This is a fun HTML5, WebGL car parking simulator game that will allow you to test and hone your car driving and parking skills. In the game, first, you need to start by selecting your car, choose between the day or night mode, and get started.

The objective of the parking game is to parallel park your car in the specified time limit without crashing into the obstacles. And, if you hit anything, this ends the game. And, as you proceed in the game, the levels and parking tasks become more challenging and there are 35 levels to test your parking skills.

The parking game has realistic graphics, sports car steering and exciting music that makes playing the game all the more fun. And, you can also just touch the screen and change the camera angles, which enhances your experience. Providing several hours of fun play, the Foxi Mini Car Parking 2019 Car Driving Test game is truly addictive.


Foxi Mini Car Parking 2019 Car Driving Test was developed in 2019 by

How to Play Foxi Mini Car Parking 2019 Car Driving Test

To play the game, use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W to move forward
  • A and D to turn right or left
  • S to move backward
  • Or, you can use the arrow keys to move the car front, back, right and left
  • Space to brake