Car Carrier Trailer is a super fun 3D game that lets you showcase your driving skills as a driver of a long heavy truck. The brand-new driving game allows you to drive a car trailer loaded with different models of cars.

The objective of the game is to undertake multiple missions and all you need to do is drive the different cars, get the trailer loaded up and then reach your destination.

However, take care of the obstacles like pits, holes, etc. on the way and prevent any damage to your precious cargo. Control your truck carefully when you navigate the roads and especially when driving downhill.

Reach your destination safe and sound and earn money, which you can then spend on unlocking more powerful trucks. Damaging the cars may result in heavy fines.

The Car Carrier Trailer is an HTML5, WebGL simulator game that can be played both online, as well as offline and is sure to keep you engrossed for several hours. So, get onto the truck, fasten your seat belts and set off on your journey.


Car Carrier Trailer was developed in 2019 by JulGames.

Car Carrier Trailer Controls

To play Car Carrier Trailer, use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W, A and D keys to move
  • S to brake and reverse
  • C to change the camera
  • Escape key to pause the game