What Is Modern City Taxi Car Simulator?

Modern City Taxi Car Simulator is an HTML5 game designed in WebGL that tries to simulate the experience of driving a taxi in a modern-day city. The game is a bit of a mix of the classic arcade racing game and the new innovations in it in the form of parking minigames and other features.

In this game, you take control of a taxi that you have to go around different parts of the city dodging the various obstacles that the city can throw at you. Your objective is to reach the destination and park your taxi as perfectly as possible to win this game and be the best that there ever was.

You can play the game online for free on desktops. Along with that, a mobile version of the game which is set in a portrait mode is also available for playing.

How to Play Modern City Taxi Car Simulator?

Use the following keys on your desktop keyboard to play:

  • Up key to accelerate
  • Down key to brake
  • Lef key for navigating left
  • Right key for navigating right
  • Space Bar to brake

Controls for the mobile version:

  • Use the easy-to-understand on-screen buttons to drive.


Modern City Taxi Car Simulator was developed in 2020 by chipchop.

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