Mega or Grand City Missions by RHM Interactive is a car game that you can play to be able to drive through a large city that comes with buildings, roads as well as an entire arena where you can carry out different stunts.

This game lets you choose between two modes namely, career and racing. In the former, you will need to carry out various missions and races to be able to cross the level. You can further pick between a single player or a two-player mode.

The racing mode can allow you to take part in five different races. This is also playable in single or two-player modes.

Once you advance through the levels, you will be able to unlock new cars for you to pick from.


Mega City Missions was developed in 2019 by RHM Interactive.

How to Play Mega City Missions

Use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • W or front arrow to accelerate
  • S or down arrow to brake
  • A and D or left and right arrows for navigating left and right
  • F or K for NOS
  • L or T for looking back
  • R or O for resetting the level