The second one here is Two Stunts which is also an online racing game in 3D. You get the choice of 8 sports cars and all of them have supreme capacity that will help you get your freak on on the streets.

Every sports car here has abilities that make it better than the other. Seems impossible to believe but it is true. Each player will be given three maps that show three places: Exhibition Arena, Urban Area and Nature’s Wonder.

Your garage also comes with a choice of cars out of which 3 cars are locked. On a mission, you will need to escape the cops and collect coins on your way to the finish line.

With those coins, you will be able to unlock the cars in your garage. You might also need to complete specific tasks to win specific locked cars. So, pick your target, find the corresponding adventure and get started.


Two Stunts was developed in 2020 by RHM Interactive.

Two Stunts Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard for Player 1:

  • Press arrow keys to move
  • Press N for Nitro power
  • Press B to look back

Use the following keys on your keyboard for Player 2:

  • W, A, S or D keys to move
  • Press T for NOS power
  • Press C to look back
  • Press R to respawn

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