Monster Truck Racing, as the name suggests, is a game all about monster trucks and racing them. An HTML5 game by design, you take on the role of a monster truck driver in this game and compete against the challenging AI to finish the multiple levels in the shortest time possible.

With a bountiful number of monster trucks for use that can be customized and upgraded, the game promises to be a fun and unique experience for each gamer who decides to test their skills at driving a monster truck.

The game can be played online for free on desktops. The mobile version of the game is unavailable as of yet but we are hopeful that it would soon see the light of the day.

Monster Truck Racing Instructions

Use the following keys on your desktop keyboard:

  • W or Up key to jump
  • A or Left key for navigating left
  • D or Right key for navigating right


Monster Truck Racing was developed in 2020 by JulGames.