Alabama Radar Detector Laws

Radar detectors are devices that can detect nearby police radars; that’s pretty much its only function. By signaling you to any nearby speed traps, this device will help you to ensure that you’re following traffic laws.

The legality of radar detectors is different in every state, which brings us to the main question, are radar detectors legal in Alabama?

The short answer is that using radar detectors in Alabama is legal, although there are some relevant restrictions you should be aware of. That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

Relevant Restrictions

Handheld police radar guyn

According to Alabama radar detector laws, you can legally use one of these devices in your car.

However, there are a few limitations to this law, and restrictions that you will have to adhere to. We’ve discussed these below.

Windshield Mounting

You cannot mount your radar detector on the windshield of your vehicle, although other places like the dashboard are suitable.

The main reason why you can’t mount a radar detector on your windshield is because it will limit your view which could be distracting depending on where you place it.

Privately Owned vs Commercially Owned Vehicles

If you own a commercial vehicle weighing more than 10,000 lbs, it is illegal for you to use a radar detector.

That said, all private vehicles are allowed to use these devices provided the relevant guidelines are followed.

Speed limit signboard in Alabama

Driving in a Military Area

This is the big one. Regardless of whether you drive a commercial vehicle or a privately owned one, using a radar detector in military areas is banned in all 50 states.

This is primarily because these devices are known to interfere with military issued equipment that utilizes radar technology.

Will I Be Pulled Over for Using a Radar Detector?

You won’t be pulled over for using a radar detector in Alabama unless you have it incorrectly mounted, are driving a large commercial vehicle, or if you’re driving in a military area.

In What States Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

The states of Virginia and Washington, D.C., have declared radar detectors to be illegal for use in private as well as commercial vehicles.

If the police catch you with functional and powered-up radar detectors in these states, they can pull you over and charge you.

Radar Detector Alternatives

Here are some alternatives you can use in place of radar detectors:

  • Radar detector app on your smartphone
  • Detector-equipped dashcams
  • Laser jammers

Even with these, however, make sure you confirm the legality of the particular district you are driving in.

Radar Detector Common Myths

Many believe that using radar detectors can be detrimental because:

  • They can divert the driver’s attention from the road.
  • They incentivize drivers to go beyond the speed limit and break traffic laws when police radars are not around.

As long as you use them responsibly, radar detectors are deemed useful.

Radar Detector vs Radar Jammer

Radar detectors simply detect police radars nearby and alert you about their presence. On the other hand, radar jammers can send out a frequency to interrupt the functioning of the radars that the police use.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if the police have detectors and technology of their own, they might be able to detect your radar detector.

State of Alabama Info

Alabama flag

Alabama is the 30th largest state in the US and ranks 24th in terms of population. It is full of waterways and is surrounded by the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. The Tennessee Valley and Mobile Bay also form important elements of this state’s geography.

Population: 5,039,877
Capital: Montgomery
Area: 52,419 sq mi
Registered vehicles: 2,021,395
Total lane miles: 201,531
Number of highways: 11

Wikipedia | State Website

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