Mega City Stunts is a race and stunt adventure game. You have the option of playing it by yourself or getting a friend and playing a two-player game.

Your goal is to attend the race along with many others who are playing the game online. And every time you finish the game in the number 1 position, you get a reward.

There are 8 races in the Racing mode. If you’re playing alone, you can earn money, but not if you’re in a two-player game.

There are 6 stunt modes in the Quests mode and with each completed mission, you will earn rewards. Once you finish all the quests, you will be allowed to drive in a city of your choice with no traffic.

In the Free Drive mode, you will navigate through the traffic of a city like in the other modes and earn money that is at different locations. You also have the option of performing stunts.


Mega City Stunts was developed in 2021 by RHM Interactive.

Mega City Stunts Instructions

Use the following keys on your keyboard for Player 1:

  • W, A, S, D to navigate
  • F for NOS power
  • T to look back
  • R to Respawn
  • Spacebar for handbrake

Use the following keys on your keyboard for Player 1:

  • Arrow Keys to navigate the roads
  • K for NOS power
  • O to Respawn
  • L to look back
  • Right arrow + Shift for handbrake