Be a taxi driver, drive a taxi, and park in various spots. Park the Taxi is a fun HTML5 game that allows you to hone your driving and parking skills and become a pro at it. The game requires you to drive your taxi quickly but very carefully and park it in the allocated spot. The objective is to park your vehicle without hitting any obstacles or other cars or driving off the road.

Driving fast can get you 3 stars but crashing into anything will mean that you must restart the level all over again. As the level increases, the complexity of the game also increases. With 10 levels to play, smooth and easy controls, the Park the Taxi game is totally fun and enjoyable.


Park The Taxi was developed in 2019 by SDV Imants Klava

How to Play Park the Taxi

To play the Park the Taxi game, use the following key on the keyboard:

  • W to move forward
  • A and D to turn right or left
  • S to move backward
  • Or, you can use the arrow keys to move the car front, back, right and left