Oil Tanker Truck Drive is a challenging and fun game that is designed to be played at multiple levels. You get to drive oil tankers on multiple tracks ensuring there is no spillage. This would require some degree of concentration and skills.

There are challenges built into the game that make it very exciting. You simply have to follow the instructions and make sure you drive the truck to its final destination sans any hiccups.

The look and feel of the game are also stunning and you will not be able to leave the game in the middle. So, what are you waiting for? Take a leave from work and plan that games night already!


Oil Tanker Truck Drive was developed by JulGames in 2019.

How to Play Oil Tanker Truck Drive

Oil Tanker Truck Drive is a thrilling but easy game to play. You can control the action using the keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A, S, D to control the truck.
  • C to control the camera for better navigation.
  • Tab to toggle or pause.