If car racing and stunts are two things that can light up your day, this game is going to be your happy place. As the name suggests, this game combines racing and stunts. This makes it a cool game for both novices and advanced players.

You get to do car driving and car stunts all at once. So, how about planning a game night soon?

The best part about this game is its beautiful atmosphere. The 3D rendition is pitch-perfect and it gives you an unparalleled feel. The animations are quirky. You have lots of challenges to overcome and prove your prowess as a car driver par excellence. What are you waiting for?


Super Car Stunts was developed by igroutka.ru in 2019.

How to Play Super Car Stunts

This is an easy to play online game and you can control the action from your keyboard using the following keys:

  • W, A, S, D to move.
  • Shift for nitro.