As the name suggests, City Cargo Trailer Transport involves a lot of cars and driving. So, all the racing enthusiasts here is a game that might interest you!

The premise of the game is such that it requires you to drive a big trailer. You are tasked with delivering cargo but the trick is that along the way you need to navigate some very tricky terrains and cross steep hills and mountains.

This would make the journey very difficult and dangerous and it is here that your prowess as a driver will be tested.

The road is going to be bumpy with challenges waiting for you at every turn. You, however, have to finish the task assigned to you in record time so there is no luxury of time either.

In a nutshell, this game is ideal for those who love a good challenge, a few mysteries and some bumpy rides.


City Cargo Trailer Transport was developed in 2019 by

City Cargo Trailer Transport Instructions

City Cargo Trailer Transport is an exciting yet simple game to play. Use the following keys to play the game and control the action:

  • W, A, S, D to drive the car.
  • Space key to apply brakes.
  • C for controlling the camera.