Delaware Radar Detector Laws

If devices like radar detectors intrigue you, you’re definitely not alone. There’s a reason why they’re so popular and why so many Americans use them.

But before you go ahead and buy a radar detector for your vehicle, you should first find out whether or not they are legal in your state. They’re permitted in most states in the country, which begs the question: Are radar detectors legal in Delaware?

In this state, it is legal for you to use radar detectors, but this does not mean that you can use them in all situations. There are some provisions and exceptions here. Keep reading to learn more.

Mounting Your Detector

Radar detector adjustment

In the state of Delaware, you cannot mount the radar detector on your windshield. The same applies to other opaque devices and gadgets. The idea behind this is to minimize distractions and keep your field of vision as clear as possible.

Although Delaware’s law on windshield mounting does not specifically mention radar detectors, it does ban the use of any non-transparent material on the windshield as well as windows.

Private and Commercial Vehicles

Speed indicator sign in Delaware

It is absolutely okay for all private vehicles to make use of a radar detector, but the same does not apply to commercial vehicles. You cannot use this device if your commercial vehicle ranges beyond 10,000 lbs in weight.

This is in keeping with the federal law that states the same. This kind of restriction was essentially brought into place due to increased incidents of commercial vehicles speeding on the roads and highways.

Driving in a Military Area

In Delaware, if you live around a military base or if you happen to pass one during your daily commute, you should not make use of your radar detector. This applies to all private as well as commercial vehicles.

This rule is in place across all states of the country since the signals of radar detectors can mess with the radars in place in the military equipment.

Radar Detector Alternatives

Without a radar detector, you might be able to use devices like your smartphone (using a reliable app) or jammers to help you get past police radars.

You might also have some relevant GPS settings that you can use.

Common Myths Surrounding Radar Detectors

It is a myth that radar detectors can get in the way of drivers’ focus, traffic etiquette and adherence to rules. Contrary to popular belief, these appliances can help the driver ensure safety by giving them a “heads up”.

Another myth is that radar detectors are infallible and can be a sure way for you to avoid being ticketed.

However, radar detectors can also make mistakes at times, not to mention that the police radars or even lasers might end up spotting your traffic violation prior to your radar detector’s action.

In some cases, radar detectors might only sense the police radar at the last minute, by which time it might be too late.

State of Delaware Info

Flag of Delaware

Named after the Delaware River, Delaware is the 6th most densely populated state in the U.S., though it is also the 2nd smallest state.

The state shares borders with Pennsylvania in the north, Maryland in the west and south, and the Atlantic Ocean and New Jersey in the east.

While historically indigenous land that was later colonized by the Dutch, Delaware today is a hotspot for corporate bodies, home to over half of all businesses listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Population: 1,003,384
Capital: Dover
Registered vehicles: 417,700
Total lane miles: 14,069
Number of highways: 3

Wikipedia | State Website

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