If you enjoy driving games, this is a game you might enjoy. Car Transport Truck Simulator, as the name suggests, is a truck driving game that is both fun and super challenging. Therefore, it is bound to appeal to both seasoned players and those who are warming up to the world of online games.

The game is beautifully designed and that is reflected in the various levels. All you have to do is to drive your swanky truck on the beautiful roads while transporting cars in these trucks. Feels like a real job and you feel like a person with real responsibility.

You have to take the wheels while navigating through traffic and ensure that you transport the luxury cars from one destination to another in record time.


Car Transport Truck Simulator was developed in 2019 by vseigru.net.

Car Transport Truck Simulator Controls

Car Transport Truck Simulator online game can be controlled using the keyboard keys W, A, S, D.