these two states, radar detectors are legal everywhere.

State of Missouri Info

Flag of Missouri

Named after the Missouri River that flows through it, the “Show-Me State” or Missouri is a Midwestern state that lies between Kentucky and Kansas.

Missouri has 114 counties and the largest cities in the state are Kansas, St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, and Jefferson City, the capital city of Missouri.

Home to beautiful landscapes and scenery, with grassy peaks and stunning Ozark Mountain peaks, Missouri is a beautiful state.

Population: 6.18 million
Capital: Jefferson City
Registered vehicles: 5,153,425
Total lane miles: 277,504
Number of highways: 7

Wikipedia | State Website

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